Summer Holiday Primark Haul June 2016

Yes, it’s that time again. My most cherished time of the year. Time for me to gather my collective Primark pieces into one giant seasonal haul and A) work out how to photograph my purchases without awkwardly holding them up to a camera, B) more than likely encourage the entire population to go hunt down the splurging attire and C) feel the mighty force of guilt as I register for the umpteenth time just how spendy I inescapably got.

I always ensure I take a trip to Primark a few weeks in advance of my summer holiday simply because it’s the go to place for all the basics such as underwear (come on, who doesn’t buy all new underwear for a holiday?) travel bags, their trusty cotton pads, tons of jewellery, hair ties and socks. I haven’t included some of these things for obvious reasons – that being a few pair of knickers and a plain white bra not deeming necessary for excitement and inspiration on what to look out for on your next visit. Primark’s also my top choice of store because of the wide variety, the fashion forward trends and the reasonable quality items you can stock up on for a great price. Summer doesn’t last long in Britain (if at all) and unfortunately holidays abroad evaporate faster than I’d like them to so adding to your summer wardrobe with a selection of simple, stylish garments that will be perfect for those casual beach vibes or even a dressier occasion without having to worry about serious investing is a huge bonus. 

Before I enter the paradise that is Primark I seem to taunt myself with the familiarised motto ‘just pick up what you need and don’t over do it’ – but then three floors. rails and rails of prettiness screaming out my name, a fear of buyers regret and potential future outfits I’ve seen featured by my prized vloggers happen and of course I’m back to where it eternally terminates; at the tills with an overflowing basket becoming alarmed at how short changed this indulgent binge will leave me. Now, as much as I love my local Primark, this summer it’s been seriously slacking on the shoe department. I didn’t manage to find those gorgeous mules I’ve seen flying round insta but I did go a bit crazy on the accessories, and being overwhelmed with the choice of bags was another story. I managed to grab a few sale bargains, swoon over the swimwear (and wallow in the fact my size wasn’t available in some totally Topshop identical swimsuits), find the cheapest yet comfiest pyjamas known to man and squeal over the badged crops tops, slogan tees and cacti – absolutely everywhere. My stand out favourite has to be the crinkled cami and tie dress in the most gorgeous shade of pink. It will be quintessential for a seamless evening Spanish stroll. Just wait till you see it AND, enjoy!…

It didn’t just stop there, either. I had to restrain myself as I fell head over heels for the most beautiful embroidered jeans you ever did see. Obviously they weren’t gonna be essential (or ideal) in 30+ degree heat but I can’t stop thinking about them and now the flawless A/W release had its press day and I’ve already got my eye on the pieces I believe will storm the blogosphere – my list just keeps on growing. Summer’s only just begun but hey, here’s to another season!

Have you been Primark shopping recently?

Bridie x


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