Summer Blogger Challenge: Pastel Nails

For this weeks #summerbloggerchallenge, the topic is ‘Summer Trends’. Now, when I think about the numerous trends that pass through the summer, I could be thinking forever. There’s the fashion side of things which can be highly dangerous when I move my focus over to that (I am 100% sure I have a clothes, shoes and accessories addiction, especially the lovely colours and patterns around in the summer!), then there’s the makeup trends that I’m still experimenting with, but one reoccurring trend that I think sticks throughout the summer are the vibrant nail polishes that can make such a difference to your appearance for the day. Nail varnishes are so effortless yet so gorgeous, the colours you choose can highlight your outfit, your makeup, and even your hair colour. At the moment, I can’t get enough of pastel colours. They’re the perfect neutral pick with that ounce of colour and look so effective whatever you do and wherever you go.

1. It’s only recently I’ve moved on to the more expensive nail polishes and Essie was the first on my list. It’s most definitely worth the money, I love the shape of the brush and how smoothly it glides on the fingernail without making a mess at the sides. Cute As A Button is a stunning bright coral colour, not too dark, and not too light. It stands out against my pale complexion but I think it will also be handy to take abroad with me as I can imagine it looking just as lovely on tanned skin.

2. Topshop nail varnish is another bandwagon I’ve jumped on. The colour range they have are gorgeous and there’s plenty of choice when it comes down to the typical summer colours. Flamingo Coral is a peachy coral colour that is of the uplifting kind and once again I think it will suit you whatever your skin tone. If nail polish did facial expressions, this one would be cheerful.

3. Ah, my trusty Barry M Gelly’s, I don’t know where I’d be without them. I’ve found them to be the most reliable drugstore brand when it comes down to long lasting colour and chip resistance. They’ve always been my favourite and the pastel colours they have on show at the moment haven’t let me down. Sugar Apple is a beautiful mint green colour and is elegantly flamboyant. It’s the colour that everyone notices and compliments, an absolute staple for when the sun is shining!

4. Models Own is another brand I’ve freshly ventured in to. The hyped up (pardon the pun) hyper gel was first on my list due to their pretty colour variety that is always something I go for. Pink Veneer is the perfect pastel pink, girly but not too sleazy. It has just the right amount of balance and can be paired with any sort of outfit, especially for a classy night out!

5. Lilac Sheen is another Hypergel colour I purchased a month or so ago. I’ve not used it much but I think it’s one of those nail varnishes which you save for a special occasion or a really warm day. I absolutely love the sleekness of the colour, it’s so gorgeous, light and refreshing and the sort of purple you can get on with. I find it difficult to find a desirable purple, but this one ticks all boxes.

6. Another one of my Barry M Gelly’s that I have featured before on my blog, is Huckleberry. It’s very similar to Sugar Apple but has more of an aqua blue tint to it that is bang on trend this summer. I adore how shiny and classy this looks on the nails, it’s highly pigmented so lets out a dash of colour.

7. Finally, we have one of my definite all time favourite shades of nail varnish, Essie’s Bikini So Teeny. I do class it as more of a summer colour and one that you can show off more throughout summer, but this would work just as well through the colder months with the fabulous pop of blue it throws out. The easy application and intense colour is an instant winner.

So they’re just a few of my favourite summer colours in terms of nail varnish. Do you have a favourite?