Summer at the seaside

Last week, the usual gang (me, my mum, brother and grandma) took advantage of the lovely, sunny weather and headed off on a trip to the Yorkshire seaside town that is Bridlington. I’ve been visiting Bridlington ever since I was 8 year old, when my grandma owned a caravan on a caravan site near the seafront. I’ve had the happiest times there and every time I go back, it’s like retreating my childhood. It’s a basic seaside place and there’s not a whole load to do but I still get that same excited feeling when we plan a day out. I think the thought of being in different surroundings, soaking up the sea air, inhaling the sickly, mouth watering smell of candyfloss and donuts, strolling along the peaceful, fresh looking beach despite it being nowhere near warm enough and enjoying the sound of the noisy seagulls, the children on the fairground rides and the repetitive songs in the amusements explains why it’s so great. There’s something about the seaside that makes spending £5 worth of 2p’s just to win a keyring that would have only cost 50p in a shop acceptable. It’s full of the simple things that make you happy, even the car journey on the way back when you have the road to yourself, watching the sunset and singing along to your favourite song with no regrets. 

We set off at 10am and headed on a steady journey, stopping off by a favourite cafe of ours in another of our favourite places, a dainty village named Stamford Bridge (not the football stadium) for some late breakfast/brunch and I devoured the best crumpets I’ve ever tasted. When we arrived, we strolled round the shops, took a walk on the harbour and had an ice cream covered in all carbs possible before the weather started deteriorating (typical). Afterwards, we dropped in to my grandma’s friends’ house just around the corner from the centre. They’re Londoners who retired in Bridlington influenced by my grandma’s caravan and how pleasant the Yorkshire countryside was. We spent a good few hours there and in that time spent, we barely got a word in edge ways. They’re the loveliest, most comical people but by god, are they loud haha. Once we had ventured off (after another half hour of talking when we said we better go) we finished off the exploring down the sea front as we’d not had the time in the afternoon. Starting from the bottom end where the rides, the arcades and the boats were, we slowly wandered through the promenade, up to the top where the walk-able bit of beach and the overly pretty beach huts were. The tide was in but I eventually found a pebbled area of sand to stand on and whip my beloved camera out. It was empty and only accompanied by the odd dog walker but that’s what made the peace and tranquility. Finally to end a satisfying day, we stopped off at the local Sizzlers pub and guzzled down a well needed meal and an extra treat, the chocolate fudge cake I shouldn’t have been eating (oops!).

Despite knowing my way round Bridlington with my eyes closed, I never recognized how many photo opportunities there were until capturing the atmosphere of a place became a passion of mine. I always say pictures speak more than words and no matter where you are, even for example, in an abandoned, desolate street there’ll always be a chance to capture the moment.