Style: designer vs dupe

I’ve never been a designer fanatic. Although there’s no denying there’s some seriously drool worthy accessories and sophisticated luxuries on the market, I’d happily see more for my money and spend hundreds of pounds rading the high street shops rather than splurging on a singular investment piece (hey, sometimes I even prefer the appearance of the cheaper option which works out fantastically in the end). However, one thing I have learnt since becoming a blogger is how much we all love a good dupe. As more fresh authentic stock is waved in the air and the spenders flaunt their beautiful chosen Chloe bags, I’m slowly being dragged to a higher class range and quite frankly, I can’t afford to go there. I may suck at resisting temptation but when it becomes a decision between living essentials and a yearn for allll the treats, I’ve got to be sensible (a girl gotta eat). That’s why I’ve spent the past few days rounding up and collecting my favourite designer fragments and discovering some less purse heavy alternatives to share with you lovely readers who, like me, still want to join in with the latest trendy hypes but without breaking the bank.

Starting with bags, the make or break of an outfit. I love the way you can dress up a simple clothing combo with a carefully selected bag playing the main part. The Moschino bag which was extremely popular a season or two ago has an almost identical carbon copy over on eBay and has so much character to it. The three Chloe Faye diamonds are a dream; as cliche as it may sound, if there’s one high end bag I ever purchase it will be this one! The mini suede has a non-suede but still extremely similar version over on Jessica Buurman and the large and small Faye bags have brilliant replicas over on YesStyle, here and here (do I dare to even state I may or may not rate the fake model more than the real thing?!). The Chloe Drew is another bag I can’t keep my eyes off, another sleek, chic and stylish possession by many bloggers. The great news is there’s plenty of duplicates which almost match the variation of designs and colours of the original, in particular this Missguided mini. Finally, there’s Anya Hindmarch known for the abstract, humorous almost comic hero meets personalised school bags. This Accessorize suitcase bag looks as though it was made to be inspired by the woman herself!

Admittedly, shoes are my weakness, my worst yet best enemy and when it comes to designer, I’m head over heels (pun most certainly intended and quite proudly exclaimed). The quality, the shape, the model, the structure, the aspect are all important and an expensive pair seems to tick all those boxes but once again, if you hunt hard enough you can easily find a similar shoe for a fraction of a price. Jimmy Choo are one of the most well known brands and have an uber elegant selection. Their strappy sandals are perfect for any formal occasion but what’s even better is discovering the exact same style at an affordable price which happens to be on one of my favourite designer-esque websites, Choies. The famous studded Valentino’s never go out of fashion and eBay sellers have various imitation styles. They may not look or feel as superior but they’ll save you a hell of a lot! The same goes for the lace up trend that’s still going strong, there’s plenty of dupes both flat and heeled for the initial Aquazurra shoes, but these Missguided nudes are so close to the original, just a little darker. It’s hard to get your hand on the Saint Laurent studded pumps but ASOS have a jolly great copy and they look as though they’d be even comfier. Lastly, as we move into Autumn, there’s the knee high/thigh high boots. They seem to be really big at the moment and I’m in love with the Stuart Weitzman plain black design with a tie at the back. Browse on the common shoe websites however and you’ll find a pair just as dashing, like these Public Desire beauties. 

Moving on to clothing and accessories. Designer sunglasses are probably the most raved about and are the cheaper investment being able to pay hundreds rather than thousands for a staple buy. Celine, Gucci, Dior; you name it, they have a distinctive pair you’re bound to fall in love with. These rose gold Dior reflectors seen on a number of celebs are once again replicated on Choies with extreme similarities between the both. Co-ord sets have always been a favourite of mine and I’m always delighted to see what Chloe have in store for us. Their houndstooth wool waistcoat and short set is awfully alike with this gorgeous Zara two piece. If all else fails, head to Zara! Pussy bow blouses also seem to be making a comeback this season, with a few people sporting them at fashion week and Chloe’s A/W collection featuring a silky tailored piece, it’s a relief when you’re able to grab a dupe from the just as graceful Sister Jane. Finally, sticking with the lace up trend and this Isabel Marant jumper which is lust worthy but a little on the pricey side, this snug Daisy Street sweater is a great alternative, even in a similar shade! Not only that, they seem to be all over at the moment with Primark also selling both a grey and a beige version!

Have you got any dupes to add the list? Sharing is caring is my motto, especially when it means you can hold on to them pennies and STILL look good!

Bridie x