#StartTheSwedishWay: A Guide To Spring With Rekorderlig*

Spring is a funny old season (but it’s a good job funny is my favourite type of speciality). One minute there are bright blue skies and dazzling sunshine, nature blooming, flesh being unveiled from beneath the thick layers, evening strolls in the park as the lighter nights transpire, impromptu adventures near and far, basking in the fresh air, the ale flowing and music pumping; enjoying BBQ’s in full swing with friends and family and social gatherings in the outdoor pub gardens. Then, just as you’re packing away the jumpers and bringing out the flowy dresses, the next day can be a completely different story. You wake up to dull drizzle, plummeted temperatures, no sign of natural daylight and a dropped mood on top of that. Suddenly it feels like we’ve transported back to winter, cuddled up on the sofa with blankets with the heating on and all hopes for some everlasting warmth long gone. This incentive probably explains why when we get some glorious sunshine, we make the most of it – and that’s exactly what I did!


Despite the unpredictability of the season, it still remains to be my number one. There’s so many positives; from the transition of bitterly cold winds to the feeling you get when you first step into a patch of sunlight after your body had forgotten the cogency it generates, the rays striking down from the tip of your nose down to your shoulders, a cool breeze following suit; to the new approach, a fresh start of opportunities and the clear mindset from the optimism a foot forward into summer brings. The excitement it causes in Britain makes sense to our drivel driven reasoning. People begin to walk about in crop tops, workmen decide they no longer need their shirt, the ice cream and lolly shelves in the supermarket are empty, burgers and sausages are sold out, the hectic outdoors can finally be appreciated for what they are worth and the general atmosphere is happy as Larry. There’s no hesitation; when the sun breaks through the clouds and our Instagram starts to accumulate with cherry blossom photos then we go ALL OUT.

We’re not the only ones, however. Our Swedish friends celebrate the savoured season in style. ‘Walpurgis Eve‘, the one day at the end of April when the biggest party is thrown all in the name of the merriment of Spring may have come and gone but the love is still formulating all round and so is the cider that originates from the aspiring cultural Nordic dream itself. When the brand got in touch to offer me a selection of their deliciously refreshing flavours at a time where we were experiencing a mini heatwave and the enthusiasm was soaring, it got me thinking about Spring and everything that comes with it – and soon enough I was constructing a guide to why I admire and how I welcome in the best time of the year!



There’s the flowers. An array of vibrant colours blended together to create a picturesque landscape. There’s nothing more uplifting than being blinded by rainbow hues and spouting crops on your field commutes, the beauty of the blooms growing at dramatic speed in the awe of nature; the spread of lilies and bluebells, discovering hidden strips of daffodils, and placing yourself next to the treasured peonies. Not just that, the botanical bouquets of tulips and roses you can pick up from your local store. To watch it all resurface in front of our very eyes is a blessing and exactly why I feel the need to squeal at the first sighting of anything budding in the months of Spring.


There’s the fashion and the makeup. With a new season comes a personal change and an excuse to get rid of the old that no longer satisfies your tastes and trends. I always like to switch up both my wardrobe and my makeup routine as Spring rolls in. Swapping the heavy contour for a rose toned neutral appearance and packing away the Winter woollies to introduce lightweight blouses, off the shoulder tops and garments to allow you to unleash those pins. I can’t say I like my legs in any way but there’s something about ditching the socks and boots and having those ankles on show with dainty heeled sandals that brings me great contentment.


There’s the travel plans. I always get overly passionate about exploring the world during Springtime. Whether that’s taking a trip to your local travel agents to book an impulsive holiday, venturing on a long journey out into the country woodlands or visiting the seaside for some traditional fun. It doesn’t even have to be anything extravagant, the often forgotten about hide aways nearby end up being a popular spot because when the weather is nice and the vibe smiley, what’s better than to head into town to the coffee shop gems and the familiar surroundings you’ve grown up to love?


There’s the leisure. The activities you can take part in without worrying about being swamped with the dire need to go home and warm up; shopping, swimming, even something simple like walking. My favourite part is relaxing in the dimly lit evening sunshine before moonlight, lazy nights chilling in the back yard with your loved ones, all laughter and entertainment. Or even having some alone time, swinging in your hammock with an enthralling read to keep you company. Stocking up on those books as Spring/Summer moves in works wonders on that de-stressing.


There’s the food, the drink and the recipes. Gone are the stodgy winter meals and embraced is the fresh produce, the fruity flavours and potential bakes. Whether that’s a cheesecake made for that garden party or something more nutritious like banana bread or breakfast muffins to snack on as you arise from your pillow on a fine Spring morning. Of course it all has to be washed down with a mixture of liquids. Ice cold water, fresh juice, or a treat to the taste buds with a Rekorderlig Cider!


And, finally. There’s the picnics and/or the barbecues to slot the grub into practice. The best part without a doubt. Bringing out the garden furniture, applying that sunscreen, setting up your blankets in a cosy, open location along with a basket of scrumptious refreshments from bread, to fruit, to cheese and crackers (as fancy or as plain as you want), basking in the glory that is freedom, forming memories, revelling in the scenery and the invigorating ambience of comfort.



Drinking through the day isn’t something I’d usually do. I mean, drinking all together isn’t really my forte but there’s something about Rekorderlig Cider that evolves my energy and delight and the amazing bonus is, it can be taken all the way through to the nightly occasion. With every thirst quenching sip follows a desire to move on to the next premium flavour and there’s not one that disappoints. There’s all sorts of pure goodness to indulge in and something for everyone (even the almost tea total fusspots like me). Wild berries take your fancy? Passionfruit more your thing? Mango and Raspberry sound like the perfect pairing? Along with Strawberry and Lime, this is definitely my personal favourite as you can really detect the distinctive revivifying zing. You can even step the classiness up a notch and best serve it in a glass along with ice, some mint leaves, fruit garnish and an added wedge of lime for a zesty essence (I don’t have the tendency to be that posh but still). Either way, it just screams Spring!


I’m so happy I’ve found a drink I don’t have to turn my nose up at and can instead quite willingly enjoy with fulfilment! I know it’s certainly gonna be my go to drink as Spring continues to flourish. It may be alcohol but you wouldn’t think so; the cider is so mouth-wateringly tasty sweet without any bitterness in sight, and you just can’t get enough – so, with that in mind, delve into the beverages and ahhhh your way to booze heaven but please drink responsibly, folk!


Are you a fan of Rekorderlig Cider? What’s your most preferred flavour? Tell me what Spring means for you and whilst doing so head over to Instagram to broadcast your favourite kind using the #StartTheSwedishWay hashtag. Let’s toast to the jollifications!


Bridie x



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*this post is in collaboration with Rekorderlig Cider but all words, thoughts, photography and newfound love is my own.