Spring/Summer 2017 Primark Haul


It’s that time of year again, folks! We’re now into June, scarily halfway through the year but the official classification of summer begins. With the beautiful weather we’ve had over the past few weeks I’m feeling a little spoiled and I know it’s more than likely to be jinxed and forecast to change drastically to what us Brits do best – dark skies and drizzle, but it’s really upped my excitement to dress lightly, airy and colourfully, and it’s also made me realise I do not own enough fresh, contemporary summer clothes.


So, where do you head when you’re lacking some lustre? Good ol’ Primark, of course. Or should I say, where do you head for some underwear and end up spending £100? Good ol’ Primark, of course. I’m sure I say this with every seasonal haul I do but they really are killing it at the moment, and the A/W press day that’s been gracing social media proves they’re about to stay at that illustrious level as the remaining months fly by and soon we’ll be putting up trimmings again (yikes).


When it comes to Primark I honestly don’t think I have any self control. Every time I go in there there’s something new on the shelves or dressy displays urging me to admire, try on, fall in love and then waste a good fifteen minutes of my life queuing up dying to let the world know about this outfit I’ve just bagged for £20 which looks triple the price it was. Over the past couple of months I’ve visited my local Primark way too much – as you’ll see as I proceed with broadcasting the excessive spending – and I’ve equipped  both my homeware and accessory collection and my wardrobe with a variety of pieces to cater for sunshine and to take away with me on my very first girl’s holiday to Tenerife in just 9 days!!


From those casuals to travel in, to those classier garments, comfy on trend basics, beach essentials, a familiar overload of stripes, the cutest swimwear collection to date, an absolute abundance of shoes and sandals, Oliver Bonas worthy furnishings, and probably the most talked about attire on Instagram – the glamorous touch of pretty, dainty bralets and their accompanied lingerie. I’ve bought it all and I still could have continued until I didn’t have a penny left in my bank (it’s not far off that at the moment if I’m honest, oops).



Before you all shout at me for blowing a colossal amount of money (don’t worry I’ve also had words with myself!) I do have some leeway as this has been a good three/four month process and I’ve just kept gathering up the goodies. I have been back in the shop since which was a definite mistake as I spotted another few new in pieces that I could have swiftly snapped up but I resisted, I found the courage, put them down and walked out of there ready to regret it when they sell out. Proud!


Have you been shopping in Primark lately? Have you picked up anything extraordinary? That famous Chip mug perhaps?


Bridie x