Soap & Glory Sweet Tidings: The Very Last Minute Gifts*

Posted on 5 min read

*Everything featured here was kindly gifted so I could specifically show you the Soap & Glory magic.

soap & glory christmas gift set flat lay product photo
If you’re anything like me, frantically unprepared for holiday mania, then you’ll appreciate this sloppy, half-hearted Soap & Glory gift guide post. I was meant to have it complete for the weekend as a conservation for the last minute panickers but I ended up adopting that role myself; unorganised and underestimating how many presents to wrap – finding them stashed in every cached corner of the house. And along with that came the realisation I haven’t actually finished either.

Without sounding like a cut-and-dried Brit with my choice of lingo; I have a couple more bits to grab on a dreaded Christmas Eve dash around town, some end of year content to schedule (my annual round up reflection and new decade goals post will most probably be typed up in the limbo period) and tags to scribble on so Uncle Knobhead doesn’t accidentally receive the fluffy slippers and crack out a bigoted joke which enforces political correctness over the pigs in blankets.

You’d think I learn from my former, recurring mistakes but alas not. Procrastination isn’t just a makeshift measure with me. If I was to write a novel on How To Not Leave Everything Until The Very Last Minute I’d still decide to start writing it tomorrow. It’s just how I’m wired. And I’m hoping there’s plenty of people in the same boat because that’s basically the point of this brief rundown of what Soap & Glory have to offer in their festive pink pruning collection. Their signature slogan of being holiday heroes has never been so apt for those crucially depending on the high streets to save their skin (quite literally).

I thought about just scrapping this post at first. I wouldn’t have the time and effort on my hands to impart fluency into my usual writing style and truthfully, who the heck only starts gift set searching the day before you’re supposed to actually exchange the gifts carefully wrapped with a ribbon upon it? But then I thought – well you don’t always need to be tied to my linguistic language and I’m quite clearly detached from the real world because the footfall of the crowds and the hollow-eyed faces attached to them say different (and quite frankly I liked the photos I snapped too much to not show them off! A blogger simply does not waste glitter.)

So, without further ado, this arbitrary product digest is for you. The blokes wanting to impress their missus with some pretty packaging and at-home pampering. The siblings remembering you will be sharing the same space as your brother or sister for more than an hour so it’s best to buy something nice. The Secret Santa’s on the run. Or just for those pro-active people who want to purchase that extra something for the backbone of their family because they deserve it.

soap & glory wonder woman wonderful palette product photo
Soap & Glory Wonderful Face Palette

For that makeup loving Wonder Woman in your life. This multifaceted palette means they’ll have everything they desire to enhance, define and make more than just the potatoes pop! A classic option for an all day glow.

Soap & Glory Original Pink Collection Tin

The whimsically striped design alone is enough to woo that favourite someone. This fabulous little tin contains four of the finest miniature treats – Clean On Me Shower Gel, Hand Food Hand Cream, Bright & Beautiful Mask, The Scrub Of Your Life Body Butter – which will have your giftee all set for the festivities ahead in an instance. Think hot bubble bath or luxury shower before the day kicks in!

Soap & Glory Make Your Smooth Duo

Another package to keep you all moisturised and feeling fresh! The butter and polish duo will be much appreciated by anyone who wants to scrub away the alcohol induced antics ahead.

soap & glory gift set product photo
Soap & Glory Naughty But Spice Handy Duo

Let your loved one enjoy the marvels of soft hands with this hand wash and lotion duo. They both come in a limited edition sweet and spicy fragrance so the remnants of the food consumed can live on in the cook’s magic mitts.

Soap & Glory Christmas Quacker

This is ideal for all ages which ups the superiority. Young kids are gonna squeal at the sudden appearance of the duck once the bath bomb has fizzed and depleted and the older folk are going to just revel in the festive fragrance. Like a Christmas cracker, but lavation style. Both in the Naughty But Spice range!

Soap & Glory Happy Holid-Eyes

A second gift for those who like to paint their face with glimmer at Christmas time. This peeper-focused gift set features smouldering black eyeliner and sparkling shadow in gold and even has an option for you to hang on the tree with a . The perfect stocking filler to create a striking seasonal statement look!

Soap & Glory Soap Hero

Another adorable shower comfort to wash the stress away. Star shaped. Engraved with Wonder Woman. In a keepsake tin. Honestly, what is there not to love?

Soap & Glory have totes outdone themselves this year! You can always rely on their best sellers to easily please your family and friends. It’s by far my favourite body and skincare brand – so reasonably priced and a generous selection of goodies for everybody but especially the bedrock to love and gratitude. All are available at Boots and you might even catch a few in the sale now! The perks to being not-so-pro-active, ey.

And on that note, it’s time for me to sign off and indulge in the mini break which Christmas brings! No matter whether you’ll be spending your last hours at abysmal pace running on nothing but tension or gearing up for a fun and frolicked day to treasure, I wish you nothing but jollity.

Honest truth, my head’s just not in it at all this year and I think that’s why December definitely ran away with me and the Christmas period snuck up faster than my brain could comprehend and keep up with! Feigning interest is harder than it seems but none the less I’ve still cracked on with dishing out the minimal material I managed to get done and I’ll be working on upping my game with my ol’ blog in 2020. Stay tuned for a hefty introspective dissertation before we end the first of the millennial decade!

Feliz Navidad. Merry Chrysler. Happy Holidays. You know the score!