The Sunday Natter: seeing life through a blogger’s eyes

It’s no secret us bloggers, vloggers and all round online sensations love a good photo/video session. As someone who is fully accommodated to the typical stereotype that comes with being a blogger, I never seize an opportunity to capture the moment and when I’m in the company of other bloggers, I can’t help but feel thankful there’s a mutual affinity; no longer am I the strange tourist in the corner, I’m a normal person who just enjoys taking pictures of everything in sight in fear of not having the memories kept close by to record and look back on in the future. The question is, is there a limit? I don’t particularly think so but other ‘ordinary’ members of the public just don’t seem to get it and that’s what I wanted to discuss in today’s chatty Sunday post!

I suppose there’s many pros and cons to being a full time photo-taker, and not just the achy hand from carrying the camera kind of problem. In some ways, the pressure to constantly quick away and get all the small precise details of your expectations of photo right there on the spot can be difficult, and walking away to then remember you forgot to take the main picture to include in your previously planned blog post is a bane BUT actually there’s so much more positivity to venturing into dedicated clicking and shooting.

I take my camera E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E with me, I can’t go to an event or a special occasion without it and along with my trusty iPhone camera, it speaks more than words ever can. I’m used to the funny stares as I’m constantly on my feet moving to a certain angle to capture flowers blooming next to a plain old tree and the tutting from my close ones as they get annoyed with the many pit stops. Sometimes I do feel as though I’m obsessive and a burden to a casual outing but actually I don’t think there’s anything better than taking a spontaneous adventure and managing to savour the moment by successfully creating a fine story through what the eyes can uniquely see.

As humans, we are responsive to visual cues. The idea that a single image can convey the essence of the present atmosphere meaning emotions of an individual can bounce off and provide a reaction is a wonderful one indeed. I think in a photo, the characteristics shine through and it can give you a feeling of involvement. In some ways I agree with the statement that you don’t need to document every part of your life to enjoy yourself but I also believe it’s nice to recognise a worthy period of time. Yes, it’s easy to get too caught up in capturing that perfect picture so you miss that split second but I don’t believe technology stops you seeing the world for what it truly is. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. It makes me see what is right in front of me, dig deeper and prove a picture can be exceedingly powerful. 

An image you’ve produced is something you can be proud of, it’s a small token of your hard work and desire to strive. It’s a way for us to project our life and appreciate the nature around us. That’s what I love about photography, it’s the little things you notice the most. Someone could brush off a day trip to the park, but as photo lovers, we see the potential. It allows and forces us to stop, take a minute, acknowledge our surroundings, the simpleness of the fresh air and all the pretty colours. Since becoming a blogger and being an avid photo taker/ Instagrammer, I certainly see the beauty in objects and situations I wouldn’t have previously thought twice about and I’m glad I can now look into something further than the standard. We may rearrange tables and disallow any food touching until a photo is taken. We might walk for miles to find a wall or a building that matches the outfit we’re wearing after admiring the architecture on the way there but that’s our way of valuing the simple but effective treasures and that’s what we’ll always choose. 

What are your thoughts?

Bridie x