Salon Success Styling Society Box: No Animal Testing

Back in January, I was sent my first ever Styling Society box joining with my most trusted haircare brand, the prestigious Paul Mitchell. This blogger based programme means I am one of the members lucky enough to receive a bi-monthly box of products designed and specially picked to my specific requirements ready for me to test and share my thoughts with you all. Sounds exciting, right? When I opened my carefully wrapped package to be greeted with various welcoming messages and a novelty biscuit (which I’m yet to devour), I knew I was in for a treat. I’ve had an absolute ball pampering my hair with some luxury and have really noticed a vast difference in the past month! 

Each Styling Society box will have a theme, and this month it’s based around Paul Mitchell’s commitment to providing a revolutionary hair care system free from animal testing. Paul Mitchell has been cruelty-free ever since it was founded 36 years ago and they have affirmed a strong and passionate ethic ever since. This year, the sales of all their retail bags will go to Cruelty Free International to help end unnecessary animal suffering which means they’re not just expert hair professionals but their charitable efforts are also recognisable. Just as I couldn’t praise them enough. I firmly believe we can look good without experimenting on and harming animals but I also fully admit, I’m certainly not aware of which brands do or don’t which is why I was open to learning about, and seeing for myself, just how important it is to change your attitude towards the environment. 

The box contained three lots of product ranges, Forever Blonde Duo RRP £26.00, The Conditioner RRP £13.95, and the Super Skinny Daily Treatment/Super Skinny Daily Shampoo combo. Although the array of products each have a different purpose, I loved how all five worked on my hair individually and in time, when paired together, helped to renew the balance and nourishment. 

I’m a huge fan of Paul Mitchell because of the quality they give, but also because the various scents airing from their products is never far from utterly divine. Both the Forever Blonde Shampoo and Dramatic Repair smell heavenly – if I was to describe a summer’s day beside the pool, this would be it! This pair of products were the first to be tried out and they’ve remained a staple favourite since. The shampoo is super gentle and generously lathering – you only need the smallest amount to feel the soothing effects. Not only does it bring out the highlighted colouring in the hair to a sleek, bright shine, it richly cleanses to a fresh, squeaky clean feel with that soft, swishy desired look and the wash did last me a day or two more than it usually would! 

The dramatic repair is a leave in spray product that I use directly after the shampoo (or with any other shampoo I decide to use) once I’ve slightly towel dried my hair. It has the exact same motive as the shampoo, to restore health and vitality to hair that may have been damaged due to bleaching. I first thought it’d be one of those occasional products but it’s so lovely, I’ve been using it regularly! It doesn’t weigh my hair down, leaves it tantalisingly silky and best of all, makes my hair easier to handle and naturally style whilst contributing towards de-tangling. Even though my hair is in relatively good condition, switching hair colours across the years has brought on lost moisture and minor fragile damage. The safflower oleosomes, macadamia nut oil and exclusive KerActive protein in the Forever Blonde duo restores and replenishes the strength and health by holding onto every strand to prevent breakage. These two products alone are enough to solve the problem of dry split end and weakened hair-mares without any added defeaters! 

The leave in conditioner was a stand out product for me. I usually struggle with leave in products because of how heavy they leave my hair feeling (along with the almost instant greasiness) but this one shone through immediately. It is a dense consistency but is lightweight, spreads evenly and penetrates efficiently. Despite not rinsing the product – although I feel it would work just as well using it as a regular conditioner – it didn’t cause any stiffness to my hair, in fact it was the complete opposite! It is highly hydrating and holds the moisture in place whilst preventing and protecting against harsh dryness, especially during the brittle winter months (and in my case, that time duration where you haven’t had a haircut in a while). The day after I’d applied this to my hair, I noticed how less fly away and frizzy my hair was. It had a soft, lifted volume and a subtle bounce to it, instead of my typical flat, lifelessness. It definitely improved the texture of my hair meaning I’ve now had a few stress free mornings when it comes to achieving the effortless style I aim for. Having long, thick hair can be problematic and be unmanageable at times but this leaves me with happy hair! 

Coincidentally, the smoothing skinny line from Paul Mitchell is something I’ve had my eye on for a while so you can imagine my delight when I realised I’d been gifted both the shampoo and the daily treatment! Once again, it didn’t disappointment – the only slight problem being when my hormones were raging it didn’t do justice for my oily hair and I did have to wash my hair again the night after the day before (although this was just the one time, the next time was absolutely fine and no different from my usual experience). I use both products when I need to add some oomph to my hair, when it’s lacking zest and is relatively dull and it does the job of taming to well behaved hair that doesn’t budge. It purifies without stripping and minimises any severe breakage, leaving my hair in wonderful condition. It’s often overly soft but nothing I’d complain about – it’s so pleasant to touch and to say I can’t stop running my fingers through it is an understatement.

I’m so pleased with my first styling box and can’t wait for the rest! Watch this space.

Have you tried any of these products? Do you have any Paul Mitchell favourites? 

Bridie x