Roll With It

TOP – Zara // HIGH WAIST JEANS – Primark // FRILLY SOCKS – Topshop // BAG – Primark // SHOES – Topshop via eBay

I never used to wear jeans, I scrapped them when I grew out of my ‘chav’ stage but I have no idea why I labelled them as non-stylish as recently I’ve rediscovered my love for them again and comprehended just how handy they are; you can glamourise them or wear them casually and that’s just what I’ve done. I’d be lying if I said I could afford the ever so lovely Topshop or American Apparel jeans so I went for the cheaper option of Primark (or in more relevant terms, Primarni…). I was surprised that they had exactly what I was looking for in there, high waisted black jeans which are stretchy enough for me to roll them up at the bottom, which is another phase I’m going through. I have these weird moments when I think ‘yes, that would look great together’ and my thought at this particular time was rolled up jeans, frilly socks and my adored t-bar shoes. Complete it with one of my favourite Zara tops and an old but trusty shoulder bag and there you have it, my outfit of the day. It did in fact work quite well considering the weather couldn’t make its mind up, first it was dull, then it was sunny, then it was cold. I hate this awkward summer to autumn change where you just have no idea what to wear and have to make a prediction as to whether you will be too hot or too cold.

I’m becoming such a Primark hoarder recently and these jeans are definitely going to be famous in my day to day wear. I’m also planning on buying another pair which are such a good dupe of the Topshop Joni Jeans. The only annoying perk is the utter varied size guide. These ones are big fits so I had to get the size down, and the others I am wanting were way too tight so I needed the next size up and guess what? That’s right, they didn’t have it. Once I’ve finished my Autumn/Winter Primark trips I shall more than likely do a haul post so keep an eye out for that (if you are remotely interested in any way haha).

Hope you’re all having a great week and if not, remember there’s only two more days till the weekend (I can’t believe how fast these weeks are flying by, I mean September is nearly over already!!)

Lots of love…