Review: Revlon Colorstay Foundation

(sorry for the extreme close up, I just wanted to specifically show how the foundation sits on your skin)

I’m always on the look out for the perfect foundation, especially since I started blogging and learnt what kind of product works best for my skin. I’m yet to move on to the higher end of makeup which is purely down to the lack of funds in my bank account so when a reasonably priced yet flawlessly fitted foundation makes it way into my routine, it’s pretty much a life saver.

The Revlon Colorstay Foundation comes in two formulas; Normal/Dry Skin and Oily/Combination Skin, obviously I went for the latter as the oil in my skin is the one thing I’m always on the hunt to control. Finding the correct shade for my pale complexion wasn’t at all difficult as the shade 110 Ivory matched my tone instantly. However, if you wish to go a shade or two darker than this I think the undertone changes quite dramatically; 110 Ivory has a pink undertone and the shade up from that, 150 Buff has more of a yellow undertone. 

Upon swatching the foundation, I was instantly drawn to the smoothness and the way it blends into your skin giving you the porcelain look. The slight perfumey scent it has to it is also a bonus which may seem quite odd to most of you as I know the scent isn’t highly welcomed in the beauty world but for me, I think it’s quite pleasant to smell nice as well as exerting the face, and it makes a change to the usual odor free foundations. I use both my fingers and my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply this as I do find it helps with the blending and reaching those strenuous areas. It is easily blendable and buildable but you have to be quick in doing so as I do find the thick yet liquefied consistency tends to dry fast (which has both its good and bad points I guess). I’d say the foundation is a medium coverage, definitely the best coverage I have got from a high street foundation which I love as the followed up concealer doesn’t have to be piled on as the foundation already does the job of covering up those imperfections and working well on the pores. Despite the great coverage it has, the long lasting feeling it leaves on the skin is heavenly. It is extremely lightweight and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, glowing and comfortably boosted. It doesn’t leave behind any residue, isn’t greasy but still has the ability to give a beautiful, dewy finish.

Now on to the main positive, the lasting power and the benefits it has to my troubled oily skin. Oh my, it’s more than I could have ever wished for! It’s exactly what I was looking for. The foundation lasts me a full day and I don’t even have to top it up throughout my daily activities which I often had to frequently do before I discovered this. The main problem I’ve found when trying out different foundations is the oil residing around my t zone as the day went on but with this there’s no sign of that ever happening. It’s amazing at preventing any foundation melting into the creases of my skin and continues looking and feeling slick even after hours of being busy. Using my Rimmel Stay Matte Primer as a base before most likely helps but I firmly believe using this alone would still provide the same results. The close up picture (once again, I apologise if I horrified any of you lovely lot!) is of me wearing the foundation and nothing else. As you can most probably see, you don’t even need to apply that much, if any, concealer or powder on top to reach that desired finish. The only negative factors I would point out are the size of the bottle and the fact it has no pump. This can be quite aggravating balanced with the size as when you attempt to pour only the amount you need, it ends up rapidly and messily pouring out therefore making you waste a decent proportion of an already small bottle.

I’ve realised I say this a lot when I discover a foundation I like but I truly do think until I fancy moving on to a higher end foundation, this will be the one I stick to as it gives me everything I yearn for. However, due to its heavy coverage I think I’d take the lighter route when the hot summer decides to make an appearance as for 1) I don’t think the super effective coverage would be needed as opposed to the natural, barely there makeup in the warm weather, 2) It does seem to take that little bit more removing and if not cleansed thoroughly, may clog your pores on top of the sweating (ending this on a lovely, gross thought to take away with you).

Have you tried the Revlon Colorstay Foundation? What are your thoughts?