Review: Lush, Angels On Bare Skin

Angels On Bare Skin – £6.35 | 100g

Since starting my blog, I’ve become extremely experimental in the skincare department. I have developed a fixed regime that works well for my type of skin but now and again I like to try out products I’ve had my eye on. This is what happened when I found myself browsing the Lush website a couple of weeks back; I treated myself to a few popular bath bombs (of which I now have an undeniable love for) and couldn’t resist giving this cleanser a try. The cleanser claims to be ‘an incredibly gentle cleanser with chamomile blue and lavender oils to calm and soothe even the most sensitive skin.’ It also states that it will ‘absorb grease and dirt, leaving skin clean and nourished’. Persuasive comments by the makers themselves are instantly going to push my dexterous fingers onto the purchase button, plus I’ve heard it works wonders for oily/spot prone skin and as a sufferer of pesky, excess oils that make their appearance whenever I want to look nice, I knew I had to sample it.

Upon first impression, the strong scent hit me. It is a natural smell but is extremely heavy and not for everybody. I’m not the greatest fan of the lavender scent and I wasn’t keen on the vigorous hint of it at first but after a few uses, the aroma warmed to me and it does rinse off, leaving no linger on your skin. As you can probably see, Angels On Bare Skin is nothing to look at; in fact it’s quite the ugly duckling. However, the benefits of the product completely outweighs the cons that may often be dwelled upon too negatively by harsh critics. Thankfully, Lush gave clear instructions on how to use the cleanser. Twisting the lid panicked me a little as I discovered the brown/green coloured, grained mush as I wasn’t used to this sort of thick texture when using a cleanser. I followed along with what it told me to do; pinching a small amount, adding a few drips of water into that small amount and onto the palm of my dominant hand, then rubbing along the entire face; ensuring the particles are spread equally. When mixing the dried cleanser with water it transforms into a more attractive grey slush like substance, with a more runny consistency. It can be a messy, awkward process as it’s not your everyday simple cleanser but I do believe it’s worth the time and the minor inconvenience in those few minutes of applying.

I’d like to think Angels On Bare Skin is more of an exfoliating product compared to a cleanser. If you are using it at nighttime, like I do, you definitely need to remove all your makeup first as I don’t think this used alone would erase your daily grime (and it’s gonna sting if it gets in your eyes!). The occupation it is mastered in however, is the follow up from abolishing your makeup. I find it so refreshing to the skin when applied; the fragments of the clay like cleanser are not too abrasive but tough enough to censor those dead skin cells that tend to clog your pores and cause acne. It is super gentle on the skin and after rinsing off, it leaves my skin feeling healthy and reinvigorated. The ingredients involved all have their individual achievements. The ground almond acts as a pleasant exfoliant, leaving my skin feeling energized and free of any flakiness, the lavender and rose work together as a sort of therapy, whisking away any unnecessary sebum and residue and the kaolin clay does the job of deep cleansing the pores. All in all, as a whole the ingredients ensure a balanced skin tone and manage the oil that is produced in the skin.

In the few times I have used Angels On Bare Skin, the softness of my skin has doubled, leaving it feeling matte. The main alternation I have noticed is the rapid zapping of the blackheads and whiteheads that appear on my skin. This does the job of keeping them at bay and I can honestly say the morning after I have used this, my face feels alive and my makeup seems to go on much more smoothly. The cleanser is not greasy or drying therefore it’s perfect for all skin types; whether that be oily or partial to dryness. I haven’t suffered with any irritation which ticks off the ‘suitable for sensitive skin’ pro off the checklist. I can’t say I’ve noticed a change in the redness of my skin with this but that’s probably because I haven’t used it enough to feel all the benefits.


Angels With Bare Skin is different to anything I’ve used before but since buying, I’ve been praising the gods above (excuse the ‘angels’ pun there) for my discovery of it. It’s rare I find a product that works for me, not just at keeping the spots away but for leaving my skin feel silky and thoroughly clean. Paired with my first holy grail spot and blemish product that is La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo (stay tuned for an insight in the new duo+ coming up on my blog soon *sneaky plug*), I have a large amount of faith that my skin will grow on to be as flawless as the A-listers (well maybe that’s too much hoping!) but I do think it’s a fabulous skin product and one which I will continue to use.   

Have you tried Angels On Bare Skin, or anything similar? I love the freshness of Lush products and the Ultra Bland Cleanser is next on my agenda!

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