Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream | £10.00

Receiving this moisturiser as a free gift when I purchased my usual necessities from The Body Shop was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t sure what to make of it with the reviews; some customers had said it wasn’t any good for sensitive/oily skin because it made their face break out in spots, bumps and rashes (and nobody ever wants that, do they?). Admittedly, this put me off a little but as I’m always open to trying new products (and my skin was in a need of a hydrating boost), I decided to give this a go. 

Since first testing this out, I’ve been using it non stop. It makes the perfect base for my face before I put on my primer and foundation. My first positive impression was the quick drying formula; it leaves no greasy residue behind and settles into the skin so efficiently, resulting in a super soft feeling. My first negative impression was the packaging, although it is a pretty pink colour, I’m never a lover of dipping my finger into a tub as I’m a tad particular when it comes down to easily spreading the bacteria off your hands (that’s the OCD side of me). However, that can be overruled with only the small amount you have to use to get the full effects. A little definitely goes a long way! The scent is lovely, it reminds me of baby lotion; not too sweet and overpowering and the nourishment it gives when applied is very pleasant; it gives off a fresh, clean feeling.

The main areas I apply this to are the cheeks and chin, I tend to avoid putting too much of the cream around the more oily parts of my face (mainly the t zone) where the oil tends to be more visible throughout the day. Doing that has given me the all day moisture and elasticity that I desire but I don’t think it would make any difference if I did just apply it all evenly around my face with the rapid absorption it has. My main worry was that it would encourage my regular break outs but I was pleased with how non-heavy it is on the face, it is incredibly light and allows my face to breathe. I haven’t had anymore spots than I usually have with this product, and in fact I do think my skin does have more of a healthy glow without adding that extra shine. Luckily, I haven’t had any issues with the reacting side of what people had found with this. I’ve had no problems with it and it’s actually urged me to try out some more of The Vitamin E range. If it’s taught me one thing, it’s to always try things for yourself in the beauty department as what someone says, may not be the same for you. Thank you The Body Shop for introducing me to this little gem!

Have you tried this, or anything similar? Hope you all enjoy yet another bank holiday Monday! (I swear I must have said this in every post of mine lately. Hopefully I’ll be posting more frequently once I get my routine back in full swing!)