Highlighters To Achieve That Radiant Winter Glow

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There’s nothing, and I mean nothing, I love more than a sun kissed, healthy glow amid a season where gloom is focal and natural lustre is all but a sidelined peripheral. During the winter days the lack of lighting can feel like a misfortune but it doesn’t mean your face has to suffer. For what is missing from the outdoors, you can compensate for in illuminating makeup products because let’s be real, when does makeup ever not solve a problem? (Apart from the dreaded ‘sorry, we’re sold out, sign up to receive an email when it’s back in stock’ notice that only adds to the mess, of course.)


My collection consists of many different products (because apparently I like to achieve the highest standard of rosy and golden as possible) but I managed to haul through my stash to pick out my favourites – in the range of powders, liquids and even a mix of both to brighten up any grey day.


Starting with the velvety creams and the rich roll on sticks, the Smashbox LA Lights Blendable Lip & Cheek Colour in Hollywood is nothing but a pale, pearly shade of gorgeous that is the ultimate for any beginner. Not only is it easy to use and apply in the line of your bone structure, but the lightweight, creamy formula is ideal as a quick veil of pure reflected colour that you can exert on a whim.


I’m yet to talk about my deep love for the New CID i-illuminise on my blog but I feel I need to make you all aware of what is most certainly an undervalued product in the world of magic touches. This illumuniser in the form of a fluid pen applicator and a built in brush fluid wonders both as a base under your foundation and as an additional bonus. This is more of a pinky sheen but translucent when transformed into a dewy dazzle that bounces the light and accentuates your features to perfection.


The Topshop Glow Highlighter is a little gem I could rave about (and probably have done) more than my life’s worth but it really is a must have to pop in your bag. Both Polished and Gleam are practical silky, glossy shades that emphasise and flatter those areas of the face you desire to pop. Nothing too overpowering, but enough for you to notice that lovely radiance. I’m lost without mine!



Moving on to powders, the New CID Cosmetics i-dazzle Shimmering Loose Powder is a new introduction to my selection and albeit a little messy at first, it is my number one choice for a striking sparkle with its heavy pigment. The combined gold tones allow your cheeks to remain luminously subtle but to step up the glam a notch AND it doesn’t even have to be limited to the face – dusting over the body will give you that extra shimmer.


I purchased the Illamasqua Beyond Powder at the end of last year and have never looked back; it’s been my holy grail ever since and works like a dream. You only need a swift sweep of the top buttery layer of the powder to achieve that natural appearance. With its golden champagne tones it creates a delicate warm hue that is perfect to add to your everyday contour!


The Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette may be that cliche blogger makeup staple that everyone raves about but it holds that name for a reason (and not just because it makes a pretty rose gold backdrop for Instagram). The beautifully formulated combination of four cool formulas of cream and powder ranging from nude to peachy bronze is a genius movement as they can all be used individually and together to produce a soft metallic sheen suitable for most skin tones and very wearable for all complexions.


Saving the best till last, The Balm Mary Lou Manizer is my must have recommendation for anyone who loves the kind of radiance that brings definition and dimension to your face. With this, less is more, as it is insanely pigmented and gives you moonshine cheekbones that would have the power to blind. When my face is feeling particularly dull, this is the highlight I reach for to bring my complexion back to life – and whether I fancy an intense strobe or just a simple sheer, its build-able qualities make that # goal all the more reachable.


What do you use to give your skin that boost?


Bridie x