It’s Time For A Spring Primark Haul

Posted on 2 min read


It happened. It had to happen eventually. You accumulate a few bits and bobs over a couple of months and then the annual seasonal, splurge worthy trip to Primark is inevitable, even when your subconscious is telling you not to shove everything you see at first sight into the basket whilst blocking out the notably higher prices and lack of cash in your purse.


Before The Body Shop event began last week, I went on a ‘proper’ rampage; most probably underestimated the amount I’d bought and the size of the bag I’d have to struggle to trail behind with me (which ended up splitting on the bus home but that’s another story), and was suitably happy with the fashion forward pieces I’d managed to pick up. As I said, the prices aren’t as low as they used to be but I’ve definitely seen a growth in quality of wear – and it’s still completely possible to congregate a freshened up wardrobe with plenty of variety for just over £50, in time for the changeover from winter to spring.


I’ve collected everything from gym wear (because I’m totally trying my best to get back into a health kick), to bedroom bric-a-brac (because their homeware section is an ultimate guilty pleasure of mine). Clothes wise I’ve gone a little stripe crazy once again because lately it’s all I seem to be wearing in my boring morning decisions, and then there’s the looks luxury-but-is-actually-Primark garments that you seem to use as an appropriate comeback to a compliment you don’t know how to react to (“ooh I love your dress”, “thanks it’s only Primark”, you know the one) and finally, a couple of sale bargains I’m completely thrilled with. So without further ado, let’s crack on with showing you what I bought – because what better way to kick the weekend off than a divergent Primark haul.



There was a whole lot more to cater for but I either A) did my best to resist and succeeded (until next time), or B) walked out of the changing rooms repulsed because they either didn’t do my justice or the awful lighting and let’s-show-every-part-of-my-flawed-body mirrors were punishing me. It took some courage for me to head straight past the dedicated summer section downstairs, filled with bikinis, sandals and beach bags but something’s telling me, now I’ve eventually booked a holiday, I’ll need to make yet another impulsive visit very soon.


Have you had a Primark binge lately and managed to pick up anything special?


Bridie x