posing in polka dots

TOP – Primark // SKIRT – Topshop // HAT – Primark // BOOT SHOES – Primark // SATCHEL – Primark

WATCH – New Look

LIPSTICK – Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Shade 1

Today I had my hair done, which isn’t the news of the century I know but it really needed dying because the colour had completely faded, it was dull and was eager to shine again which now it is, thanks to the professionals. I always stick to the same colour a golden, chocolate coloured brown. It looks so much better now and feels much healthier which put me in an even bigger summer mood. This boiling hot weather is also reminding me why I love summer so much and is making me more excited for my holiday to Florida in 4 DAYS. It’ll be my first time in Orlando and I’m literally like a child on Christmas day at the moment but I am going to do a separate blog post on that so I won’t babble on too much.

I thought it was necessary to bring out the hat today with how powerful the sun was and I know black isn’t ideal for the summer months but I really liked how the polka dots looked with the denim skater skirt. I bought the boot shoes and the hat last year but I suppose those sort of things are never going to go out of fashion. The black satchel is not only an ideal size but it also goes with pretty much every outfit, especially when I was already wearing clothes with black contrast! The cute cat watch is also another favourite item of mine, my grandma got it for me a few months ago and I’ve worn it with most outfits ever since.

I don’t wear red lipstick that often as I have weird shaped lips and it can look odd but I can’t help but adore the look of red lipstick with a hat, I don’t know what it is but it just seems to match and add that finish? I bought the Kate Moss Rimmel Lasting Finish one a few months ago as I knew the bright shade would be perfect for summer and I have such pale skin so it kind of brings my features out more.

 To be quite honest, I was actually a tad bit too hot in my outfit today but I didn’t want to start wearing my clothes I’m taking on holiday with me which are mainly light material; the simple shorts, vests and sun dresses, plus I’ve started packing some already and I didn’t want to disturb them from their brand new suitcase. You know how stressful it is planning for a holiday, but I can officially say I will be on that plane in 3 days, 23 hours and 40 minutes!

Have you got any exciting summer events coming up?

Lots of love…