Personal: What Made Me Happy In October

The month of October was that alive, I accidentally skipped the September section of my what made me happy posts but truthfully, there was nothing significant to report and everything that occurred almost identically matched the events of October – just on a smaller scale. October was a month I’d been excited for since I gained a life and a more optimistic outlook on my own integrity. The plans I had with the people I love the most outweighed the negatives I used to dwell on so much before I found a reason to move forward and now it’s all over with there’s no denying I’m a little bit sad (good job the dates in the diary are still been scribbled over up until the end of the year!). It’s the impelling build up I’ll miss the most but now we’ve moved into November, the clocks have gone back and winter has well and truly made its entrance there’s still plenty to await with pleasure – mainly the big C word – but before that here’s a summary of my manic month!


Gigs |  October was an extremely musical month; it started off with a live gig in my second home of Manchester supporting a former X Factor star and pledging a reunion with my best friends, complete with plenty of out of tune singing, careless dancing and unexpected emotional moments. Half way through the month I attended another gig with my darling mama, where we relived our former Westlife days in the form of the solo member with the voice of an angel (Shane Filan for all those who’ve never been blessed with his presence) and then for the rest of the month I’ve discovered new music I can listen to on repeat and grow deeply attached to. I love the way music takes you away from the ordinary, drowns out the world and allows you to become a whole other person, I love the way when you attend a concert you don’t just enjoy the melody, you make it your escapism, you become attuned to the atmosphere and you can even make a day of it by going out for well devoured restaurant food before it starts. With November seeing in the release of albums from some of my favourite acts, I’m sure my next instalment will include plenty more opportunities for me to spread the music love and I can’t wait!


Road trip to London |  What could tempt me to spend nearly 6 hours on a coach with a 4am wake up call when I felt like I was about to keel over any time? That would be the mention of anything soap related of course. I planned to go to the Inside Soap Awards with hope of seeing my favourite people attend the red carpet but hope soon turned to subtle disappointment when I realised there was only a tiny proportion of the Emmerdale cast accompanying the fans. Turns out that wasn’t a problem, though. We turned up in numbers ready to represent, reconcile, spend the day basking in the autumn sun, giggling, eating, bonding and even ending up on Emmerdale’s Twitter page (please don’t ask). It was such a fun day, from the trip there – admiring the sunset, taking candid photos and representing the aura of a zombie – to the tube journeys, walking around the city in our onesies, soaking in the landmarks and the prettiness of London, laughing endlessly, catching up on gossip and squealing at midnight spoilers in Victoria Coach Station. It really made me appreciate the finer things and filled me with gratitude for the miracle that brought and injected so much joy into my itinary.


Christenings and cake |  There’s nothing better than celebrating and commending the life of a child too cute for words. As well as making me broody (something I really shouldn’t be feeling with no partner, no stability and no desire for children until at least I get my own life on track) it’s nice to bring out the occasion wear, have a minor family gathering, to step out of your usual environment to a church that holds power, to coo over a smiley baby girl and eat too much cake. Every Sunday should include cake.


Treating myself |  Okay so I didn’t have any choice really as my phone completely gave up on me and life without a phone with your entire life on it just isn’t practicable, so what did I do when I got told my defeated iPhone 6 was irreparable? I headed straight to the Apple store and upgraded to a spanking brand new iPhone 7. It’s not as though I can actually afford it but I’ll worry about it once my monthly payments are weighing me down (oh dear) but it was just nice to spoil myself with luxuries because I haven’t done that in a while and I take contentment from having something pristine to fuss over (plus I’m really loving the features of the phone and am even considering linking a review to my blog – anything that has blog potential is worth buying, right?).


Reforming friendships | It’s not just my current friendships that have developed into a closer bond as the months have advanced, I’ve also managed to somehow rekindle old friendships and get back into the swing of common conversation like we were never apart. I never thought I’d be in the position to say yes, I have a bunch of true, loyal friends who care about me more than most people but I can and as the year moves on, as I’m in the company of so many people I adore, I realise just how important this step is for me. I’ve well and truly got into a pattern, the more time I spend and speak to my friends, the more adoration I gain, the more I miss them, and the stronger we get. I feel like there’s a part of us that always shapes into something revolutionised every time we meet and without getting too deep emotion wise, it really is a great feeling to have and behold.


Dream events |  The blogging outreach is still on the quiet side for me and until I improve my game I think it will continue that way (note to self: must desperately hunt down motivation) but once in a while there’s a ping in your email inbox that takes you by surprise and ups your excitement levels by an intense amount and that would be the Emmerdale Studio Experience exclusive blogger event – I’m sure if you know me well enough you’ll have guessed this was what I was talking about already. It seems like I’d been counting down to the actual day for years and it finally arrived on the 27th. It was everything I expected and more, I absolutely loved exposing myself in front of people who don’t dedicate their lives to that damn show *laughs with humiliation* but I was so thankful to be able to share the encounter with three of my favourite people who understand my invested attachment just as much. There’ll be an entire blog post dedicated to the event heading your way very soon.


Autumn loving |  I don’t know how many times I have to mention this before it gets boring but autumn is ultimately the reason I’m perfectly okay with the change in weather from October onward. It’s the blue skies but crisp air, the grass being completely covered in golden coloured leaves that crunch beneath your feet, the early evening sunsets, the hue turning trees, the scarves and the boots and the walks through the park. I mentioned a park because I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon in a glorious part of Leeds with a themed photoshoot based around the totally autumnal locations. Roundhay Park is a gem, it really holds the key to aesthetic outdoor nature and sums up the reason I absorb the feel of fall.


Super Soap Week |  More Emmerdale talk, how did you guess? If you missed out on their special soap week from the 17th-21st then you seriously need to get on board with the stunning work that kept me gripped the entire time. They took an entire new direction to telling the story of a soap and half the time I felt as though I was being taken through a movie production. The symbolism, the artistic, cinematic POV style of filming, and the raw performances sent me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. In all honestly I was (and still am) a little overwhelmed with all my dreams and wishes being granted for my favourite soap couple but they kept me in suspense the whole time and there was not one dull moment. It’s all I could think about for the entire duration of mid October and that’s when you know it’s a job well done. I had to mention it in my monthly happiness because it does make me happy when I can be so involved with the process from afar. I’m that saddo who’s proud to be a fan of a show that smashes superior to a whole new level and I ain’t gonna shy away from it when my tension adrenaline was at its highest.


Makeovers |  I underestimated the power of makeup until I visited Illamasuqua last Saturday. I also underestimated the talent of professional makeup artists and the ability to make your confidence rise to the surface. I’ve never had a proper makeover for a special event so I was unfamiliar with the routine – I did however relax into the transformation almost instantly and I’ve never been so pleased by the end result, like ever. I began plain and deflated and ended bright and super glam. My face was flawless, the precision detail was amazing, and my self esteem rocketed. I couldn’t have asked for better tbf and I even managed to link it in with the recurring pattern of treating myself as I walked away with a new highlighter and liquid lipstick. Now I just wish I could call upon the high end makeup brands to sort me out every morning!


Halloween weekend |  So, the above makeover was for the Halloween masquerade ball I mentioned briefly in my hot picks post. It’s a night I’ll never forget for all kinds of reasons – the main one being I was surrounded by so many incredibly inspiring people who made the night both emotional and entertaining. It felt so fab to be part of something instead of being stuck at home watching the X Factor acts murder the iconic ghoulish songs – there’s nothing better than some Thriller reciting in person even if you did put your best costume on instead of dressing down in freakish frightful gear. Albeit I spent so much money and put so much effort and planning into a night that came and went by so fast but I created distinctive memories that will be lodged into my heart and for that I can officially say Halloween 2016 was one of the best yet.


Supporting charitiesIt’s a third time strike with my final statement. The Halloween ball wasn’t just a time for us to have a ball (pun intended), it was a time to gather together and give vital support to an integral charity. It really did touch my heart that night when I saw face to face just how significantly important the work been carried out is to so many families. Even the smallest amount of fundraising can go towards helping someone’s life become bright again and I couldn’t have been more honoured to be a part of such a remarkable memory. It made me eager to continue doing my bit, not only because it hit me personally and is close to home but because it’s a must for charities to have the aid of the public.


What made you happy this month? I hope you all make the most of your weekend and don’t forget to enter my current giveaway which ends this Sunday!


Bridie x


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