Personal: What Made Me Happy In August

If I’m honest, I’m quite surprised I’ve kept my monthly happiness posts on a regular run from the start of the year up until now. September already, you say? I’m just as startled as you are – the mention of the c word and the darker nights drawing in kind of contradicts the humid weather and the sense that summer evaporated without me even realising. There isn’t much of a difference in this month’s merriment, you could call it a sort of a continuation of July’s events. Probably nothing at all that’s worth boasting about, nor anything that anyone remotely cares but a little positivity is always pleasant to read, right? I enjoy getting my thoughts written out and focusing on my untroubled points, even if it does mean I’m talking to myself.

Yorkshire Day | it opens the month of August and it gives me a reason to gloat about how great us Yorkshire folk really are. I may be biased but calling god’s own county my home is something I can be forever proud of. I moan about the rain and the greenery and my disgusting accent heard back on video but there’s nowhere I’d rather be. Easy access to some of the best shopping destinations, the picturesque beauty within the scenery, the friendliest people, being able to joke with the person next to you in the chippy without receiving daggers, the foundation of Yorkshire puddings, what more could you ask for?

Event invitations | it’s been quiet on the blog event scene for me lately, that’s probably a mixture of me taking a step back in being active and that obviously nobody loves me enough to send me an email over for me to neglect and then respond to a week later (honestly, I’m so bad it’s laughable), but when I had the pleasure of heading down to Pastille to join in their 3rd birthday celebrations it was a refreshing revisit to the environment I enjoy and made me realise what I miss about the ‘blogger status’: chatty people of all ages and ranges, the opportunity to mingle and discover those hidden gems, cameras galore, pretty detailing to bless your insta feed with, food to tickle my sweet tooth taste buds and a glass of prosecco in hand. Bliss at its finest. 

Letting go | August was the month of freedom, the month I developed a carefree attitude that seems to have stuck into September. There’s the good side and the bad side: good side is I’ve let myself loose and have revelled in the joy of just going at my own pace with no expectations or pressure weighing me down but the bad side is I’ve kind of been neglecting the serious part of my life and concentrating on having the best fun possible. My blog’s taken a bit of a downfall and I’ve slipped back into my teenage days but it’s being nice to just go with the flow and make most of the moment whilst it happens. I’ve slacked and I haven’t completed all the tasks in mind but I realised nobody died as a result of it and it’s okay to just revert back, de-stress and breathe.

Group chats | following on from last month’s heartfelt post about finding a place I belong, a bunch of amazing friends I can’t ever imagine I lived without and some idiotic behaviour that means I spend 99.9% laughing in their presence comes the basis of our friendship, and that’s our crazy group chat that makes zero sense half of the time but brightens up my day just when I need it. I find myself almost crying laughing at some of the stories, the comments, the photos and evoked events . As we’re all living in different locations this is our form of communication, a way to connect us, and I’m lucky to share so many thoughts, emotions and feelings with the losers I adore the most. Thank you, internet.

Reunited moments | August was a magnificently overwhelming month and it all happened so fast that I didn’t have the time to let it sink in until it was over and I was partly sad but then cheered up once me an dmy closest ones made even further exciting plans. It started and ended with the impulsive trips I’ve just agreed to and never looked back on because when I’m there in my element it’s so worth the aftermath. August was filled with them and I can’t see an end in sight for them just yet. However, there were certain dates that stood out from the rest. The 17th-19th August were iconic dates to mark down on my mental calendar for sure. The day more than a dozen of us gathered together in Leeds train station after not seeing each other for a good few weeks, reconciling, hugging, giggling and hyping up our energy ready to head down to a place we call our second home, followed on by a list of prized moments I can’t count on my fingers. It was one of those instances that you perceive as ordinary but actually hold so much significance. 

Making more memories | actually having a life and valuable friends to spend those newfound social skills with still seems surreal to me; it’s like after waiting so long to behold a close inner circle of people I can depend on, I’ve been awarded all my wishes at once. Without a doubt, summer 2016 has been the best one of my existence, I’ve cracked the gloomy shell and opened up a whole new outlook and that’s all down to the continuous memories that just keep on extending and that I’ll cherish till my dying day. From spending our day having laughing fits, tumbling down hills, embarrassing ourselves and singing goodbye songs, to periscopes, days and nights spent drinking and dancing, screaming over robron, crying over the sincerity of certain soap stars, several of us hogging a double bed in one hotel room, Nando’s dates, train journeys and even so far as supporting the community at Manchester pride filled with glitter, rainbows and diverse love.

Mum and daughter quality time | it’s very rare I’m apart from my mum and my grandma, they come as a pair and there’s no getting away from it so when my grandma tootled off for yet another holiday abroad with my auntie and left us solemn loners behind (just kidding, I was pleased she could experience some quality time with the rest of the family) it gave me the chance to appreciate my mum’s solo company. Albeit I was absent for two of those days that week and the rest was spent with her fretting over my stitched up wound but we still managed to take a trip into town, shop till we drop and be treated to a naughty pasta dish packed with yet more carbs that I’ve definitely consumed too much of in the past few months.

The sunshine | hasn’t the weather in August to September just been the loveliest surprise? Minus a few chilly days with torrential rain and we may have actually experienced an actual summer?!?! The kind you can stroll outside in a sleeveless top in, embrace the fresh air, blue skies and busy town centres, use your back garden as a sunbathing spot, endure wild perspiration, complain about the bug parade and the sleepless nights but then complain again when the weather takes a turn – it isn’t a British summer without it. I’m getting real tired of it now we’re reaching mid September but it’s been nice to take advantage and it added even further delight to those special memories as we could frolic without getting caught up in a mini hurricane of wind, rain and cold temperatures (even if most of us did represent a beetroot).

Just being happy | the word happy seems like it’s been overused but I seriously can’t think of a better way to explain the switch up in my mood. Even saying happy out loud sounds happy and that’s what I currently portray – an image of a girl in pigtails skipping through a field with a cheesy grin. Sometimes it just randomly hits me that I haven’t felt or thought about hardly anything negative since I gained the friendships and the memorable occasions I consider lifelong. The realisation that I have people around me who want me around fills me with elation, I’m able to share my kindness with kind (but secretly snaky) people and I’ve got into the routine of fixating myself with a certain topic of interest that keeps that euphoria flowing. Do what makes you happy has never been so relevant.

With the autumn months just around the corner and an absolute manic schedule plan wise, I’m sure there’ll be much more to report as my happiness grows and develops! 

What’s made you happy in the past month?

Bridie x