Personal: things that made me happy in June

Hey hey, I’m back – well technically I flew home late at night a week today but haven’t been able to get my blogging butt back into gear until a fresh Monday emerged. Partly because last week was a hectic but momentously brilliant week and the other half because I seem to always be lumbered with this post holiday dispirit where all I want to do is try my best to adjust to the below average temperature, sleep and eagerly observe my tanned skin to silently pray it stays put in this so called British weather (although with this supposed heatwave bracing, it seems I did in fact bring the sunshine home). I enjoyed my well needed break (probably too much if I’m honest) but am feeling all kinds of motivated to get back on track. With plenty of posts to plan for my upcoming blog schedule, some of which features around my most cherished time in the luxurious sunshine and some of which were photographed beforehand – what better time was there to mark down my monthly happiness? Especially when there’s so much sadness in the world as of lately. These posts almost always start with my shock of how the year seems to be flying by but this time round I feel like I’ve been gone an entire full year when in reality it’s only three weeks. As most of June was spent vacay prepping it didn’t leave me much head space to extensively think about the highlights but as they say, it’s always best to act on impulse… 

Birthdays | June is a busy month for birthdays, the main being mine on the 14th (without sounding egotistical in the slightest, ahem). As I get older, they certainly become less inviting and what used to be a huge celebratory occasion turns out to be a quiet sit down meal, one of many cute coffee shop visits and some quality family time. At the ripe age of 23, however, this is just what I acquire to develop inner warmth and happiness. It’s the awkward age where you’re torn between being completely relentless in fun or sensible in adulthood but venturing off to scram my face with food throughout the entire day? Well I don’t think there’s ever an age limit for that. The end of the month also marks the queen’s birthday (aka my grandma). This year we were living it up in Spain but it didn’t stop me hunting down the nearest florist and surprising her with a handmade bouquet whilst she sunbathed. Her genuine appreciation made trudging through the 30 degree heat well worthwhile. It’s just nice to give back to a person so selfless and kind!

New friends | This seems to be a recurring theme on my monthly contentment and that’s something I never thought I’d say. I’ve always found it difficult to keep a loyal set of friends through my youth and as I’ve reached my twenties I’ve just learnt to relish in my own company with an online support system to back me up – it’s just become the norm. SO, when this field further grows and you find people you have so much in common with, who you can chat with about anything without it being weird, and start to wonder how an earth you ever lived without these gloriously diverse set of humans as having them around just feels so natural – it’s bound to set you up with a smile for an entire period. Then when you finally meet them it gives the word mutual a whole different meaning which is a story for next month’s round up; guaranteed!

Building my summer wardrobe | Most of June was spent overspending. There’s no hidden agenda in there, it’s just point blank truth and boy am I paying for it now (or in other words, trying to pay off the accounted bills of the high street shops). The low sum of money in my bank account isn’t exactly a reason to be ecstatic but new clothes hanging beside each other and old ones been evacuated is. Shopping for a holiday is one of my most favourite things to do, it holds out hope for a continuous summer and refreshes my sartorial attitude – I love my darkened, minimal colours but there’s nothing nicer than putting together outfits with an injection of essence to glam. I can’t help but fall in love with the mid season sales either, they were a great influence in my inspiration (Zara, all eyes are on you).

Reading | I hate the fact I’m no longer the type of person to sit down and curl up with a book for a few hours of therapeutic chill. I can’t even remember the last time I waved goodbye to the digital world, the sight of nothing but a computer/phone screen and swapped it for a more old school way of unwinding, imagining and connecting. I’ve really got into reading the amateur work lately – albeit it’s still online and sports a few mistakes here and there but it’s great to see the creations from regular people. Going away with a lack of wifi also gave me a reason to pull out a good book and relax as the rest drowned out around me – if anything I realised just how fast I can get through one book and just how much of an effect it can have. 

Pamper time | With a holiday comes me time and when I say me time I mean reviving my hair, paying a visit to the beautician and focusing on making myself look and feel as self-assured as possible. I always feel as though I’ve stepped up a gear when my appearance is to the standard I desire; as though I can conquer the world with new makeup, a bikini wax and blonde highlights. It probably sounds stupid (albeit it’s never just about the outer shell) but esteem starts from within, which leads me safely on to the next point. 

Body confidence | I’ve spent way too long being hung up on becoming the best; only did I come to the conclusion that the ideal best just doesn’t exist once I accepted myself and stopped comparing myself to the perfected stars of Instagram. In my mission to become fitter and healthier, I did develop a new found comfort with my body but I also – taking the struggles and tantrums and crying episodes into consideration – gave in to the ideology that my body is made up of the same genetics as every other woman. I’ll never have a small bum or skinny thighs, my tiny waist and almost flat boobs will forever be out of proportion with the rest of me but you know what? I can still rock that bikini, I can look in the mirror and I can be damn smug about how hot I feel (even if it is just for the smallest moment).  

Animals | I’ve never been a big animal lover (I can almost hear the shocks from here) – it’s not that I dislike them as such, it’s just they’re hard work when you can’t even deal with yourself half the time, not to mention they need lots of attention and can smell your house out. It doesn’t stop me admiring them from afar, however, and there’s nothing like an adorable dog companion to boost your mood and take a shine to you whilst waiting for an appointment. I never knew I could be so perked up from a jump on the knee and a lick of the hand but this little fella did just that.

Being inventive | A wave of eagerness and aspiration hit me mid June, the random goal to reach out to the very top and strive with every inch of my mindset was probably because we hit the halfway mark of 2016, summer arrived (for a little while) and blog opportunities were flying left, right and centre and it gave me the strength to start thinking out of the box. My blog is a journey and it will sustain in doing so, even if I become a global hit (never gonna happen) so for now I’m enjoying my many ideas circulating and eventually implementing into my constitution. 

Ridding of the negativity | I’m sick and tired of  the hatred of today; from the devastating disasters and the senseless attacks, to the vendettas, the pure ignorant minds that fabricate excuses for nothing but bigotry, cruelness and disrespect and the constant tearing each other down. I don’t even want to touch on the subject of the EU Ref that made up the majority of June – the destructive result and intolerant behaviour that followed, nor do I even want to give people so determined to set out to hurt others the time of day which is why I set myself a duty to concentrate on the optimism and the human faith. I even went all out to create a tick list of simple ways to be kinder and I’ve been following my own advice ever since.

What made you happy in the past month?

I hope you haven’t missed me too much whilst I was away (kidding, obviously). Sending a huge thank you to all those who entered my three year blog giveaway, the winner was announced a few days back as my holiday upheaval calmed and I’m in the midst of posting the goodies out to the lucky winner as I speak! Man, it feels good to be back.

Bridie x


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Personal: things that made me happy in May

Another month gone by, another jitter within my uneasy system reacting to how frighteningly fast this year is speeding by (I’m 23 this month and I’m still not adapting to this accumulative adult life) and hey, would you look at that – a proper I-can-see-blue-sky-amongst-the-cloud summer appears to be finally on its way. June is always guaranteed to be a great month purely because it’s my birthday month, and usually because a holiday abroad is just around the corner. This year it’s substantially both and the majority of my time schedule starting from now up until the 26th will include panic planning, bikini body dreaming and avoiding as much cake as possible which means there’s new upheaval among me but there’s also a chance for me to stew on the previous month of May and that I shall do…

Blog birthdays | The end of May marks my blog anniversary and every year my expressive gratitude increases. I made it three years – albeit with some tearing of the hair, late nights, a fluctuating peak and constant analogy of my achievements – but I reached this memorable target with so many highs and continued support along the way, none the less. Unfortunately I seem to have lost my mojo upon the following week (which is typical) but which is also all part of the developing journey on this bumpy blogger ride that I take in my stride. Every step is a chance for me to feel  a burst of pride regarding my fulfilment of sticking this hobby turned passion out for the long run and there’s nothing I love more than the flowing of fresh ideas which I’m sure will naturally show as my rut is rebooted. (Also, don’t forget about my current giveaway in aid of my blogerversary!).

Celebrity meetings  | I thought I’d said goodbye to the fangirl days I wallowed in all those years back but it seems those squealing notions make their way to the forefront every once in a while (okay, more than just once or twice, it’s admittedly in my blood and I aren’t even the slightest bit regretful). I’ve always enjoyed the satisfying buzz of meeting a celeb – as weird as that sounds, the adrenaline and awkward congregations spark a warmth that radiates in my cheesy portrayed teenage grin. May saw me heading off on a trip to Sheffield with my newly 12 year old cousin on the day of her birthday to pay my youthful hardcore crush a visit during his HMV single signing. I don’t think I’ve ever stood in a queue of mostly excited girls for so long in my life but when I finally reached the front I was reminded why I stuck to supporting my favourite artists and truthfully, always will. Nathan (Sykes, that is – former boyband member of whom I dedicated four years of my life to) was an angel as per, we chatted, we selfie’d, I shied even after running through the marked conversation in my mind a million times and it felt like nothing had ever changed. My cousin was elated with the attention so the bonus of having a girly bonding session and being able to take her somewhere special on her birthday was another reason to be thrilled. AND I even got a tweet back on the way home whilst attempting to run for the train – very breathlessly-eventful indeed.  

Freedom from the mind | If you haven’t read my most intimate, raw and personal story, I recommend you give yourself a timely preparation of at least half an hour to dig your way through my ramblings, and if you have read it – I can’t thank you enough for reassuring me people can be kind, considerate and genuinely sincere towards those problems that often eat away at your health. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it felt to throw this huge, hidden weight from my shoulders, typing in divided sections over a period of three days was strangely therapeutic – if not emotional – and although my entire identity was exposed, it was a breath of fresh air, to open my mind and allow myself to find my inner peace was cleansing to the soul and I feel like a new person with this peeled layer. I hesitated the revelation but I’m so glad I went ahead – not only for my own sake, but for the understanding and awareness of others too.

Press dinners | Food is ultimately an open invitation to my happiness and surprisingly, now I’ve found my inner healthy streak, not the greasy takeaway and cream doughnut kind (although if they were presented to me on a plate I’m not quite sure I’d be able to resist). So, when food comes hand in hand with an exclusive blogging event, how could I not be delighted? Mid May I made my way to the Malmaison (tongue twister alert) in Leeds City Centre to be greeted with the Salon Success team and lots of lovely local bloggers for a Press Dinner; a catch up, an informative run through the latest luxury Paul Mitchell hair products, an absolutely amazing goodie bag to go home with, as well as a food baby of a treat to the usual plain diet and my rediscovery for my acute sweet tooth – and what a lovely few hours it was!

Friendships | I’ve never been the sort of person to accumulate a whole lot of loyal friends that I can phone up for a chat or a late night drive. In fact, truth be told, I don’t have that many friends in real life at all. This is why when on the rare occasion I’m invited out or included in a close knit circle of people, I’m thankful to be thought about, acknowledged and even communicated with. This includes friendships formed through blogging, an evening spent munching on too many crisps and too much cheese with some gossiping and bonding, as well as forming other random and unexpected friendships through mutual interests. They all count in leaving me with a smile on my face.

Outfit planning | My favourite thing about an upcoming holiday and a season change? Visualising the latest trends, collecting inspiration, going on a shopping spree and mapping out outfits for those beach trips, nights out and casual smart occasions. The summer months give me an opportunity to reclaim my style and although for my tastes, it costs an arm and leg (something I’m short of, anyway) I absolutely love thinking out of the box and preparing my overloaded suitcase for some creative prepping. The displaying of my outfits is my favourite aspect of my blog and instagram so I can’t wait to get photo heavy whilst soaking up the sun! 

Group hugs | Just a little stand out moment but the one that touched a tender nerve in the heartfelt family love I hold. It was my second cousin’s 6th birthday and if her welcoming, aggressive hug and adorably cheeky grin wasn’t enough to flip reverse my mood as soon as I stepped through the front door, the group hug that followed the opening of presents sure gravitated my blessing. Both brother and sister (aged 4 and 6) gathered the family together and insisted we all huddle together in a tight hug; through giggles and purity, I took a few seconds out of the brief encounter to appreciate just how lucky I was because I truly believe out of everything going on in the world, this is what’s important. 

Emmerdale won best soap!! | I just had to include this as a notable rejoicing moment because not only is my admiration for this soap growing each day but this markable event was a first time win in an 18 year history – and we made it happen. I’m guessing nobody is as much as an emotionally invested soap addict as I am so you’re probably thinking ‘what on earth’ but as I’ve grown up with this programme, not only on TV but filmed pretty much around the corner with the celebration and illustration of Yorkshire’s nature I felt like a proud, glowing mum on her child’s first day of school. Make of that as you wish. 

What significant or even insignificant moments made you happy last month?

Bridie x


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