Salon Success Styling Society Box: Rare Marula Oil

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If you cast your mind back to February where I introduced the first instalment of my Styling Society box, then you’ll remember I’m lucky enough to be sent some deluxe products during a bi-monthly period, revolving around a theme and blessing me with gracious hair to be boastful about whilst doing so. This month was a completely different focus compared to February’s ‘no animal testing’ but one which I’m equally thrilled with and I was privileged enough to preview the range before it became available to the public at the beginning of April so basically, it’s an exclusive to the insiders (or at least I can keep telling myself I’m of great importance, ahem.)

Marula Oil is said to be the new and improved Argan Oil, with the higher concentrate of omegas and 50% more antioxidants benefiting both the performance of skin and hair. This high end collection from the creators of the genius John Paul Mitchell Systems is a five product system that includes a replenishing shampoo and conditioner duo, hydrating mask and two treatment oils. The oil is all natural, wild-harvested in Africa and cold pressed to preserve its superior quality meaning the potent nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids it provides, protect your hair from the daily stress of the open air.


Since being introduced to Paul Mitchell, no other haircare brand has compared to the long lasting impression (and transformation) it’s made on me, and this one has doubled my ovation. Not only is the luxe black, white and gold packaging striking to my minimal loving eye but the contents inside has allowed me to tame, manage and keep the locked in hydration my thick, coarse and frizz prone hair so badly desires. I’ve been using the Marula Oil products both as a sequence and separately and have felt the rewarding results from both methods. The shampoo and conditioner have become a staple in my hair washing routine; as my hair is so long it’s hard to keep every strand at bay and free from dryness but this does a faultless job at nourishing my hair whilst still allowing me to let it dry naturally without that aftermath of heaviness and a built up residue. Both the shampoo and conditioner lather well, smell alluringly delightful, and the combination of the two sufficiently softens, gives a boost of strength and brightened lustre. When teamed with the treatment oils, my hair feels incredible and the revitalized healthy texture and shine is visible. Although my hair can be stiffened, it’s also very oily so I’m always dubious about adding extra oils. However, I don’t think there’s anything negative about this gentle, featherweight and thankfully, non greasy formula. It comes in two versions; ordinary Rare Oil Treatment and Rare Oil Treatment Light, the lighter design said to be for finer hair. Although both work on de-tangling, maintaining the smoothness, settling the flyaway annoyance and pampering to a relaxing extent, I do prefer the lighter version purely because of how subtle it breaks way into my hair. The multitasking magic of the oils means they can be applied pre-shampooing as an enriching treatment or to clean, damp hair before blow-drying. I chose the latter and found once blow dried with my Babyliss Big Hair, I had the experience of a salon swish barnet and a fuller, more lucid colour without having to move from my home comfort!

Another treatment I do tend to stay away from is any kind of hair mask but knowing how amazing Paul Mitchell products react to my hair, I was obviously gonna give the final stage of the Marula Oil a trial test and boy was I right to trust my instincts. Its intensifying compound renews the condition of my hair within just 5-10 minutes of soaking in. It’s the perfect solution for modifying limp, dull hair into voluminous, alive and powerful locks without weighing it down. If you want to make an entrance with a shed load of compliments on how luxurious your hair is appearing, the introduction to Marula Oil is all you need. Not only does it repair split ends and deliver long lasting magnetising moisture due to the fresh bursts of Marula clinging to the shafts every time you touch, style or brush your hair, I’ve also noticed how fast my hair has grown in the space of a month or so. Whether that’s my improved diet and water intake I don’t know but I definitely think the Marula Oil is a contribution!

What’s even more fabulous about Paul Mitchell’s Marula Oil is the complex and versatile ways to use. The helpful guideline booklet I was given with my box highlights the wonders of each product and supplies clear instructions on how many droplets to use depending on your hair type. It’s set in stone to make my hair flawless but I’m totally ready to switch over to the skin with the marvel treatment oils. Stay tuned and I may just report back to this post!

Have you discovered Marula Oil yet?

Bridie x