Christmas Gifting For Haircare Lovers with Paul Mitchell

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It’s almost just one week until Christmas Day (how, you ask? I’m still trying to fathom out the answer to that question myself) so hopefully that means you’re all sorted in the gift buying department and they’re all exquisitely wrapped and put under the tree. But if not, I feel you. And I’ve also gotchu. With the help of Paul Mitchell I’m here to take you through their gift of style guidebook for this festive season. An indulgent treat for that special someone who likes to take extra care with their shampooing situation and nourish their locks to the maximum amount of splendour!

I’ve spoke about my love for Paul Mitchell and their super stylish sets in the past and I’m lucky enough to receive a bi-monthly box of goodies as part of their Salon Success scheme so I get a first hand dip into what they have to offer around the festive period. This year is on another scale! The primary duos and trios which instantly caught my eye when opening the giant bow adorned box were these gorgeously greeting-card inspired packages. Crafted with monochromatic designed packaging and fancy, gold, calligraphy fonts catering to those aesthetic poetics.

Not only are they pleasing in appearance, they also come in a varied collection of notable assortments that – if you’ve ever experienced the luxury of Paul Mitchell – have probably come across before.

I have the all is bright and get festive. The bright of course representing the blondies with the Forever Blonde Keractive Repair shampoo, conditioner and dramatic repair spray. Specifically suited to keep bleached and highlighted hair in tact and contributing towards rich hydration for silky soft hair and healthily sealed vibrancy as it washes away the built up impurities. I was going to save this as a gift from me to me but I tried it on a whim a few weeks back and I haven’t looked back since. It is INCREDIBLE! My hair’s been in poor condition for a while now; that being with a mix of iron and vitamin deficiency, and the fact I was very light in colour (part of the reason I chose to switch to a few shades darker) but this has worked complete magic and transformed my hair into a squeaky clean salon-like masterpiece. It’s totally reversed any signs of noticeable damage and flyaway brittleness, and left me with nothing but immaculate moisture. It’s also sulphate free which I’m aiming to stick to in future to reduce the harsh chemicals on my hair – so if you know anyone who’s fussy about what they put on their precious toned barnet, this is the one!

The get festive contains the Super Skinny shampoo, conditioner, and serum which is also a combo I’ve personally used before and seen real time results with. This is targeted for those with thicker, troublesome, rebellious hair that just doesn’t seem to cooperate no matter what you do. Turning dry, coarse, curly hair into a silky sleek, luminous finish that eliminates frizz and fights that winter battle. So, if there’s any wavy wonders on your family and friends list, bear this in mind!

All in all, there’s nine gift sets; every one different to suit a wide variety of hair types. They’re marked as cheer leaders – injecting the cheer and merriment right into your Christmas period and leaving you with showy, ship shape, shiny hair. It’s also worth noting that for every one sold, Paul Mitchell will make a donation to Baby2Baby; a charity that provides low-income children with nappies, clothing, and all the basic necessities every child needs and deserves.  A really lovely touch that defines what Christmas really is about!



Paul Mitchell are home to some of my long term firm favourites. They’re my forever holy grail brand, the one I always feel myself going back to when I pine for the professional, polished, refreshed, brand new, heavenly haircare. So it’s fortunate that the products I’ve always relied on come in gift set form. Two of these include the Marula Oil range for lifeless, dull hair – a deluxe treatment created with natural ingredients that bring your locks to life. This is an old type I’ve photographed and although the pretty, rose gold and white exterior is rather fetching – the newest addition is even better. This year’s gift set is all black and gold glitter and sparkle; it contains a sequined clutch bag you can keep and inside is the shampoo, conditioner, and rare oil treatments. I’ve raved about this gem before if you want to take a peek.

The amazing Tea Tree Lavender range is another exalted fave of mine. Every time I’ve used this I’ve been left with a bouncy, swishing feel and the scent is perfect for allowing you to relax and unwind – something every person on earth wants to do around such a stressful time of the year. So, what better way than to let a loved one unwrap their way to paradise for a concrete happy holiday.

The five piece moisturising shampoo, conditioner, leave in spray, mask, and eye mask creates so much zen whilst invigorating your senses; calming, quenching, and cleansing. Again, its target audience is those with dry, unruly hair. To fix with rich conditioners and amino acids that improve strength, shine, and manageability whilst replenishing your hair and soothing your scalp in the process. Paul Mitchell are never short of these ethical product gift sets at Christmas time!





Stepping away from specifically Paul Mitchell but still remaining that connection, the last collection I wanted to recommend as the stellar way to say Merry Christmas is the Kenra Platinum. The premium products fall into four categories; Revive, Colour Charge, Thickening and Styling and they all consist of your standard shampoos and conditioners, oils, glosses, mists, treatments, serums, and sprays. Once again tackling any weakness, dehydration, and lack of texture. There’s plenty for every individual in there, especially a champion patron for opulent haircare. That certain someone is bound to be blessed with a smile painted on their face at the mere thought of having this number to revel in as we enter a budding new year.

Not pictured are the rest of the prized Paul Mitchell pick me ups. Their gifts of style not only have the ranges mentioned but a fair few others including the Wild Ginger (which I’ve also spoke about before,) the Neon and the Neuro, little extras such as the Ultra-Shine brush which volumises and controls flat hair, and of course the stocking suffers for any woman, man, or even pet in your life. Yep, that’s right, Paul Mitchell are inclusive to the point dogs and cats are part of the agenda!

The shopping process in general can be really intense when you have no idea what to buy for someone who’s picky and distinguished. There’s not much on the market for distinctive hair-fanatics but if you’re looking for last minute gifts ensured to tick all the boxes – Paul Mitchell has your back.

Are you a Paul Mitchell lover? Do you have any haircare admirers in your close circle?