Dressing For The Party Season All Year Round

If you were to search for the definition of my exterior in the dictionary then you’d find something like this:

“Average sorta girl with a more than average dress sense.”

Yes, I’m that person.

The one that everyone asks the infamous question of ‘why are you so dressed up?!’ to no matter what the occasion.

The one that has to clarify it’s just who I am.

The one that plans their outfit although all they’ve got on the agenda is a trip to their grandma’s house.

The known formal one amongst a friendship group.

The one that endorses suiting and booting to the extreme!

I am totally pro elegance and pro ample styling. I have the kick it up a notch kind of attitude when it comes to clothing choices because I feel two things; 1) that the way you present yourself really can speak for your personality in ways you don’t have to express with your mouth, and 2) it’s empowering, how a singular ensemble can harmonise the powerful feeling within; like you have your very own Audrey Hepburn sat on your shoulder whispering praise into your ear, lighting up your confidence like an ignited flame to the point you really can start to warm to both your external mirror image and internal guise.


That’s definitely how I felt when creating a killer combo with both these killer dresses kindly sent over to me from Tobi. The first was a glitzy sequin number*  that’s made purely to amplify your best assets, and the second a simple velvet floral print dress* that can be worn as it is or with layers underneath and above giving off those low key “I just threw this together and still look cool af” vibes.

I went for the latter, I eschewed the typical skin on show nightlife look and threw in a basic high neck, a black coat, and some fringed earrings to make it a more tailored day-to-night look. Complete juxtapose to the black sparkly attire, paired with my favourite coat, and also de-crossed to add definition to a bare neckline, but a direct complement towards the sort of person I am.

Dressing up your glam level is insatiable for me. I realise this every time I swap being a wallflower for being a sociable patron who’s delighted to leave their house (it’s becoming a more regular thing as I advance into my twenties and I’m both surprised and proud) especially in the past couple of days as I spent some time in London for the National Television Awards ceremony – parading around in my foil flared trousers with a low neck statement piece truly made me feel like ~the part~.

As the familiar feeling returns, so does my urge to shout from the rooftops about how you can rock whatever you feel your best in whether it fits in with your inferior schedule or not. Party or no party, if you excel in being daring and out there, if you want to test and trial, if you feel like putting on a pair of heels to head to your local newsagents, then go for it.


I mean, it’s not as though it’s a 24/7 thing (and even if it was, there’s still no rules or barriers there).

I can appreciate the fact there’s nothing more pleasing than sat at home in your comfy pyjamas with your feet up, veiled from the appearance you reveal daily, but I can also appreciate the fact when you dress to impress it really can create a bubble of bliss that you don’t get from anywhere else.

I love to just chill out, but I also love to think out of the box in my style tastes, and I really do believe I can fit the best of both worlds.

Personally, the motto “dress like you’re gonna blog about it” is a aphorism to live by.


*Items marked with a * were sent to me for review purposes. Please read my disclaimer for more information.