Exploring My Astrological Side With Pandora Zodiac Collection*

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*Gifted Pandora bracelet and PR event invite

When I pleaded with the world for a hotfooted nudge of motivation to consolidate my rocky start to 2020, I didn’t quite mean a cataclysmal pandemic which has left me no choice but to get my sh*t together as I’m bound to the safety of my home. But beggars can’t be choosers I suppose. Thankfully, before the nub of the crisis doused the nation, I attended my first event of the year hosted by Pandora in the curlicued basement of The Lost & Found’s Hidden Library; showcasing a spotlight on their new (and exquisite) Zodiac and Birthstone collection.

It was a surefire casual evening to delight in beyond the uncertainty of the outdoors with a friendly welcome, a champagne reception, delicious food on tap, jewellery laid out to admire, some branded photobooth fun and general chatter with Lucy and Laura, and an astrologer ready to give her verdict on the individual disposition gathered in the softly lit room. It was also a concrete chance for me to give an introspection into one of my 2020 goals – and let’s face it probably the only one to be affirmatively attained – becoming plugged in to the cosmic sphere which has really had me enthused over the past few months.

I’ve always showed interest in horoscopes, even before the innovative technology, the hyper-personalised apps and the social media compatibility charts. Flicking to the back of the TV Times mag to read Gemini’s forecast became habitual in the noughties and now in the current climate I pay close attention to what the moon and the stars and the planets are telling me – because that innate feeling of having vibrational alignments on side is my virtue.

It’s almost comforting in a way, having a celestial connection to human affairs and embracing the complexity of the components I’m made up of, unravelling who I am and how we relate to each other as people. Self-identity and future innings is an open plinth wide enough to walk on in this great discovery of science which is why I was so eager and excited to know my fortune.

During my reading with Francesca I was completely transparent; answering her questions with the familiarity I’ve learned but leaving the door unlatched for her memoirs to prowl. It only took a few minutes for me to be pleasantly surprised by the accuracy she’d unearthed.

What did I acquire from the reading?

Starting with the depiction of my character, she told me my number was 6 which symbolises harmony, beauty, being nice and kind. Subjective but I’ll take it.
I have a creative, snazzy, vibrant, colourful energy. Gazing around my newly decorated room along with the paralleled prints in my wardrobe, I’d say that rings true.
I’m not very loud but I can be the boss. (Ask my mum about this assertion and she’ll say absolutely.) I am timid in certain means but when it comes to wearing the trousers in a defence situation then you will shake hands with the forewoman (or more decorously, stand two metres away from.)
I have an entrepreneurial spirit but have experienced a slow career progression. Indeed! Even if my life had flowed the way I planned and I wasn’t stopped in my tracks by upending ill health then I still think I’d have set up business for myself in a creative manner. It’s just the way I’m programmed.
Community is important to me, as is bringing people together. I guess this directly ties in with my work with fellow stroke survivors and chronically ill patients over the years. But not only that, it ascends from my need to be surrounded by a liaison of groups on the same page as I am. Community plays a big part in the branches of my inner self because nothing feels as satisfying as belonging, helping someone and making a difference. She hit the nail on the head here.
I have a caring nature and tend to look after and worry about people as well as a penchant to put others first before myself. Again, it makes sense. It’s a natural instinct which often leads to knives in my back but something that will be eternally embedded into my altruistic structure.
I’m an over thinker. Nothing more needs to be said about this. Francesca finished that sentence by declaring all Geminis should pursue meditation or therapy so following her advice is compulsory in this department.

What was my upcoming destiny?

It seems pointless writing about my premonitions when any future field of view has been obnubilated but those pocket sized notes I tapped into my phone gave me a lift so why not keep that spirit alive.

This year my creativity will be expanded. With my Instagram takeover at the start of the year this could have been the denotation picked up. It gave me a chance to balloon the social media content skills I’ve wanted to procure. Apart from that I can’t think of how this statement specifically links into my lifestyle but I suppose it’s still early days. It could have been a hint that this extra downtime is an opportunity to elaborate on my overactive mind bustled with ideas. I’m raring for it!

I also need to be careful with contracts in May and June. Francesca said I’m not to undersell myself nor do work for free when I could be charging because when done so it will bring me more confidence and I’ll keep growing from it. Funnily enough I’ve been reflecting on that way before the words left her mouth! Being a soft touch and a pleaser is intrinsic to my mould so it’s hard to be firm with myself, never mind anyone else. But I am learning to say no and balancing my expectations with my morals. She told me that I do have a danger of being too nice – that it’s both a gift and curse – but I should be steadfast whilst maintaining that stamp of authenticity and transfer it into my relationships; when I value my worth it’ll start attracting people. Can’t say fairer than that.
Speaking of magnetising people, a biggie which came up was my relationship status and the notion that it could massively change in May. Apparently someone will come out of the blue and it will be a real electric love at first sight/soulmate/we’ve met before kind of feeling. She didn’t speak that into existence without informing me it’s remarkably rare to get that vigorous vibe and to straight out tell a client they will meet someone so my hopes were lifted…until we all got quarantined. In true Bridie style, another love life pipe dream is out the window. But I won’t give it up as a complete fail just yet. Who knows I could be in line for the next fairy-tale story with a sheltered twist.
It’s the planet of change for me, in particular around a certain project, so once again this could be tied in with my creative paths. Amusingly, she told me this year is about randomness and being free but staring at the same four walls I’ve been staring at for three weeks, I’m undoubtedly rescinding that comment – unless it really is a trifecta of pioneering and producing. Next year will be focused on relationships of all kind; romance, friends, home, family. So that’s nice. 2021, don’t let me down!
Finally, the last dregs warned me to watch out for liars and to think back to nine years ago. This one floored me as it was something she imparted mid sentence without knowing absolutely zilch about me. 9 years ago transported me back to March 2011 where the whorl of post stroke trauma paved the road to the journey I’m still trawling. Spooky.

Omnipotent modes of horoscopy – the alchemist rhythm of personal placements, explanations to that situation or the weird traits which encapsulate your being – completely fascinate me. It’s only right I complement that enchantment with the Pandora collection adorning my wrist. Pandora kindly gifted me their beautiful Moments clasp bangle with an equally beautiful couple of charms to take home with me. A heart shaped sterling silver dangle charm with a matching diamond to represent my birth month and a sparkling twin charm to symbolise the quintessence of my Zodiac. What I love most about this one is that spins with alternative sides – half with darkened cubic zirconia and half with beaded star crystals to suit both my mood personalities. Significantly subtle and sleek with a touch of elegance and expression, just like the whole of the collection and its delicate attention to detail.

Pandora knocked it out of the park with the eclectic variety of pieces available and I’m lusting after it all! It’s been a long time since I owned a Pandora bracelet (one of those original snake chain bracelets back in the day) and the only other Pandora items I have are a couple of costume rings but when it comes to sentimental jewellery which are polished enough to wear everyday, I’m sold and smitten.

Do you own anything from Pandora? What are your views on astrology? Cynic or pro planet?

B x