Origins skincare, is it worth the hype?

Yes. A resounding yes is my answer to the title (although I’m definitely not ending the blog post with just a one word assumption). Up until recently, I’d only tried a couple of Origins goods and I’m yet to extend my range away from just skincare. However, as I’ve received (and bought) so many miniatures of the well known and most loved creations I thought it would make sense if I gave my opinion on the pocket sized products themselves.

Starting with the main miracle (and the exclusion of being teeny weeny) I finally ventured into the world of high end moisturisers and so far, I have no regrets. I’m sure you’ve all heard a billion and one reviews on the Origins GinZing Moisturiser but another one won’t harm, right?! My skin has felt ever so hydrated since I’ve started using this. The winter bitterness can often leave my face feeling dry and unloved but this brings it back to life. The orangey, zingy scent is heavenly and it’s so pampering on the skin. It allows my skin to breathe, absorbs efficiently, softens and smooths out my imperfections, gives me a healthy glow and with it being lightweight and oil free it does wonders on refreshing and revitalising without the added residue, so I can’t complain at all. 

Next, are the packet samples I received with my recent Origins order. Obviously, since photographing these, they’ve been vigorously torn and trialed but even with just getting one or two uses out of them, I know I wouldn’t hesitate on buying the full priced versions. The Checks And Balances Frothy Face Wash is a complete god send to me. Having oily skin, it’s hard to find something that will help control that without drying out my natural moisture. This is the perfect find; it does just what it says, balances the two problems and leaves my face feeling freshened and the delicate peppermint scent even adds a dose of a calming and soothing feeling. The Mega Mushroom Skin Relief is another cleanser that feels nice and comfortable on the skin. It keeps my skin intact, keeps the unruly blemishes at bay and helps to retain the hydration and silkiness of the skin. 

Now moving on to the minuscule tubes. Beginning with my holy grail Super Spot Remover which has lasted me forever. You only need to place the tiniest bit on the troublesome area and voila, it gets to work straight away. You can feel the gel like consistency tingling and reducing the aggression of those angry, pesky spots (especially the under the skin ones) straight away, it’s something I always come back to when my face decides it’s going to break out. I feel like I’ve missed out big time by never trying the No Puffery eye roll on until now. As my sleeping pattern is terribly poor, I tend to be a sufferer of dark circles and heavy looking, puffy eyes (especially when I first wake up, it takes a good while for my eyes to return to normal). Applying this before I start my routine instantly revives my under eye area leaving my eyes feeling and looking brighter. It definitely helps, and the roller itself is lovely and refreshing, it goes on gently without a horrible, sticky feeling you sometimes get with eye products. The Ginzing Refreshing Eye Cream is also a fabulous product for around the eye. Just with a couple of uses of this I notice a difference compared to when I give it a miss. The eye area can often be dull, dark and flat. This provides the vibrancy and radiance that you and I desire; my visible tiredness was certainly hidden, it smoothed out those awful bags that appear unwelcomingly and left my under eye feeling relieved and softened. I suppose if you wanted, you could even pair it with the roll on to double the sparkle!

I have only used the Make A Difference Night Cream once but it was enough to tell me that’s another successful experiment ticked off the list. I’m not very familiar with night creams but when applied to the face before I went to bed, it felt as though I was treating myself to an indulgent moment. The cream was rich, wasn’t heavy based and I did wake up with replenished skin and a healthy glow. Used regularly, as it states, I believe it would diminish the damage and create a protective barrier to maintain youthfulness in the skin. The Modern Friction Scrub was the only product I was umming and ahhing about. It is a fantastic exfoliator that really gets deep down in the skin, cleaning and polishing your skin thoroughly and removing signs of unevenness BUT the burning sensation it gave me was odd. It did wear off after a while but my whole face was weirdly tingling, even when washed off. I’m guessing this was a sign of how effective it is and it didn’t leave any visible irritation, nor did it leave any sign of dryness but I think I’ll need to work with this one. 

Lastly, we’re on to the two face masks. I’ll talk about them in order of favourite, the winner being the final topic. The Drink Up Intensive Mask is an ideal mask to pop on when your skin needs a lil’ loving. What I enjoy the most about this is how lightweight it feels, it soaks up quickly, doesn’t feel intolerable seen as you have to leave it on overnight and in the morning it feels like you’ve had professional facial therapy (seriously). My skin felt amazing, it felt like satin and had a noticeable healthy dewiness about it. All dehydration and the moisture my skin had been lacking was regenerated in a single use of this and I can’t wait to make the most of this little gem.

Just by a small amount, the Clear Improvements Mask came first in terms of victory. It is a super effective charcoal mask, stiffening your face when it formulates. As soon as it’s removed, I can see how blooming my face appears. It looks and feels refreshed, my pores are minimised, my skin is tighter, and it even seems to calm any spots or blemishes that I may have. The end result lasts for a few days afterwards, it does my oily face justice and carries through with the provided warm, glowing nourishment. It works brilliantly for me and I’d definitely consider purchasing in full size.

As far as my views go, from what I’ve tested so far, there’s no highly negative faults in Origins. They do exactly as they say on the tin and are great for sensitive skin. They haven’t caused me any issues and I’ve received nothing but beneficial feedback from the products. Do you feel the same way?

Bridie x