Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside

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BLOUSE – Vintage // BOYFRIEND SHORTS – eBay // SHOES – Topshop via eBay // BAG – eBay

(Please excuse the poor quality pictures and messy hair, it was quick snap of a picture and I’d just gotten off a ride that span you around so my hair wasn’t the tidiest of locks)








There’s two significant things I love in life and that is a vintage find and a trip to the seaside on a sunny day. You can’t beat the sweet smell of donuts and candyfloss, the tacky but somehow enjoyable fun fair, the array of noisy seagulls, the clear blue skies, the 99p ice creams, the visits to the beach and the harbour which allows you to feel fresh and welcomed and the stroll down the dainty streets with the neat hotels and cute little tea rooms.


If you saw one of my previous posts or my tweets you’ll know that I stayed over in a caravan for the bank holiday and had a lovely weekend. It was nice to get away and have a change of scenery instead of sticking to the same old city sights. The Yorkshire countryside has to be one of the only remarkable reasons why I like being from here. After we checked out of the caravan site, we headed off to Bridlington for the day followed by a scrumptious meal at a local pub/restaurant to finish off the afternoon (I feel as though I have eaten my own density these past few days which certainly resulted in a weighty ‘food baby’ as the dictionary now states). Bridlington is a place I’m familiar with as my Grandma used to own a caravan not far from the centre and the majority of my childhood was spent on these platforms so to relive times here always makes me smile.


The shirt is from the vintage side of eBay and is the main reason I wanted to do this post. Once I had my eye on it, I had to get it and at only £5 you can’t go wrong! Straight away I knew it’d be the ideal blouse to tuck into my oversized shorts and be paired (once again) with my favourite shoes which then formed together a typical, casual outfit for the brisk air at the seaside.

Lots of love…