NYX Cosmetics: A Shameless Splurge

Posted on 3 min read

Ever since NYX Cosmetics arrived in the UK I’ve been sucked into the hype; no longer do I have to yearn from a northern distance or consider jumping on a plane to America, I can just head down to my local Boots’ and there’s an entire stand dedicated to my habit of breaking the bank with nothing but beauty. I’d heard a lot about NYX but was dying to try them out for myself – with the wide range available, all at an affordable price with prime quality I got stuck in well and truly and the entirety of ,my makeup stash has been filled with nothing but. I’m not even gonna apologise.



The first must have on my list was the Angel Veil Primer, word is it’s an Hourglass dupe and although I haven’t tried the Hourglass Veil, I can speak highly of the NYX version. The creamy texture which transforms into an easily absorbed smoothing finish soaks up the oil and general grubbiness on my face and replaces with a fresh coat – balancing both my shine and my dry patches that lasts me for the majority of my day. Secondly, there’s the concealer duo I apply to those horrendous dark circles of mine. The 3c Correcting Palette is utterly wonderful, a holy grail to the area of my face that has been way too in touch with the insomniac side of me. From the eye bags, to the red patches, to the pesky spots and even the contouring of my cheekbones. The different shades mean I can combine and create with the lightweight Concealer Wand in Light adding that HD flawless appearance as a complete routine for those imperfections.


The Wonder Pencil and the Jumbo Eye Pencil are the only eye products I picked up but I’ve been impressed thus far. Whilst I’m on the subject of tired eyes, the Wonder Pencil in the shade light is fabulous for brightening the inner eye with just one application as you would ordinary eye liner along the water line. It doesn’t just stop there though, use it as a base for the outline of your lip and as a method of concealer or highlight for those awkward places too. The Jumbo Eye Pencil in the milk colour is the ideal white to use as a foundation for a heavy eye-shadow, it glides on effortlessly, holds into place and somehow brings out the subtlety of powder.


I kind of went a little crazy overboard with the lip products whilst they had the shades I was craving all in stock at the same time (a miracle, I know). Naturally they’re a lot less photograph worthy after some frequent usage but that can only be a good sign, right? I’d say NYX are most recognised for their lip virtue and they tick all the boxes for the nude shades I desire. Apart from the Lip Lingerie in Exotic which has a pretty red hue, the rest are very similar/almost identical neutral tones. The Intense Butter Gloss in Tre Leches and the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm are my absolute favourites because although the naturally light colours more or less match I can mix the two so I’m left with a sheen and an added secure muted matte. I found it hard to get on with the Liquid Suede at first but now I couldn’t do without it. They are quite drying so it’s best to hydrate and moisturise the lips beforehand but the powerful. long lasting pigmentation outweighs anything else and Soft Spoken is the perfect cliche vibrant pinky brown-nude.  The collection of lip pencils NYX Cosmetics have are also amazing, both the Slide On Lip Pencil in Nude Suede Shoes and the Mechanical Lip Pencil in Nectar are versatile in providing an arch around the lip and are feathery enough to wholly smother on to form a rich pinky nude colour made to focus. I also find with NYX lip products they seem to plush the volume a smidgen so I can work on that pout.


Have you picked up anything from NYX Cosmetics now they’re easily accessible? 


Bridie x