My top ten blogger style crushes

Even though I’ve blogged for a couple of years now, I realised in a general daydream that I’ve never actually paid any official blogger love and support with a dedicated post and that’s something I wish to do more (plus, what better time than a fresh, new month!). I believe every blogger needs positivity and encouragement headed their way just to keep their spirits up and to let them know they’re doing a great job. After all, it is the power of fashion blogs that have allowed me to invent my style. I spend 99% of my free time browsing the latest blog and Instagram posts to see the outfits all my favourites are rocking and there’s nothing that inspires me more than paying full attention to the uniqueness of individual style. It was difficult to pick just 10 as I love so many but I narrowed it down as best as I could and I hope you enjoy!

1) Sarah from That Pommie Girl | Is there anything this girl doesn’t look amazing in?! I am so envious of her wardrobe, especially her collection of coats and high heels which if even attempted to be worn by me would end drastically. I love how she pulls off just about anything, from feminine to sporty, to minimal, to bold prints. I adore the way she puts outfits together, the shades chosen always compliment each other. I’m currently lusting over the nude inspired trends and Sarah is my go to person for a display on how to work it! 

2) Melissa from Media Marmalade | I’m always in awe of Melissa’s simple but chic collection of clothing. There’s so many classic vibes that bounce off her blog. She takes ordinary staples and turns them into something unique to her personal style, and she’s not afraid to experiment with vibrant colours as the main feature. Plus, her photography is completely dreamy. 

3) Lindsey from Ropes Of Holland | I feel as though Lindsey is the queen of layering. She always has that oversized, casual, relaxed feel to her outfits that I zest over. I love the way she mixes and matches but always stays true to her style. Not to forget, she totally rocks the denim like nobody else can!

4) Hannah from hannahlouisef | There’s no doubt about it, Hannah was the one who made me fall in love with the grunge type of look. She is so fierce, and I don’t just mean with that epic hair colour. The pieces she picks are always stunning with that combined vintage to cool contemporary design which I covet. 

5) Olivia from What Olivia Did | Olivia is the ultimate babe, in fact she was the one who inspired me to start up my own fashion blog and the one who continues to play a huge part in enabling my indulgent purchases. I always see myself wearing the garments she wears but I didn’t think anybody can pull them off as well as her as she makes it her own and incorporates that into her beautiful photography. The way she presents herself so elegantly with a vintage to modern appearance is idolising and she just seems like the sweetest, lovely lady. 

6) Camilla from Into The Fold | Camilla is another blogger I seek for layering inspiration. The array of shapes and cuts of clothing she creates within her outfits really compliment her smart/casual sense. She just has that spot on, amazing, laid back style that appeals to me on an everyday basis.

7) Victoria from In The Frow | Aside from being stunning and having the prettiest hair, Victoria also has the most eye catching sophisticated style filled with lots of different prints and patterns entwined, from plain to abstract. She is fun and upcoming fresh and would totally make the ideal pin up girl. I find she encourages me to reach out further into the world of vibrancy as I desire her take on pairing minimal with lively.

8) Megan from Pages By Megan | I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing Megan’s creations – outfit wise. She has an effortless sense of style and I admire her quirkiness. A girl who can pull of suede as proficiently as her is a girl after my own heart. Also, she is 100% responsible for all my ASOS swooning and purchasing. 

9) Amy from The Little Magpie | There’s no doubt about it, Amy is royally beautiful – in the way she dresses and the way she carries herself. Her signature style is right up my street, with the right amount of exclusive and exquisite key pieces. From 90’s grunge, to all the fur and vintage prints, to the colour popping items; she has it all.

10) Kristina from Kayture | As well as being absolutely flawless, Kristina has the style to die for. I’m sure I don’t need to introduce Kristina to the world as she’s already almost famous everywhere but there’s no harm in once again stating that her street style is one of the best I’ve seen and followed. When I think of her, I think of fresh white, neutral, chic and refreshing and she never disappoints. She’s definitely my most favoured influential, international blogger.

Who’re your favourite bloggers?

Bridie x