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Hello you fine folk, remember me? It actually feels like I haven’t blogged in years (okay, it’s only been 13 days but still) I seem to have slipped off the wagon for a while and I’m not putting the blame on anyone but myself. October has been a manic month; I’ve been caught up in real life, I’ve sat down at my laptop numerous times with a page open in front of me only to stare back at a loss of motivation and a blank mind, and truthfully, my innovative ideas were second to none. BUT I’m back, and it feels so good to get back into the swing of things.


I’ve had these photos saved in my drafts since July and now it’s October with a certain change in the weather conditions it feels odd to publish bright whites and pretty flowers. However, makeup is an all rounder and you don’t need to rid of the glow and the pop of colour just because it’s darker and duller outside (the clocks go back this weekend – how about that for a daunting thought!)

You’ve probably heard me talking about New CID Cosmetics before as the first time I discovered them were through the Paul Mitchell team as they link closely to their brand. I’ve been completely hooked ever since and have implanted many of their burgeoning, widely available and high quality collection of products into my daily necessities in my beauty routine. When I attended a press dinner all those months back I was lucky enough to receive a generous bag full of treats that have had their fair usage now and I wanted to share just how much praise I have for them and their eminently appealing chrome packaging.


Starting off with the famous i-pout Lipsticks which are not only rich in intensity and hydrating on the lips but totally practical to whip in and out of your handbag on these grim days due to the light up mechanism and the handy side mirror. I have the shade Dusk which is a very light hue suitable for those neutral, bare faced, effortless days but which still allow your face to come alive. I also have Ruby Red which is exactly what it says on the tin, a gorgeous classic shade that is made to suit every kind of skin tone – ideal for when you’re glamming it up or as a statement, bold lip contrary to your fresh face. I adore the smooth, moisturising application of these lipsticks and I love how long lasting they are – I can apply in the morning and there’s still a touch of colour there by the late afternoon. The i-gloss Lipgloss products are on the same level, they also contain a light and a mirror and they’re not your typical gloss (you know ones that feel heavy, tacky and way too sticky – especially for us long haired gals who step out into the wild wind). I have a few pinky nude/rose textures (the one on show is Blondie) and I can’t fault them at all. If I fancy something a little more lightweight but still warm, I’ll always go for this formulation as it’s so absorbing you almost feel as though you’re wearing nothing but the shiny, stand out lips say otherwise.


My ultimate favourite holy grail is the i-glow Compact Shimmer Powder that not only appears perfect with its marbleised appearance but which makes all the difference with a sweep of a brush when the swirls of golden and bronze are combined. It’s such a versatile product that can be used alone for that focus of highlight that bounces off the skin or as a finishing touch of bronzer (which is mainly the tactic I take with the shade Sirocco). Its hand baked formula allows the skin to ooze a subtle radiance and a natural tan colour without looking too cakey and brash!


The final three products that in my opinion are worth the hype are the i-prime Foundation Primer which comes in a full size or mini form (I did have the mini – it’s all gone now), the i-smoulder Smoky Eye Pencil and Shadow and the Limited Edition i-groom Eyebrow Grooming Pencil and Brush. The primer is ah-mazing and I love the pump application that is rationally beneficial as you won’t waste too much; the gel like formula soaks into the skin instantly and provides a gentle base which doesn’t tend to irritate – always a bonus for someone with sensitive, spot prone skin. The blurring features evens out the complexion ready for a silky smooth foundation layer and a brightening effect. My skin always looks at its best when I wear this primer, it’s not crying out for quench and my makeup glides on without any patches interrupting that flawless look I aim for.


The eyebrow pencil contains everything you’ll ever need, a thick brush on one side and a triangle shaped creamy pencil on the other to the balance the two as you’re enhancing the perfect brow. I’m not gonna lie, my brows are terrible, I’m not blessed with an arch, the hairs are extremely sparse and I can never fix them to how I’d like but this certainly helps me to achieve that natural fine look in a short space of time as it captures the angle as I align. The only thing I would prefer is a larger colour choice as it only holds a three way light, medium and dark but it’s easily buildable and controllable. Lastly, the other two way product which New CID Cosmetics are brilliant for is the Eye Pencil and Shadow in the shade Ember which is a smoky dark brown ideal for creating that stand out cat eye. I love the context of these pencils – the cushioning sponge with a buttery consistency on one side and a standard pencil on the other. You can direct each one to the bottom and the top of the lash line and blend them until you’re happy. It’s a simple technique that stops all that faffing about with a full palette (and it’s more neat and spacious).


I’m really eager to try out some more of New CID’s variety, though I am blessed to receive a few products within my bi-monthly Paul Mitchell boxes (reviews coming on those soon) so I don’t think I’ll ever be stuck for choice and am always provided with my essentials. I’m set up for life! Have you ever purchased anything from New CID?


Bridie x

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