My new ASOS beauties

ASOS Harrow Heeled Sandals | £30.00

Following on with my latest shoe craze, I wanted to show you all my spanking brand new shoes, (and beautiful shoes at that). ASOS have done it again, they’ve won me over with their simple but dreamy pale pink pastel block heels which will be perfect for my summer trips. They’ve not been worn yet, only tested, but I can already tell they’re going to be my favourites for a good few months. They’re comfortable, super versatile and are just the right size heel for me to walk in (yay!). I originally saw them before the 25% discount and swiftly posted a cry for help on Twitter asking whether falling in love with a pair of shoes was acceptably normal (I swear it isn’t). It seemed many of you have had the same problem and when the opportunity to purchase these cheaper than usual came around, I knew I had to take it. After all, I’d only have them on my mind 24/7 and regret not buying them when they go out of stock so it’s pretty much a must, right? It’d be naughty of me to say no.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies!