My Instagram Holiday Photo Diary

Oh, Instagram. Before your algorithm, your spam bots, your impossibility of keeping hold of the followers you gained and your inability to create original ideas on how to display trivial life activity for 24 hours only, you were my best friend. Well, you still are; along with my frustration, lack of enthusiasm and distinct swap around in favouritism, you remain my number one spot to share my photos. 

It’s nearly been a whole month since I arrived home from my holiday and I’ve only just finished uploading my sun, sea, spot, and superficial snack contained content. Even though I’ve formed a pattern of visiting and staying in the same Spanish surroundings for a few years now, I always seem to find beauty in every part; whether that’s a new building, a different angle, a fresh perspective or just the cliche bright blue skies and cluster of palm trees. Usually I carry my bulky camera around with me 24/7 but this year I thought I’d try something different – to capture the world via my iPhone. Not only to save myself from persistent arm ache but to prove a point – that you don’t need the flashiest equipment, nor the clear backgrounds or hired photographers, all you need is to live in the moment (and probably a good vsco filter along the way). I even found that, although the location was repetitive, I collected more snapshots than usual, because to whip your phone out at the tap of a button to savour the instant atmosphere is so much simpler.

So, without further ado, I’m gonna share with you – in order – the images which sum up my stay; relaxing, satisfying, aesthetically pleasing, and damn hot.

An array of colours in an unintentional vibrant theme that will soon be returned to home ground. What a lovely sight to look back on! If you want to follow along with my instagram fun, you can over at I also feel like dishing out an apology for my absence over the past month or so, I know I don’t have to clarify anything and it’s not as though there’s people depending on me but blogging has just taken a bit of a back step lately and I’m withholding neglective guilt. I don’t want to fall out of love with this platform but my motivation and power of interaction has dropped drastically. I’m feeling really disconnected and I don’t know whether it’s because July into August was such an exciting time elsewhere or because I was still carrying the burden of holiday blues and my turnaround in health matters but I promise I’m working my butt off to plan a major boost in my mojo!

How do you like to display your photography?

Bridie x


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