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For the extroverts, Christmas is the season to party in glitz and glam and for the introverts, it’s the best part of the year. I’m in the region of the latter and for me, there’s nothing better than taking advantage of the cosiness at Christmas time. It’s bitterly cold outside and you’re inside, warm and toasty, the fire ignited and blazing, your favourite festive film playing out, wrapped up and snuggled in your duvet with a hot chocolate and marshmallows as you shut off the world in your own senses. The perfect picturesque scene if ever there was one. If at any time there’s an excuse to laze around and revel in a stay at home break, Christmas is the occasion. You wouldn’t believe just how much staying in and treasuring the heartland of the place you’re free to be yourself can work wonders on your mindset. It’s the little things that make a house at home in the month of December and I thought I’d share them with you on the eve of the big day itself.


Food and Drink

The most important factor no matter what the day but around Christmas it increases in intensity for certain. You can’t have a relaxing night without a stash of snacks to see you through and there’d be something morally wrong if you weren’t spoilt for choice when heading down to your local shop. Contradicting to my internal thirst to be healthy, that goes out of the window completely on the final build up to Christmas Day. The addictive kind that just screams out sugar and grease but you just can’t help yourself because it comes hand in hand with a quiet, content evening. From a takeaway pizza to an almost lifetime supply of Ferrero Rochers and Terry’s Chocolate Orange, to a glass of wine or a cuppa out of personal choice – allowing yourself to lay back and indulge a treat to indulge in makes the experience even better.



You can never have enough of them, even when you think your obsession is in control (hint: it’s probably not once you find the next scent that is won over by your detection of exotic aromas that smell almost good enough to eat). I’m starting to build a real collection now and it really adds to the effect of seasonal serenity when you burn them all at once. Not only does it set the atmosphere in all intimate and enclosed but you’re left with a variety of fragrances that brighten up the room in every way possible. I was recently sent two beautiful candles from Amara which were specifically matched to my floral personality via their lifestyle quiz and they don’t just look the part but settle in to my perception, too. The *Blushing Orchid is a fruity heaven and the *Vert Tuberose is a strong musk both subtle and delicate. Complete with a second batch of specific scents suited for Christmas (think gingerbread, cinnamon, and alllll the spice) along with the switched off lights off and just the glare of the candles for your source of luminosity; it’ll be the enchanting fairy-tale you always dream of.


I’m like a big kid when it comes to the potential in Christmas decorations. If you let me loose in a garden centre it’s guaranteed I’d be flying round like I’m on Supermarket Sweep emptying the shelves of all the trimmings and the trinkets because you can never have too many. My favourite part of Christmas is putting up the tree, the lights, the tinsel and the little extras that add personality to a space and fill you with joy as you deviate from room to room – especially if it’s incorporated with a colour theme. This year my choice has been merely influenced by my rose gold and copper obsession and the hunt for matching decorations to tie in with my present wrapping scheme was fun to say the least. Now, not only are my aesthetics fulfilled but I can delve into the captivating visual peaceful and prettiness.


Christmas Cliches
The composure at dusk isn’t complete without a handful of trivial activities. Settling down on the sofa with a blanket just doesn’t seem quite right without a re-watch of those cheesy festive films, the ones you’ve seen a million times (I’m still outraged Elf isn’t on TV this year) and which crack a giggle and a bubble of lighthearted warmth as you recall those iconic scenes. Then of course there’s the music; a slice of Michael Buble as he comes out of his December cave, a soft carol, or some hardcore Wizard, Shakin’ Stevens, Wham and Mariah Carey that seem to accumulate round your head on every occasion because it’s all you hear for three weeks straight. If you want to zone out even further, a Christmas read is where it’s at. There’s nothing better than bobbing the overhead lamp on with the reflection of the tree and the candles whilst losing yourself in a book.


The Bedroom Setting

Finally, it’s the icing on the cake. The source to all comfort. And that’s the bed linen, the curtains, and of course the pyjamas. Your surroundings are prepped, glowing and merry, but that’s like an empty shell without the key to tranquillity. If you’re anything like myself you’ll love to feel as though nothing can disturb you as you’re cocooned under your duvet, not a limb on show, the curtains drawn locking in the heat and your traditional pre Christmas pyjamas being christened. Some may say call it hibernating, and I’d say why the hell not? If you can’t vegetate at Christmas, then when can you?! It’s all about those layers as you feel the wrath of the cold outside and if it’s a combination of soft, festive bedding and an opaque pair of colour matched curtains then it’s an even bigger bonus.


One place I’ve always headed to, to claim a high quality feel is a regional gem that just ups my Yorkshire pride. Yorkshire Linen are on hand to provide you with both the luxuries and on the yearly buy of Christmas quilts you get a flavour of everything novelty, simple and full of winter life. Featured curtains aren’t amiss either; accommodating you with a range of shades from light to swarthy toned, a variety of lengths and a sharpened to a draped edge – the entirety building up to an unwinding evening and an eventual drifting of a long night’s sleep! Here’s a fusion of just a few of my favourite picks from the brand itself that are bound to set your spirit off:


What’re your Christmas home comforts? Hope you’re all ready and indulging in your own ease just hours before the madness kicks off! 

Bridie x

*Some of these items may have been sent for me to review/post partially in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen. All thoughts are my own, please see my full disclaimer for more information.