My 3 vintage buys

Last Sunday (a week today in fact) I visited my 3rd vintage fair of the year. I seem to have developed a strong love for them over a period of a few months and when I saw that not one, but two vintage fairs were back in Leeds, I had to attend without no second thought. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to browse around Judy’s Vintage Fair as I had to rush back home for my Sunday dinner (mmm!) but what I did manage to do is spend a good hour in Lou’s Lou’s Vintage Fair which was the fair I went to all the way back in September (see here). As per, it exceeded my expectations; the stunning town hall which may or may not just be my favourite part of living in Leeds, is the perfect venue for the layout of this fair and upon entering I was once again intrigued by all the charming decor, the unique accessories and the iconic styles. This time there was also a lovely lady singer up on stage to entertain everybody and a man was handing out tasters of lemon curd tart before you could visit the ditsy tea room and experience more of that kind of food yourself.

I use my time at vintage fairs to not only browse around and investigate every era of clothing, but to also look around at the people in view. It is luring to notice distinctive fashion and I find myself noting tips in my head how I could reflect on people’s style. The atmosphere is always pleasant too, it has a nice feel to it as soon as you step inside which makes you want to stay longer. There’s a variety of all ages and genders but  we’re all there to share the same love of clothing that will never go out of date (however, it’s not so good when you have your eye on something and someone gets there before you). I didn’t spend much and I never really do as somehow I manage to find the bargains, but I thought I would show the world the three items I did buy.

I’ve been looking for a Christmas jumper since October but I seemed to be out of luck no matter how hard I tried, even the Christmas jumper wishlist I made was no good as half of the stock on there seemed to have vanished. There wasn’t one that caught my eye (either that or they’ve been too expensive in the shops) until last week when my inner Christmas jumper lover raided the festive rails. I was so happy when I spotted this adorable piece and I did risk it by leaving it until I looked around fully but my instincts revolved back to this one. I accidentally didn’t even consider the cost and snapped it up as quickly as possible but I was pleased I’d finally found one and it met my desired jumper pattern. It was £15 which is the most I’ve ever spent on one item at a vintage fair but it was well worth it and it has knitted parts so to say it’s hand knitted, it was reasonable. Not only is it comfortable and warm, but its characters sparkle with cheeriness and scream out cuteness. I can’t wait to christen it on Christmas day now! 

After buying my Christmas jumper, being the cheapskate I am, swooped back over to the £5 and £10 rails which are my preferred kind of stall. Here I bought this pretty patterned pussy-bow shirt which I also spotted on my way round but left to the last (and that was a mistake as the second shirt I’d spotted had gone!). This was only £5 and it’s such a great buy because there are so many ways I can wear it. You can never go wrong with a shirt and the bow at the top adds to that classy but casual look. 

Thirdly, was the Marilyn Monroe necklace which dangled within a jewellery filled environment. I think it may have been the stall which was there before and it’s so dreamy, the area in the corner has low light but the gorgeous, retro lamps make up for that and gives it that cozy feel. I myself, love the Marilyn Monroe era and her image is iconic to me so I couldn’t resist this cameo style necklace with a silver bow. I thought it may be ideal to wear for when I go to a Frank Sinatra tribute night with the family just before Christmas. The dress code is formal *cue me glamourizing to the top* and I already have my outfit planned, so this is a little extra. 

Now, here’s a couple of pictures of me with the jumper and shirt on:

As I said before, I’m struggling an awful lot with the lighting for photos with these dark winter nights drawing in. Getting dark at ridiculous times like 2pm and being dull near enough everyday just isn’t working for me, my camera nor my severely poor lit house so you may have to bear with me there. The good news is, I’ve invested in a notebook to write the ideas down for my blog posts so I’m hoping to post more frequently and to build my blog up to where I’d like it to be. I’m also in the middle of getting my bedroom to where I want  it to be (as you can see from the new curtains, voile and tiebacks even though this is the first time my bedroom’s background has featured on my blog so actually, you can’t see the progress…) and lastly, I’ve found my new favourite lipstick and my new favourite easy to do hairstyle. Back pinning one bit of hair up higher than the rest makes me feel less stressy when it comes to trying to keep my hair out of my face. I may look even younger and it may not even suit me but I’m happy with this new discovery.

So that’s that, I shall say goodbye for now my lovelies. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with my Christmas related posts! (Here I am again with the word hope). Hope everyone’s had a nice weekend!

Lots of love…