Mother’s Day gift guide: a gift for every mum

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I think Mother’s Day is the only commercialised day I can deal with. Our mum carried us for 9 months, experienced the worse pain possible to give birth to us, knows us inside and out, and continues to support us to this day. No matter how hard we try to treat her she’ll always find a way of putting us first, but on Mother’s Day there’s no excuse and no right to refusal. Our beloved mum’s deserve a day dedicated to themselves, they deserve to be pampered and pruned, and be given the special treatment they are worthy of. I love being able to make my mum smile which is why finding the perfect, most appropriate gift for her is always important come March. My mum’s easy going, she’ll settle for anything given to her and act as though it’s the best thing she’s ever received (I once made her some burnt toast and she was ecstatic) but I like to put a little effort into making it personal and direct to the best friend relationship we have.


All the cliche gifts on mother’s day such as the mugs, cushions and plaques are recurrent in my picks but there’s also lots more beyond the basics. I’ve recently become dangerously addicted to, especially for the unique pieces with ounces of character and humour that you won’t be able to find anywhere else (we obviously all know why it’s named that!). I was also recently introduced to a new program, Have You Seen, which enables you to huddle all your favourite finds into one place. And what better way to take advantage of the fab feature than to collect and share with you my guide to the Mother’s Day present of the century!


Light Pink Camisole and Short Pyjama Set | Dressing gowns, nighties, lingerie; they are the safest option when considering buying your mum something to wear. Obviously every mum is different, but my mum is partial to a pretty pair of pj’s and the more lacy, elegant, and silkier they are, the better! It allows our mum to enjoy that classy, boudoir moment on a bedtime before she falls back to reality with a cuppa and a biccy.


‘I Turned Out Perfectly’ Mother’s Day Card | Picking out that one card for Mother’s Day is always the toughest task to tackle. There’s so many soppy verse ones that are enough to bring a tear to your eye with the true words spoken but then there are these, the witty, laughable, jokey cards that works wonders on your matching sense of humour. Paperchase, notonthehighstreet and Urban Outfitters are my favourite places to grab these!


Sparkling Rose, Chocolate and Rose Hamper | It’s the packaging and presentation that caught my eye with this beautiful, ready made hamper. Topped with all the traditional thank you gestures; some sparkle, some chocolates and a bouquet of roses, it’s the perfect way to add some charm to your thoughtful mannerisms (and you can even pinch some wine and chocolates for yourself which is always a bonus!)


Personalised Mum Print | If you know me well, you know I yearn for a good quote in a frame and you can reflect on that when these occasions come round the corner. A heartwarming display of words is not only bound to bring on a huge hug, it would also hang nicely with the decor in your mum’s bedroom (well let’s hope so) or wherever else she decides to exhibit it.


‘My Mum and Me’ Keepsake Book | I love a gift that you can add a touch of personalisation to, some joint memories that is secret to only the pair of you and that you can reminisce on. I think gathering together and celebrating the story of motherhood would be so lovely and when you hand over a book you’ve so carefully thought about and created, I’m sure your mum would be overwhelmed with joy.


Pandora Mother’s Rose Pendant Charm | Although I’m not a huge fan of Pandora, I couldn’t resist taking a look at what Mother’s Day items they had to offer as the themed jewellery always seem to be the most engaging. To buy a charm, you of course need a bracelet which you could also generously buy or if your mum already has one, then you just add it to the rest and let it stand out. Either way, this simple, gorgeous, high class silver piece would be the ultimate way to gain your mum’s love and appreciation.


Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Gel | Not including Lush and their many amazing seasonal ranges into a gift guide would be an instant crime of mine. Their latest Mother’s Day collection is crazy cute and ticks all the right boxes for allowing your mum to put her feet up and relax. The Yummy Mummy shower gel not only has an effective title, but it appears to be and smells like luxury. I went and had a sniff the other day and it’s such an uplifting, distinctive scent, full of purple goodness.


Floral Mum Mother’s Day Mug | The style of this mug is oh so chic and I think the clever engraving of mum in a floral pattern tops off the feminine vibe. It’s the ideal mug to christen on Mother’s Day morning as you awaken your mum to breakfast in bed (who am I kidding, it’s a Sunday!).


Personalised Silver Set 3 Disc Pendant | I’ve seen these necklaces around and adore the concept of the names delicately engraved into the discs. It’s a wonderfully kind piece of jewellery to present to your mum for her to keep her loved ones close by (can’t get any closer than you own neck). I, personally, would base the amount of discs in how many children she has and then you can remind her how great you are. No, just kidding, but it does show you’ll always be her baby no matter how much you grow up; her children are precious.


‘First My Mother, Forever My Friend’ Cushion | I’ve included this quote twice now in the section of gifts and that’s because I think those 6 everyday words hold so much power. A cushion is a suitable gift because it has no limits, and it’s comfortable. You can choose where to place it in your home and even swap it around from time to time. Brilliant for those indecisive mum’s!


Jo Malone Home Candle | I think it goes without saying that splashing out for an expensive candle is worth it when your mum’s involved. My mum loves candies, I love candies, even my brother is partial to a candle or two so it’s an all round winner in our household. There are lots of scents to choose from in the Jo Malone Home Candle range so the perfect one, matching your mum’s tastes, can easily be found.


Afternoon Tea | Lastly, there’s the idea of a non-physical gift. Taking your mum out for the day and treating her to activities she’s never indulged in is a wise idea. I’d love to book a surprise afternoon tea or a trip to the spa. Just an all round girly day, some bonding time and a good giggle would lift both your spirits.


What have you got up your sleeve (see what I did there?!) for Mother’s Day this year?


Bridie x