Monochrome mania



I felt, after a week from absolute hell, that is was time for me to browse the online retailers in hope of cheering myself up with the winsome, extravagant clothing which were on show; which of course has lead on to another one of my famous top 20 wishlists. Now, I don’t know whether this was a good or a bad idea, as now I’ve fallen completely in love with every item and although the captivating clothing did succeed in boosting my mood, I’m left swooning knowing I cannot afford anything. At the moment, I absolutely adore the monochrome trend. It’s been around for a while but this Autumn/Winter (and even going into S/S), it’s really hit home and I can’t get enough of it. From spots to stripes, checked to gingham, hearts to flowers and the irresistible dazzling prints; it ticks all the boxes. I think what attracts me most is the fact black and white clothing is so versatile and so stylishly appealing when worn. Teamed up with a brighter coloured coat and a pair of cliche black boots and you’re set to go brave the winter weather. You just can’t go wrong!

Are you loving the monochrome trend, or any of the other latest trends? Let me know your favourites; after all, you can never have too many clothes and accessories to lust over.

P.S: I finally figured out (to the best ability I could reach which isn’t that great) to insert a navigation bar into my blog. Hopefully it’s working fine, the only problem being when I viewed my blog via mobile, the navibar seems to be off width compared to what it looks like on desktop. If anybody has a solution on how to fix this, I’d be extremely grateful as I don’t want to fiddle with my html anymore than I already have done because let’s face it, I’m absolutely useless.