Beauty: Under Eye Corrector, I Found A Dupe!

Since discovering Bobbi Brown’s miracle working corrector, it’s become my holy grail product and my fragile eye area deprived of precious napping hours suffers greatly when I don’t apply it generously (in other words, I frighten the outside world with my purple coloured bags and grumpiness caused by lack of sleep). The corrector has the immediate ability to neutralise the darker hues embedded in the crease of your under eyes with its pinky peachy tones. Just one sweep of the concealer-like consistency and it brightens the entire section. Really, there are no faults; it stays put all day, works with other cosmetics applied to the face afterwards or before and doesn’t dry with a caking appearance. The only problem is, for the size, the price is a little hefty and with my growing expensive tastes in beauty, I can’t always afford to keep repurchasing after I sometimes – probably too often – overuse in attempt to drown out any signs of fatigue. It’s a vicious cycle where my best feature is concerned!

You should all know by now that if I can unearth a cheaper duplicate of a product I can’t live without and it does pretty much exactly the same job, then I’m all over it. Which is why I felt the need to express my new found love for the Max Factor CC Sticks. Unlike the Bobbi Brown Corrector which provides different shades with the same purpose (to help improve dark circles and protect the eye area), this range has five individual colour labelled products for five issues; green for reducing redness, lilac for revitalising dullness, the clear illuminate for highlighting, pink for correcting dark spots on light skin tones, and the one I’m raving about, the one almost identical to the BB Corrector – yellow for brightening and correcting under eye circles. For a starter, the packaging alone is my most favoured. With its crayon shape, I find it easier to directly work with rather than dabbing my finger into a rounded tub and the twist up pencil means I can precisely target the exact shadowed lining in the eye area. The texture is just as, if not more, creamy, lightweight and gentle and it’s smoothly blendable within seconds. The colour balance is incredible, alas you probably need an extra repeated layer compared to the Bobbi Brown Corrector but it’s well worth the secondary effort. The warm yellow undertones lighten the darkened blemishes and provide a brilliant base. In fact, I think the yellow is more effective than the peachy tinge as it adds a sheer glow you wouldn’t get otherwise. I apply before the rest of my concealer and foundation goes on top but truthfully, I think it’s powerful enough to wear alone. It doesn’t wrinkle, is long lasting and at £8.99, you get all the similar advantages for half the price!

Any sort of corrector is a great addition to your makeup routine but a bargain is always beneficial! Do you have any dupe secrets?

Bridie x


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