Life: the Lush Leeds Spa event

Is it normal to squeal when an invite to a Lush event reaches your inbox? Probably. Because let’s face it, when is Lush not exciting? Especially at the start of December to kick the festivities off with a bang. They never ever fail to impress and I was thrilled to be attending my first Lush Leeds Spa event (I’ve visited a Lush store event before but not the central Leeds one which made it even more anticipating). It was the fastest yes I’ve replied and upon joining lots of other ‘VIP’ bloggers (some regulars and some newbies) in a formed queue it was clear to see the feeling was mutual!

The initial purpose of the event was to celebrate the relaunch of the Lush Leeds Spa, a gem hidden away like a secret passage downstairs of the store. It shows how much notice I take when shopping; I can’t count how many times I’ve visited the shop and never realised at a lower level lived a luxury, tranquilizing experience in a darkened yet subdued world. Truthfully, I didn’t even know it existed, nor have I ever attempted to research more into it but one lesson it did teach me was to pay more attention because I was certainly missing out. 

It was love at first sight as we were greeted with some appetising snacks (pretty cupcakes are enough to win anyone over, right?). Along with a Christmas tree that definitely outshines my own and an Alice in Wonderland themed fruit bowl, we were all geared up to take a mini tour round the four treatment rooms and the remedies on offer. 

Being shown around each one in detail by the lovely ladies, I was in complete awe. Not only do Lush provide all your bath and shower needs but they have this entirely separate place where they deliver nothing but peaceful quality that will stimulate the mind, the inner spirit and even your emotions! I loved hearing about how the treatments can de-stress and release all the tension and badness that could have happened in life. I felt at this stage, this section was certainly for me!

The four spa rooms were all uniquely individual, each specifically designed in offering a beautiful encounter and a sensory journey you can indulge in. First up, with The Beatles in mind, was A Hard’s Day Night which was a 75 minute gentle massage focusing on the body parts that need stretching and elevating. Topped with a pair of pyjamas and some classic Beatles tunes, it was the ideal resting relaxation. Secondly, there was the Sound Bath session; I have briefly touched on what this entails at the last Lush event I went to but to be able to stand in the calming room and get the full picture of what I imagined, it only confirmed how unusually amazing it is as the instruments are placed to the ear to create a whirl of soothing sound and an almost intensifying buzz. With a face and head massage, hot and cold stones, candles and tuning forks, this noise based treatment aims to ripple energy in a meditative state to stimulate and allow your inner self to be more tuned (pardon the pun). 

Third up we had 60 minutes of bliss with The Comforter; fruity, chocolaty goodness that is bound to leave you refreshed and reinvigorated and lastly, Lush saved the best till last and unveiled what was my utter favourite and most tempting treatment; The Planets. This ultimate package of 3 hours and a number of therapeutic practicalities including a full body massage, a hand and arm massage, a facial treatment and a day in the sheets, looked and sounded absolutely incredible. Along with the constellations and deepened lights on the ceiling, you were even able to take a bath afterwards with your Lush staple bath bomb and a dimmed room. Although all rooms were equally cosy, this for sure would have been the one to send me to sleep – and comfortingly we were assured many of people have found themselves dozing off during the endearing spell. At £285, it carries a hefty price compared to the others which were in the £70-£85 range but there’s no doubt in my mind it would be well worth the money. Especially for a group occasion, what a fantastic way to gather together and be pampered!

Aside from the spa side of things, we were of course also left to roam freely around what Lush do best – the bath bomb and bubble bar section (and at Christmas time that can be a pretty dangerous move). Once again Lush have outdone themselves with cleverly named products, from the overly cute Peeping Santa and fabulous glittery take on the star wand The Magic of Christmas to the tiny melts, a blast of colour from the Luxury Lush Pud and some simple shea softness from one of my beloved reformed Christmas bath treasures, the ButterBear. I found it difficult to choose just one favourite with all the new additions but the cinnamon touch of the Yog Nog was a close first. If in need of some season cheer, call in to Lush and all your problems are fixed. Their entire winter range is amazing!

Carrying on with the snooping around, I got snap ready with the rest of the Christmas attire and the pretty, glistening colours from the continuing bath bomb experiments. Lush have so many brilliant products on offer this year, you wouldn’t think so many would fit into one place but they did, and all displayed so immaculately! The gift sets always woo me over, the packaging is so inviting and saves you a job of the wrapping hassle. The oh so popular Snow Fairy and First Snow have made a frequent return this year too, in both shower gel and dusting powder form but there’s also lots of freshly acquired products. The shower smoothies, scrubs and the jellies are something I’ve never tried before and I was eager to give them a go after all the wibbling and wobbling. I was intrigued with the brand spanking new bark’s, especially the Salt and Peppermint scent. Same goes for the soap, with Christmas and winter in mind there’s the likes of Reindeer Rock, Figs and Leaves, Old Father Time, Baked Alaska, Snowcake, and Yog Nog and they’ve always seemed so appealing. What I love about Lush is that it not only provides the fragrance but the presentation too.  

Finalising my in depth and borderline obsessive browsing with a glass of prosecco to hand I familiarised myself with the Lush vibe and the every day essentials. I often make the mistake of just labelling Lush as the place to go for an extravagant bath time but there’s an extent amount of beauty and hair care to take you through the day too. Ushered over to the makeup area and the swatches demonstrated allowed me to see the features behind the dreamy makeup (I must make a sneaky purchase as soon as the Christmas expense is over with), as did getting an insight into how much work and passionate thought goes on behind the scenes in the specially set up butter ball making station. With much delight I managed to make my own butter ball, not that I can say I was much good at it. It split in half once I carried it home but at least I tried, right guys?!

As you can see I underestimated the camera opportunities and I must apologise for the lengthy photo heavy post. Everything is just so damn photogenic and I couldn’t walk past without clicking away. Enhancing the situation further was a guitar player supplying the live music – even giving us a rendition of Fresh Prince at the near end (it may or may not have been the highlight of the night). Being gifted an absolutely amazing goody bag packed with treats meant I was leaving with an extra smile on my face. It was super kind of the Lush team to make sure we were satisfied and that I can confirm. Thank you to the lovely Urika for inviting me, I had SUCH a fun night!

Have you indulged in some Lush Christmas this year? Or even better, have you attended a Lush event lately?

Bridie x