Lush haul

I apologise for being a bit M.I.A lately, I keep on planning all these posts and then I never get round to creating them so I definitely think I need to start up a blogging schedule to script the days I’m available (well I say I’m, really I mean my outfit photographer aka my brother). But thank you so so much to all you lovely people in the blogosphere who have taken out the time to follow and comment on my blog, every time my phone pings with a new email, I smile inwardly when I see it’s a new comment. I feel so welcomed already and I’ve only been blogging for a few months now. It hasn’t taken me long to fall in love with it however; my head is always gathering ideas and I’m always excited to share my passions and snippets of my life in my hidden little personal space from reality. 

Anyhooow, on to what I’m really here to talk about. I’ve been suffering with drastic breakouts lately and I’m not sure whether that’s due to my raging hormones, my ridiculously oily skin, a skincare product I’m using or a makeup product I’m using. I am prone to spots and have suffered with mild acne since I was a young teenager but lately it’s come back even worse and it’s starting to get me down as I just can’t seem to shift these pesky, angry spots. I am guilty for using too many products at once as I’m so eager to try them out which then leads to harshness and the production of brand new zits so I’m trying to break out of that habit and stick to what works best for me. This time I thought I’d take action and be kind to my skin by using fresh, handmade products for a change and where else is better to visit than Lush?

I only started to recognise how great their products were about a year ago and it’s only recently that I’ve actually gone out and bought some of the well talked about products to give them a try myself. I can see why they call it Lush as the smell is irresistible when you are walking past and that shows in all their products. I shopped in Lush about a month ago and picked up the Mask of Magnaminty (125g), the Tea Tree Toner Water (100g), the Grease Lightning Spot Treatment (45g) and the Therapy Massage Bar (50g). I originally was just going to do a review on those 4 but whilst out on Saturday I bobbed into Lush again and spent my remaining change on the Popcorn Lip Scrub (25g). 

Mask of Magnaminty:

I’ve only used this twice so it’s hard for me to judge but I do plan on using this again sometime next week as I used it again last night and I don’t like to use face masks often as I’m skeptical of how it will remove the natural balance of oils in my skin. However, from first use I could certainly see and feel the difference it made to my skin. The best thing about it is it’s made up of bentonite, kaolin, talc and vegetable glycerine which is perfect for my sensitive combination skin. It’s purpose is to fight off the impurities, remove dead skin and give a clearer, cleaner feel to your skin and I think it hits the description spot on. When I was buying the product, the lovely, helpful Lush staff member who served me said she has been using this face mask for years and it’s never let her down. She stated that when you have taken your makeup off and you still have that grubby feeling, this solves the problem and she was SO right. Despite looking like The Hulk (see here) when I applied a thick enough layer of it (but not near the eyes) and leaving it on for 10-15 minutes I did as instructed and finished off by rinsing with warm water. Whilst the mask was on my face, I could actually feel it getting to work. It made my skin tighten which must mean it settled into my skin quickly and efficiently. The slight tingle it leaves your face with is actually a refreshing feeling and it feels as though them ‘Big Boy spots. Spots that take two days to come up but five days to bugger off’ (which is so true to word) were less painful and prominent. It is comfortable when on and washes off easily without any residue left behind. After taking the mask off I could see that my skin wasn’t as irritated and the smoothness it left was immense; I felt fresh as a daisy! It also did the job of exfoliating my skin (two in one, what a bonus) which meant it left my skin surrounding the spots with a more clear appearance. Despite the aduki beans and evening primrose seeds working hard at your skin for the exfoliating side, it wasn’t harsh at all. I’m so wary when it comes to products thinking it’s going to make my skin convert into an even worse condition but I have a strong feeling this is going to prevent my breakouts so I must remember to use it more often and I’d definitely recommend those with a similar skin type to mine to try it out.

Tea Tree Toner Water

I don’t think I could have found a better product if I tried. I never even really knew the purpose of a toner, it seemed pointless and it does just look like water but I’ve come to my senses that it does so much more than that. I’ve always been a lover of tea tree products as it’s the only thing that’s reliable of keeping my spots at bay. I love the idea of this being a pump and spray because it means I only use the right amount I need. After cleansing, I apply the spritz on the main parts of my face (forehead, nose, chin etc) where dirt could still be laid meaning more spots being formed. I then finish off by swiping the rest of my face once, which is all you need to do as it’s very sufficient. After investigating the cotton wool pad afterwards I can see the last bit of makeup has been removed and it completes my routine with a satisfied, high standard feel. It leaves my skin feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom and I feel when I don’t use this (due to laziness some nights) my skin doesn’t feel as good as it does with it. It feels as though my skin is on a downward spiral instead of an up so it isn’t difficult for me to notice the positive effect it has at keeping my skin healthy.

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment:

This is another spot treating product that I’m pleased with. Like the Tea Tree Toner, I notice when I don’t use this my spots seem to rise with soreness and inflammation. I apply this after my skincare routine just before I step into bed as it drys super quickly and I don’t have to worry about it leaving my face and travelling onto the pillowcases. This also leaves a tight, tangy feeling to my skin but that doesn’t bother me as I’m happy it’s zapping the zits. It does my spots such justice, when I wake up I always check how my skin is looking and I must admit, it flattens the spot and makes them less visible. The only problem is, it does dry my spots up and make them less hard, bumpy and deeply grained. This is a good thing but for me, it’s bad because I just end up picking the scabby parts and it just forms into another spot. It’s like a vicious cycle! Once I try my hardest to quit doing that, I think I will benefit from it more and I seriously assume without it, I’d be in a bigger spot crisis. The bottle isn’t very big but I’ve had a large use out of it and still have plenty left so it spreads out efficiently. I am going to repurchase this when I finally finish it.

Popcorn Lip Scrub:

To say this is a new product I’ve only just had the chance to experiment, I could go on about how lovely it is forever. I was torn between the Bubblegum one and this one but in the end I went for Popcorn I was a bit biased as popcorn is one of the tastiest snacks around and I do love my food as it’s a more light scent and it smells divine. It’s a good job it is made for the lips as it means I can actually get the taste of it as it would be nice enough to eat (if it was edible). I’ve only started using it but it does exactly what it says on the tin, my lips already feel free of dead/dry skin and it leaves my lipstick looking smoother and easier to apply without the roughage preventing it from its sleekness. It is a lovely texture and you don’t need a huge amount of it which is great because the small tub will last you a whole lot longer.

Therapy Massage Bar:

This is another Lush product I’ve only used once, mainly because I hate spoiling the look of a product like this because it’s so smooth and precise (I’m weird, I know). I was torn between which massage bar to go for as there is a wide range of options but in the end I went for this one as I thought this would be the most beneficial for me. Lush states that ‘Therapy has just the right combination of cocoa butter to melt perfectly on the skin and give you a good softening massage. But hidden in this bar are three organic essential oils that nature has blessed with potent mood affecting benefits’. Guaranteed to leave your skin feeling hydrated and fresh AND a mood lifter, it was hard to turn down the offer of that. After all, everybody needs those moments where you take a long, hot bath and settle down with your Lush bar and happy mood after a stressful day. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything cocoa butter. I have a few tries to go to feel the real wonders of this massage bar but on the one time I did try it, I found it was very effective. It smells gorgeous, it was simple to use, easy to rub in, and it melted rapidly and adequately even when my skin wasn’t feeling the best. It is extremely suitable for my sensitive skin and unlike other soaps and bars, it left no reaction or rashes. After I used this, it felt soft and I smelt lovely. It is that cherry on top of the cake during a pampering session and leaves you feeling wholesome and relaxed which meant I could even have a better nights sleep! (Although I didn’t notice my mood changing that much, yet anyway…). An added bonus is that it replaces the liquids that do a similar job and you don’t have to worry about it spilling all over. I have also caught a glimpse of people saying this massage bar helps with stretch marks and some types of pain so I can’t wait to have another session with this and see if it makes any difference to the few long term stretch marks I have on the back of my legs and if it relieves my muscle spasms/shooting pains I often get with my condition in any way. In conclusion, I’d fully recommend it to any type of skin either using it as treatment or just for ordinary use.

So that’s everything. I’m pretty happy with my purchases and I’m glad I made the right decisions as to what I spent my money on because I can often waste it on a rubbish product. Have you ever tried any of these and what are your thoughts?

Lots of love…