Giving The Gift Of Lush This Christmas


Hands up who’s purchased a large proportion of their Christmas gifts in good ol’ trusty Lush this year?!

I don’t think I can name one distinct place that is the be all and end all for pleasing the whole family more than the kingdom of extrovert interactions, potent scents, transfixing tinctures, and a giant lifesize bubble waiting to happen (just imagine how much fun it’d be if there was ever an overflow leak, seriously.)

Receiving an email in my inbox for the Leeds Lush events on the run up to the festive season always evokes cheer and warmth in the deep pit of my stomach and I don’t think I can officially release that excitement until I explore the territory of a real life Winter Wonderland with endless choice and a wishlist the size of my entire existence.


This year, it really was representative of an authentic fairytale. We were whisked in to twinkling lights surrounding the darkened room with a glass of fizz on arrival and an introduction to the jolly range of treats they have to offer this celebratory period. Live music, friendly chit chat, an array of colours to flood our senses, and plenty of swirling suds as we test out the products. You really can’t ask for better when those spirits are intentionally lifted high with some joyful pampering.

From decadent bath bombs, to bubble bars, to shower gels, to soaps, to scrubs, to oils, to jellies, to massage bars, to body lotions, to shampoos and conditioners, to festive themed skincare, to lip luxuries, to the sparkliest of highlights – there was everything on hand ready to be swiped up and treasured, whether that was lone or wrapped up in a present box with a bow to finish because if you don’t receive at least one Lush gift set from your gran, is it even the 25th December?!


There were some¬†new favourites and some old relaunches; the traditional ones that never go out of style (Snow Fairy, Lord Of Misrule, Golden Wonder, the puds and the starry wands, I’m looking at you!) and I pretty much came to the conclusion Lush need to stop releasing dreamy ranges for me to inevitably indulge in otherwise I will be soaking in the bath for the rest of my life, opposed to being, you know, an actual functioning adult.

Although it is the whimsical designs that draw me in instantly when I enter a Lush store, there were some seriously freshly captivating stock that appeased my tastes.

The Christmas Sweater was a starter. It was everything Christmas should involve; a spicy, winter warm scent, ingredients to succour to your relaxing needs on those ice cold nights, and an engraved reindeer to go with. Literally just a fluffy hug in the shape of a bath bomb.

The Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar that not only looks the part but foams and fizzles to perfection!

The Golden Pear Soap that smelt absolutely divine, balanced on the right side of fruity and festive.

The bath oils, the miniatures, and the exclusives – in particular, Star Light Star Bright, D-Tree, and Magnificent. The buttery texture is beautifully soft and soothing, and the smell is to die for. Think chocolate orange without the eating part!

And then of course there’s the developments of solids in the form of everyone’s beloved gels, lotions, shampoos, facial oils etc. You can now have two options; regular bottled, or plainly naked, meeting their ethical mantra even further. The Berry Berry and Santa’s Christmas additions to the shower gels are gorgeous, especially when there’s hints of cinnamon in there!

It’s been a few weeks since I attended the introductory event and I’m sure now there’s been some more products released for the final call up to Christmas (check out the site itself if you want to grab the last of your shopping, or if like me, you’ll be waiting till the Boxing Day bonanza begins, then what a good shout!)



We¬†finished off our evening fabricating our own bath bombs (which was strangely a success for me for once in my sorry life!) and cosied up in the spa which I’ve talked about before on ze blog. Only this time, we spent a good half hour learning all about the new Karma treatment whilst witnessing it first hand and being blessed with an unwinding arm massage demonstration.

Let me tell you, in my 24 years of breathing, I have never pined for something in action so bad. The passion and dedication from the therapists is one thing, but a full body massage in synchronisation whilst you’re laid out drifting off into another world with Indian music and spicy scents to bask in, is another. I was harmonious just watching so I can’t imagine how incredible it must feel to be cleansed both physically and spiritually in a full hour of heat, comfort and euphony.

Santa, you know what to bring me on your one horse open sleigh!