Life: Paul Mitchell Gift Of Style Blogger Event

Posted on 4 min read

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I attended 1 of 2 Christmas themed blogger events in my hometown of Leeds last Thursday. With them being my first ‘proper’ events I was a little apprehensive but on the other hand, I couldn’t wait to experience the more luxurious kind of meet up where I can get to know and associate with other bloggers, as well as taking part in the activities. The events were the Paul Mitchell Gift Of Style & New CID Cosmetics event and the M&Co Fashion Christmas Blogger Party. Typically, they both fell on the same day and around similar times which meant I had to dash between the two. I was disappointed I couldn’t stay longer at both events but on the time I did spend there (in between running for taxis in the teaming down rain and running into Nick and Margaret from The Apprentice on our way out from the hotel), I really enjoyed the presentation, the atmosphere, the treats, the company and the general sense of gratification us fashion and beauty bloggers get out of the opportunities on show.

As I arrived late to the M&Co event and was only able to stay 45 minutes, I didn’t capture much of that but I did take advantage of the setting in the previous venue which was the swanky Quebec’s Hotel and snapped enough pictures to gather up a blog post. Upon arrival into the premium suite, everyone was greeted to a glass of bubbly (or orange juice for us non drinkers) and were shown the plan of action for the night. Paul Mitchell gift sets were prettily laid out on the tables, as well as a collection of New CID Cosmetics (whom teamed up with Paul Mitchell for the event) displayed for everyone to view and a dressing table section decorated with an overload of hair products purely to pamper the ladies. The room was gorgeous and it had such a cosy feel to it with the dim lighting, the open window, the candles, the huge bed (yes, we even had home comfort!), the beautiful artwork and a vintage style bathroom to top off the indulgence.

After everybody had settled, got chatting and had a sneaky peek around the room admiring the dreamy touches, we were then given a choice of roaming freely to take part in 1 of 3 things. 1) Have your hair done with a choice of unique styles, 2) Take a look at and test out some of the New CID products, 3) Sit comfortably and have a look through the gift sets available. I managed to do everything apart from the main, which was getting my hair done! It was a bit of a mad rush that night so I decided against it as I didn’t want to be sat in the chair ready to be worked on, to then having to leave quickly. However, I did praise the rest of the lovely girls and the professionals on their masterpieces they created. They were some seriously quirky hair styles to be envious of and the stylists were so quick at transforming plain into something magic, obviously much more talented than I could ever be!

I absolutely loved having a gander at what was in store for Paul Mitchell and New CID Cosmetics. Two brands which I’d not heard much about but which delivered nothing but high quality. I was dying to get my hands on so much stuff by the end of the night. Both the hair gift sets and the cosmetics were beautifully packaged and designed to suit a wide range of hair types. The ‘The Art Of…’ sets were my favourite, I adored the zipped case some of them came in and the colourful image of a classy woman on the front added, well, class – in animation form. Jumping over to swoon over the makeup was next on the agenda; I couldn’t get over how amazingly soft the brushes were and the baked blushes had my heart too.


When the time came to call it a night and move on across town, I was actually pretty sad. My first participation of a crowded blogger event had been so pleasant and homely. A night surrounded with new faces, chatter, nibbles and a ton of beauty products, I couldn’t have asked for better. I could even pretend this was the posh lifestyle I lead, until reality hit and I didn’t leave arm in arm with a chauffeur but instead was left waiting for a bus that never turns up. But hey, it’s the moment in the spotlight that counts!

I went on my own but I left with nothing but positivity surrounding the blogosphere. I also left with a goodie bag which was equally just as amazing. Such a kind and thoughtful extra from the organizers. I can’t wait to sit down and try out the hair products (and a rosy pink lipgloss) for myself. I’ll be sure to put up a review very soon! Thank you to all at the Quebecs who allowed me to have a taste of bliss, I could’ve certainly gotten used to it!