Life: the Leeds vintage kilo sale

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For the last couple of years now I’ve developed a love for vintage fairs. There’s just something so satisfying when you find a piece of clothing which feels as though it’s been saved for you from past time. Knowing you’re going to get a lot of wear out of something which nobody else will be able to pick up in the high street shops is a discovery to treasure. It’s the unique characteristics that you wouldn’t find on your average day to day piece that I love about vintage clothes and how you can bring back the items from the teddy boy era and include them in the current trends.


The Vintage Kilo Sale is an event I’ve heard about previously but one I’ve never had the chance to visit whilst it’s being in its (and my) hometown of Leeds. To sum it up, a Vintage Kilo Sale is a widened opportunity for you to grab a bargain and experiment with trends you may not have otherwise considered. Tons of clothing, shoes and accessories ranging from the 60’s-90’s are displayed throughout in rails and tubs for you to pick and mix whatever takes your fancy. It works by grabbing a large bag upon entry, placing your rifled choices in there and then when you’re done (or when whomever is accompanying orders you to stop and drags you away) you take it to the weight tills where you will be charged £15 per kilo. It’s certainly an ingenious way of doing your shopping. If you think about it, a kilo could be added up with 4-5 lightweight items or a new coat (like I did, just call me Joseph) with space for another 1 or 2 items and that’s your wardrobe stocked up in a measly fraction of what you’d usually pay.


When I received an email from the lovely Jenessa asking me if I’d like to come along and take part in a little blogger challenge, I accepted straight away. (To be fair, how could I have hesitated? Me? Shopping for more clothes? Never!). The fair took place in Riley Smith Hall inside the student union in Leeds Met University. As I wasn’t familiar with this part of town I made sure I left myself plenty of time, which actually turned out to be a bad idea. The North unfortunately got hit by more snow on Thursday and typically, as soon as we (the we meaning my brother who I dragged along with me) walked out of the door, it started again. After a dreadful experience of getting caught in a bitterly cold snowstorm blizzard and losing track of where I was, I finally arrived an hour and a half later looking as though I’d just stepped out of a shower (makeup disaster and flat hair; not a good look, guys). After my brief greeting, I got started!

As the kilo sale had been live for 2 days, there wasn’t as much choice as there’d usually be. Don’t get me wrong, the rails were organised, filled with variety, detailed designs and the atmosphere was fun, music playing and lots of young people searching for great bargains but obviously, I had less of a selection than I would have done if I attended first thing Wednesday morning. That’s the only problem with vintage fairs, as exciting and unpredictable as they are; once something’s gone, it’s gone. Not that, that mattered though.


After a good rummage through the presented rails I found this gorgeous creamy beige belted coat which was the perfect match to the desired spring jacket I had in mind. As well as that, I came across this basic but more upper class basic white/Ivory top with pretty buttons in a couple of sizes larger. Me and my oversized clothing go hand in hand so this will be the ideal comfortable shirt I can just throw on.


I can pleasantly say my first vintage kilo experience was a positive one. I’d highly recommend going to one because you’d be surprised at what you can uncover. As they travel city to city compromising their excellent value and quality, you can find out if or when they’re in your area by following their Facebook page. Easy peasy.


Have you been to one of these events before? What are your thoughts?


Bridie x

*this blog post was in exchange for a free kilo and free entry at the fair