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It would be insulting if I didn’t start my December posts off with a Christmas themed creation. It’s a little later than planned and I do feel as though I’ve slacked by not posting this week but I haven’t been feeling myself for the past few days and I thought it would be best for me to leave the putting together until I am in the right shape to form content with the right amount of quality (I’m that sort of obsessive person who can’t publish anything if it’s half finished and has not required much effort). Anyhow, enough of my babbling. I’m willing and ready to go now and have lots of posts planned for the upcoming month. That push of motivation just needed a boost!

Recently I was contacted by The Greedy Book team informing me of what is a fabulous way to collect up all your beloved favourite wants and needs to produce your very own wonderful wishlists. The Greedy Book are a new amazing brand that allows you to build a platform dedicated to the mixture of things you have your eye on. It was founded by sisters Millie and Charlie, who were inspired by their sister-in-law who did keep an actual ‘Greedy Book’ to note down each of her family members dream gifts and favourite trends to make it easier when it came to buying them presents. When I hear about a genius online expansion created purely from real life experiences, it warms my heart. I was so eager to get to work on making my very own Greedy Book and was keen to have a gander at the inspirational ideas displayed throughout the site. Opposed to Pintrest, you can spot things you adore but you can also find things you have been lusting after and add them to your online shopping tally ready to be viewed by not only yourself, but the public too.

I love being introduced to and discovering new useful shopping tools, especially those which put those crazy lists in your head on to an organised personal piece of your own corner of the internet. It’s such an easy way for you to keep track of your desires and to share your library with others; which is also a massive help just in time for Christmas. We all know that feeling when you receive an unwanted or duplicate gift, outside you’re smiling but on the inside you’re thinking “what a waste”. The Greedy Book is the perfect way to show your family and friends the items you love all year round and allows you to collate to provide a thoughtful, unique gift. It is a polite way to suggest the gifts which will be used and not just dumped in a cupboard and it saves time pondering about what to buy when you are completely clueless as soon as it hits the end of the year.

If there’s one concept I love about The Greedy Book, it’s the fact there are no rules when you are picking and choosing. If you’re browsing online, simply copy the link into your book criteria and keep on building. Even better, The Greedy Book have an option to install a ‘Greedy Button’ into your browser. The button sits in your bookmark bar and whenever you see something you like, click it and voila, that’s added straight away. Even if (like me) you’re the traditional kind at Christmas time and you like to keep the presents you’ll receive a secret, you can slip a mention of your Greedy Book in conversation and your loved ones can search for your list just by your name. They will have easy access to your book, removing all struggles and stress of finding an ideal present.

With the theme of Christmas in mind, I wanted to construct a gift guide (I’m aware they’re flying around the blogosphere at the moment but everyone has different tastes and recommendations, right?). However, I didn’t want to just put together one gift guide, but 5 individual gift guides based on the concentrated topic.

First up, we have my Men’s Gift Guide Greedy Book. For me, I think men are the hardest to buy for. There’s no stigma attached to them (apart from the obvious games and football which doesn’t always occur) and they don’t share as much interest in gifts as women do (from personal experience). Show me a cutely decorated gift set and I’d go all gooey eyed, show my brother and he’d have a expressionless face. With that in mind, it takes a while to hit the spot when it comes down to buying a present or two. Shops which are dedicated to men (I’m looking at you Menkind) majorly assist and incite you but sometimes, you just need a little push (and a spare hour or two) to search for that ideal gift which will suit his personality, gimmicks and way of routine.

1) The Gift Of Nothing – ever ask a male what he’d like for Christmas and he responds “nothing?” well here we have it, a big ball of nothing. It’s hard to buy for someone who has everything but this is a great gift with a hint of comedy ready to provide him with exactly what he told you.

2) Beard Grooming Kit – more and more men are growing almighty beards and if the special man in your life (be that your boyfriend, dad, grandad etc) is determined to rock his beard with force, then what better way to keep it prim and proper than with a grooming kit?

3) Beer and Food Book – every bloke I’ve come across have two main loves in their life, a beer (or two or three) and piles of never ending food. Bring them both together and here we have a book which matches food to beers. It’s bound to keep a man occupied for those days he gets bored and it may even inspire him to cook up some new recipes!

4) Linked Metal Watch Giftbox – I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a basic gold look watch and you don’t need even need to pay through the roof to get one snazzy enough for your mans taste. This even comes in a neat gift box to jazz it up a little.

5) The Distinguished Gentleman Gift Pack – luxury bath products are no longer just associated with women. This masculine collection of products are a brilliant introduction to a man and his lifestyle choices. Everyone needs to wind down sometime and give their skin a bit of loving, so what’s better than a whole box full of goodies?

6) Spuddy – The Ultimate Couch Potato – stepping away from the fact this might be the cutest invention to date, this personal potato shaped cushion has practical uses as well as comfort. The titled slots to place your goods in make this potato an ultimate companion for a man when he’s lazing in front of the TV after a hard days work.

7) Playstation Live Network Card £25 – sometimes it’s just beyond awkward to provide a male with something that will actually be beneficial. Most guys own some sort of game console so giving him a card which has funds on for him to put towards his treasured game will give you major bonus points.

8) Paco Rabanne 1 Million Gift Set – let me tell you, this scent is heavenly! It doesn’t matter what aftershave your man prefers, a set filled with all the necessities will always be appreciated.

9) Selfridges Handsome Prince Grooming Box – as soon as the word ‘handsome’ is noticed, any man will be sold I’m sure of it. Once again, thinking of a mans lavishing session, with this huge set he can choose which products make him feel the freshest all day every day.

10) Personalised Black Leather Wallet – anything personalised is a nice touch to add to something that is carried around with you daily. In this case, an engraved, high quality wallet will be able to be used for years on end and when he’s pulling it out of his pocket on a generous occasion, the shop staff will even be able to identify him!

Next we have my Homeware Gift Guide Greedy Book. It’s difficult to buy homeware interior as a gift for Christmas because what captures you, may not be up to scratch in someone else’s eyes. The basic decor pieces for a home which structure and bring your rooms alive are the safest choice. As we’re going into a new year, it’s the perfect opportunity to change up and freshly decorate your room so providing a push in the right decoration will bound to be gratified.

1) Cotton Cushion Cover – ’tis the season to be jolly, of course. So you can’t go wrong with a detailed cushion cover of a festive quote. Its simple but pretty design makes it an ideal touch as each year passes by.

2) Rustic Rumble Collection Multi Aperure Photo Frame – you can never have too many photo frames, especially those uniquely shaped ones which give you the option of including more than one photo. Either left for the person to display themselves or to go even further and provide personal, memorable photos for that person in your own time, it’s bound to find a place in both their hearts and on their shelf.

3) Alphabet Coasters – I’m all for one singular item that provides that finished spark to a room. These retro coasters would be a great gift for someone whose name isn’t usually found on souvenirs.

4) Hanna Blossom Daisy Scented Tea Candles – flowers and candles, two of my favourite things. This dainty set of tea lights will bring delight to any individual who is fond of and believes those small touches to a home make all the difference.

5) Polka Dot Monogrammed Mug – another ideal gift for representation of someone’s name. This time, it’s in the form of a gorgeous chic like drinking mug (which you can never have too many of may I add).

6) Le Bicyclette Fine Art Picture – if, like me, you’re a French loving maniac you would be over the moon with a staple picture made with the intention of vintage in mind. It’s not your ordinary present so it would show you’ve really put some thought into the individual, which is always a bonus on your behalf of course.

7) Chateau Blue 12 piece dinner set – the traditional dinner piece set is perfect for someone who has just moved into a new home or someone who constantly fancies a change in their dining experiences.

8) Embroidered Linen Towel – there’s always a towel lover among your family and friends which makes finding that adorably made towel which you’d love for yourself even more satisfying, Whether it’s a male or a female, there’s a ‘him’ or ‘her’ option so there’s no excuse for pinching each others towels in the future.

9) Swan Vase with Gold Detailing – no matter what your age (although I think it appeals to the older generation more) a beautiful fine china vase carefully unveiled at Christmas time sets the smiles all round. This stunning piece would stand out from any other plain vase you have in your home.

10) Memory Box – storing your entire collection of precious memories into one household item seems pretty bizarre but once you have your hands on a memory box, I don’t think you ever look back (only to look back on the memories obviously). This would make a lovely gift for someone who has plenty of keepsakes and easily loses them with scattered clutter. Not to mention, it would sit nicely on top of your furniture posing as an old school wooden piece.

On to my favourite kind of gift guide, my Beauty gift Guide Greedy Book. The first thing I aim for once the gift sets start to appear on the shelves are the luxury beauty sets. Blogging has stimulated and impacted on my love for skincare and makeup products for sure, and I find myself searching for the best of both way too often. Everyone has their holy grail product that they swear by but I think the collective sets that gather together a number of products at Christmas tines gives you the chance to try out new elements as well as grabbing some bargains on those you use often. The artistic packaging that comes with the set is another encouragement, the more character it has to it, the more persuaded I am to press ‘buy now’! With beauty sets, I think there’s always something for everyone.

1) Origins Mask Marvels Gift Set – three of Origins best selling masks included in a festive themed set which is often on offer is a gift you can whip up without second thought. Perfect for any skincare enthusiast; it allows your receiver to experiment and then come to a conclusion on which mask works best for their skin.

2) Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick Collection – four Estee Lauder lipsticks for the price of £30.00, you say? This amazing deal filled with gorgeous staple dark (ish) shades make choosing your desired look for the day much easier. From reds, to a nude, there’s one to suit everyone.

3) Festive Friends Bath Bomb Set – it’s rare to come across someone who dislikes Lush. Whether you are buying for an adult or a child, four of the most loved Christmas character bath bombs in an already present like wrapped gift set will settle them in their pre-pampered Christmas season baths.

4) Charlotte Tilbury The Supermodel Videobox Make-Up Set – if you fancy stepping things up a notch and splurging on a deluxe gift set which is set to wow any makeup guru, then this is the one. Packed with everything you’ll ever need; eyeshadows, lipsticks, mascaras and so on, this interactive video guide will prompt you in how to use this classy makeup brand to its best potential.

5) Ciate Candy Cane House – the Ciate houses are a firm favourite of mine every Christmas! The glittered, scent infused vanishes fit in well with the glitzy, glamorous festive season. Not only does it look joyful, but it will be a joyful addition to any woman’s nail collection.

6) REN Radiance Gift Set – let’s be truthful, nobody is going to turn down looking radiant 24/7. For women of any age, this REN gift set will surely be religiously used day in day out to get the results every lady is looking for.

7) Sweet Tintations Christmas Gift Set – sticking with the shimmering look you reach for over the Christmas and New Year period, this cleverly named set is appropriate for any Benefit lover or even those who are new to discovering highlighters.

8) Coconut Festive Picks – The Body Shop gift sets are like a gift sent from heaven. Each set never fails to provide a selection of your favourite products and scents to pamper yourself in (in this case mine is obviously coconut) as well as printing and decoratively packaging them to make them look all pretty. Whoever receives this will be the best smelling person in the room for sure.

9) Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Beauty Gift Set – this is the perfect starter pack for anyone who is wanting to start out using Elizabeth Arden and its ever so popular Eight Hour Cream. These skincare classics will provide nourishment for the most important women in your life.

10) Real Techniques Makeup Brushes – THREE sets of Real Techniques brushes; The Core Collection, Starter Kit and Travel Essentials Kit would make an incredible contribution to a brush loving individual at Christmas time. There will be a brush provided for every occurrence with this more than standard starter set and at £35.99, it’s such a bargain!

Fourthly, we have the Fashion Gift Guide Greedy Book. Predicting people’s sense of style is hard work. If you know them well enough, you’ll be able to go shopping for clothes and accessories with your eyes closed but if you’re buying for a fashionista who mixes up their style frequently then you’ll be cautious when you’re picking out potential gifts. There’s so much pressure to find the ‘perfect’ garment which is why I think going for some basic statements as well as items that will not only be useful for around Christmas time but will come in handy for the rest of the year are the best bet; and if you are daring, you can even reach for something with a little more sparkle and fun.


1) ASOS Leather Gloves with Bow and Touch Screen Detail – everybody needs a pair of gloves as the cold weather turns unbearable for your poor hands. Grab a pair of real leather gloves which also fit in with the stylish theme and you’re winning. Not to mention, the touch screen friendliness, which I’m sure most family members and friends would be pleased with because let’s be fair, who hasn’t struggled to use their phone with gloves on?


2) Chunky Ribbed Roll Neck Jumper – chunky jumpers, everyone loves them. Especially when all you crave is warmth and snugness. A plain cream roll neck with high quality material is the safest buy as it can be styled in so many different ways.


3) Daniel Gold Iridescent Mustio Women’s Court Shoe – when you fancy taking a step up and treating your loved one to an expensive pair of shoes I think the classic court shoe is the easiest option. Obviously black is the first choice but to add that extra glamour, gold or silver is the second. This gorgeous pair would be ideal to whip out of your wardrobe anytime during the year.


4) Animal Mink Motif Hummingbird Watch – Olivia Burton have a fine choice of stunning watches, all carefully designed to make each one quirky. This playful, chic bird printed watch would add character to any outfit and I know I’d be delighted to open something so pretty on Christmas Day.


5) Croc Pattern Mini City Bag – Zara is the first place I always look when I want to buy a bag for myself or as a gift for someone else. A simple, nude, versatile piece would be useful for every day and the lovely croc design adds that certain edge people crave.


6) Lucy Oversize Tartan Check Scarf – if you’re anything like me, you’ll jump for joy at the sight of some oversized cuddly outerwear on Christmas Day. There’s so many scarf designs you can swoon over but the famous tartan check scarves always go down well with anybody who desires a basic but stylish scarf which will pair well with any coat you decide to throw on.


7) Black Glitter Kaleidoscope Print 3/4 Sleeve Dress – dazzling sequins, beads, and glitter are all you need to complete the perfect occasion dress. Providing an eye catching dress for someone at Christmas means they won’t need to have a last minute panic for all the parties they’ve been invited to (or none if you’re anything like me).


8) Shell Pink Wool Mix Boyfriend Coat – there’s so many outcomes you can reach when searching for the ideal coat to buy someone. All sorts of questions run through your mind; ‘do they already have this? Shall I go for patterned or plain? What style do they like the most?’ Settling for a nude-pink coloured oversized boyfriend coat would fit the bill instantly. You can leave it up to them to wear and connect to their personal style.


9) Black White Colour Block Purse – I love the little bargains you can whip up on Laura Ashley. This smart monochrome purse would make the ultimate addition for someone with a back to basic attitude.


10) H&M Wool Hat – for someone like me who’s recently found a passion for hats or for someone who’s always loved the idea of experimenting with all styles of hats, the basic wintery coloured wool hat will be unwrapped with pleasant grins for sure.


Finally, we have my Stocking Fillers Gift Guide Greedy Book. I’m such a sucker for those ditsy extras which are the final installment in fulfilling the perfect collection of gifts. Hanging out your stocking will always be a tradition that carries through to adulthood. Those small but striking gifts are perfectly reasonable in price and there’s dozens of choice in the shops so if you’re stuck on deciding which is cuter, you could even go all out and buy two or three.


1) Soap & Glory Santa Gloss Gift – this sweet little candy cane would be suitable for any lipstick lover and would even be able to be hung on the tree as a decoration once the gloss has been smothered on.


2) Berry Christmas Gift Pack – an enchanting Christmas cracker filled with bath goodies would make a welcoming surprise on Christmas day. The Christmas designed theme that is followed throughout makes it that cutesy, fun little extra.


3) Brown Gingerbread Man Clutch – every year, there’s that festive cliche gift that just can’t be avoided. You either love them or hate them, and with this little fellow, how can you not love them? Whether you’re ten or twenty, this clutch bag would be a lovely touch of Christmas.


4) High Stylers Nail Varnish Shaped Highlighters –  know someone who loves to paint their nails and doodle? Well these uniquely created highlighter pens would make a brilliant small gift for that artistic or work flustered someone.


5) Personalised Wooden Star Keepsake – a handmade personalised ornament with a quote representing your relationship with the gift receiver provides that magic touch when it’s placed free standing on any area of your favourite room. It’s such a kind, thoughtful way to finish off your search for a distinctive gift.


6) YoBrush iphone 5 Case in Purple – This handy little object combines the two majors in life, your phone and your tamed hair. Possibly the best invention for some who needs to de-tangle their hair regularly, it’ll always be in your hand!


7) The Jolly Lippy Lolly – you can always count on The Body Shop to bring out the merry in Christmas. This fun lollypop on a stick filled with all sorts of fruity lip balms would work a treat sticking out of that stocking against the fireplace.


8) Hot Water Bottle & Mug Gift Set – Primark’s gift sets seem to improve as each year passes by. Although this may be too big to fit in a stocking, it’s cheap enough to buy as an additional gift because let’s be honest, a hot water bottle and a hot chocolate go down a treat in the blistering winter.


9) NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – another for the high end beauty lovers. This dreamy NARS pencil in any of the shades (although Cruella and Dragon Girl are my faves) would be an amazing addition to a stocking for someone who only wants the best for their lips,


10) Buddha’s Little Instruction Book – one for the book lovers, or for someone who needs a reminder of what makes happiness. This book of beautiful and uplifting words and quotes is bound to boost your energy for life. When there’s a quiet moment in the household at Christmas, you can settle down and have a read.


11) ASOS Eiffel Tower Ring Holder – This overly adorable ring holder would make a practical gift for your average accessory and home decor lover. If you’re anything like me, you would be organising your rings in an instance as soon as you unwrapped this.


12) Brilliant Ideas Notepad – notepads are always useful, and one that screams out boldness and humour further increases the importance. I think this would be an ideal gift for a fellow blogger to act as their place they can write down any thoughts on new posts as soon as they think them!


13) Lilybell Bakery Cake Pop Kit – this adorable simple but effective cake pop kit would be suitable for any food lovers, especially those who love to bake regularly.


14) Marc Jacob Daisy – whatever the desired scent, a small perfume set is the icing to a cake. This well talked about fragrance with a fresh and lively edge would be suitable for any lady no matter what their tastes.


15) Jane Eyre Birdcage Necklace – a delicate, pretty piece of handmade jewellery would fix to the bottom of the Christmas stocking wonderfully. This elegant, silver birdcage design would make such a sophisticated addition to a special ladies jewellery box.


Although it’s taken me a good long while to get together these gift guides, using The Greedy Book so all items can be linked together in one place has made life that little more straight forward. It’s free, plain sailing and when you sign up it gives you your very own guide so you’re not left confused (not that there’s much to be confused by!). Have you heard of The Greedy Book or tried out its techniques before? What gift guides are you loving at the moment?


Bridie x