Life: Autumn bucket list

Posted on 5 min read

As Autumn is officially in full swing, I’ve completely wiped the thought of getting anymore nice weather from my mind and moved on to getting excited about those little things that make the A/W months bearable. The nights are drawing in and the atmosphere is turning eery but that’s even more of a reason to look forward to cosy nights in front of the fire, pumpkins, horror movies, lots of food, piping hot drinks, candles, fireworks, rain tapping on the window whilst you sleep, snug scarves, oversized jumpers, wearing nothing but monochrome, bringing the burgundys and the greys out and so much more.


Back in the summer I made a bucket list of wishes I’d like to complete and looking back, it seems I did well at managing to stick to most of them which is why as the season has changed, I wanted to create another associated list. I love making (the non extreme) bucket lists, you can not only look back on them to see how you’ve managed to add the simple pleasures into your daily routine naturally, but it’s something you can desire to reach when you need reminding how one small goal can keep your happiness at bay.


1) Have a dedicated duvet, fire and film day. This is something that I wish to do most days but never actually manage to treat myself with the luxury. I believe a huge duvet, a burning fire (not an actual blaze obviously) and a good rom com or two is the cure to all evil. Especially when it’s cold and you’ve had a busy day, it’s the perfect way to unwind.


2) Appreciate the fresh air, the branched trees and the crisp, fallen leaves. Nature is a beautiful thing, especially in autumn. I don’t think I ever look on the positive side of miserable weather and find myself grumbling way too often. I want to turn this around this year and take more autumnal walks in the local parks, gardens and so on admiring the lovely views and maybe even whipping my camera out.


3) Get into the Halloween spirit. Just because I’ve passed the teen stage, doesn’t mean to say I have to be boring when it comes to Halloween. Usually I am, the furthest I go is carving a pumpkin (very badly) and then placing it on the windowsill, drawing the curtains behind me. I don’t even take charge of answering the door when the kids come round, I just pinch their sweets and chocolates for myself. This year I want to at least get into the mood. It doesn’t look like I’ll be going to any Halloween related events but I could participate in something Halloween related at home.


4) Attend a bonfire/firework display. I haven’t been to a firework display for so long. As a youngster we always made sure we went as a family, it was tradition. Now, I just find myself rolling my eyes at the sound of non stop fireworks interrupting my nightly television watching. This year I want to go soak in the atmosphere, eat some bonfire toffee and watch the naff fireworks spiral uncontrollably.


5) Go on a bike ride. First of all I’d need to buy a bike. It is on my list and I will get round to it eventually. I thought putting it on my bucket list for autumn will push me into buying it quicker and building my motivation to get some well needed exercise but for the kind of bike I’m looking for I think I’ll have to build my bank balance first…


6) Buy more amazing candles (read: Yankee, Neom, Diptyque etc etc) and light as many as I can on a cold, dark night. I feel like upgrading my candle collection this year to something a bit more high quality which in turn means a stronger and more relaxing scent. I’m especially wanting some Pumpkin Spice/Cinnamon smelling candles because I caught a whiff of one the other day and by god, are they amazing. Candles are certainly the way to my heart.


7) Change up my choice of makeup. With the colder days drawing in comes a complete switch of makeup. Darker lip colours, a heavier base, smokey eyes, and bronzed cheeks come into force and truthfully, this is what I’ve been waiting for since spring. The bold lips, natural flush, topped with some extra highlights is my favourite look. I’m open to try out different shades and tones this year. I’m on the hunt for the ideal chief product, in particular a red lipstick, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


8) Start reading a book that I can’t put down. This was also a summer goal, I managed to find more than one book to fall in love with when the sun was shining but now I want to do it again, and again, and again. I’m such a book lover, once I read one and it captures my imagination, I end up spending the whole day completing every chapter. I’m planning on purchasing another couple of YA novels (my favourites) and I shall let you know how I get on.

9) Devour a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and chocolate bits. I love hot chocolate no matter what the weather but autumn/winter is the perfect excuse for widening the horizons. A frothy hot chocolate with marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles and cream = mhmmm. That reminds me actually, I have an Options caramel treat hot chocolate in the cupboard. *off I go*


10) Base my A/W wardrobe on key staple pieces that I can mix and match. This is hard for me as A/W fashion is my favourite kind of fashion and browsing the shops at the moment tells me this task will be the most difficult. I’m so guilty of buying something I see, like and want without a second thought but this year I want to try (try being the key word here) to stick to the staple pieces that I can wear over and over again instead of wearing once and then shoving it back in my wardrobe ready for another year of no use.

Do you have any goals you want to reach this A/W?