Leeds Lush Spa Event: Tales Of Bath and an introduction to Spring

It’s no secret Lush blogger events are my ultimate favourite pastime on a hump day night; with the VIP feel, the welcoming warmth of the staff and uncountable opportunities to worship the array of colourful and irresistibly influencing bath, hair, body and skin collections. SO, when another opportunity arose to attend my second Lush Spa therapy insight for their new treatment ‘Tales Of Bath’, as well as awing in the #LushSpring range, how could I possibly turn it down? (truthfully, that ain’t ever gonna happen).

The last time I had the privilege of visiting the Lush Spa – the concealed paradise down the stairs of the Leeds Commercial Street store – I was surprised at how heavenly the entire vibe was and it’s something I’ve craved to experience fully ever since. Unfortunately little old me who tries but fails to save up cash hasn’t ever been able to afford to attend officially so I’m always switching to excited child in a sweet shop mode when I’m ushered down to catch a glimpse of the magic remedies the skilled ladies perform. 

Like my previous visit to the Lush spa, we were given a brief introduction and an open vision into what treatments there are to offer – only this time I got to take a peak into two different treatments AND have a trial for myself (but more on that later). Of course, with the event based around the focus of Tales Of Bath, in groups of 5, we were shown the process and informed of all the benefits and practicalities. As you can probably guess by the title, the treatment is very water orientated – allowing you to feel the freedom of the pearly ripples but in preparation, it goes a little like this: have a storybook of effective sounds and poems read out, pre-bathe in solitude with the most homely dimmed candlelight, spacious tub, a more than average sized yoga bomb scented bath bomb and a goblet drink of choice, lay down in a fetal position on a specialised table with a restful cushion beside you (this particular treatment is ideal for pregnant women or those who find it easier to lay on their side), have an in depth shoulder to body massage and most probably fall asleep (seriously I’ve never seen anyone look so reposed, unwound and vacant and it’s pretty inevitable with the darkened, surrounded environment, really). Royal pampering at its best! 

As well as Tales Of Bath, we were once again shown around The Sound Bath (I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of testing out the equipment; the tuning forks and ear candles – it’s such a bizarre but amazing sensation) and an unfamiliar but now another favoured treatment – The Good Hour. With the laid back theme of sea-shanty, a whole ah-oy! pirate aura with music from the envisioned ship, a deep tissue massage, and anchoring hands awaiting, it’s the perfect relief from ached, dull muscles. THEN (wait for it) with a small but mighty squeal and indecisive incision from me, we were told we were able to have a demonstration of a mini treatment of our choice. There was a choice between palm reading (which is part of The Planets treatment), a hand massage with moisturising serum or a head massage with snippets from the sound bath/tuning forks. I eventually decided on palm reading as the room of twinkling lights, my inner sceptical side and tantalizing friendly faces (of what I could see) drew me in. The Lush spa palm reading is meant to be light hearted, not a ‘this is what will happen in the future’ full forced reading, but more of a reflection on your persona, your traits and characteristics. I was eager to know what would be discovered from my palms alone. Apparently my left was much more stubborn than the right, which indicated I vary between being carefree and care too much. I was also told I like to analyse, am an adventurer, a teacher, hold deep love for my family and thrive on writing of which I was nodding along in agreement. I went into it hesitant but came out pleasantly surprised by the accuracy!

The atmosphere within the spa creates such instant peace and tranquillity; it isn’t just the array of pretty flowers, Alice In Wonderland inspired vintage wooden interior, individually labelled bottles of restorative, fruitful cures, relaxing and inviting sit down areas and cosy striped pyjamas waiting for you at a spa party, it’s the calming, chilled out essence, the comforting music, the way your imaginative streak runs wild behold each treatment room. You can really feel the bouncing energy, the revitalized sensitivity within each carefully handled touch. I’m so lucky to have been able to watch first hand the beautiful, luxuriated journey of a stimulated mind, body and soul and I truly think (well no, I know) it’d be the be all end all cure to a miserable day and a pessimistic mind. The passionate staff are there to ensure you have a one of a kind experience!

Back up to the shop floor, it was the return of the live singer guitarist, all dinky cupcakes, prosecco, uplifting scents and experiments galore. There was a make your own comforter station on hand (which was harder than it looked, let me tell you), we were shown the adorable Easter range, the left over Mother’s Day range and I was left to roam alone to admire the displays and the rest of the wondrous cosmetics (pretty dangerous move I must admit).It doesn’t matter how many times I enter a Lush store, I’ll always find something new – especially when it’s in the form of a Humpty Dumpty and Bunch Of Carrots, and a blooming Flowering Tea Bag creation (oh, aren’t they just the best?!). 

There were also more subtle experiments on the other side of the room to initiate the Tales Of Bath, dry ice meets hot water in action to gently scent the air, a few chosen products selective to their participation in spa treatments, a medieval feel of wooden boxes, books and cacti, and a hyped up, camera filled and gorgeous blogger atmosphere to go with it. Not only did I have a good catch up and meet some new faces but I also once again, rampaged with my snap happy hands because let’s face it – Lush is possibly the most photogenic store on earth. 

I couldn’t leave without picking up a couple of bath bombs as I am getting low on stock now, and I was so very kindly gifted an enormous amount of randomly picked products for myself to indulge in and enjoy, too. I was taken aback by the generosity of the fabulous Lush Leeds Spa team (and of course, the lovely Urika) and I will forever thank them for producing an event I know will never fail to get me happily pumped on fun. 

Oh, and just to end a heightened post on erm, a high… I fell over, yep in front of everyone down at the spa as I stepped back attempting to capture a photo at the right angle, forgot about the table behind me and tumbled over, just about managing to balance myself on my knees. Just as I thought I could remember this night without any cringe worthy, despairing moments, I went and ruined it all.

Have you ever visited a Lush spa and/or had any treatments? Hopefully without a small embarrassing incident to go with it! 

Bridie x