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If you’ve been keeping up with my blog (which I’m very thankful for if you have), then you’ll know I attended one of two blogger events a couple of weeks back. The first was Leeds Xmas Meet, then a hurried bus ride home, quick spruce up, and a race with manic crowds through Leeds on a Saturday evening, next up was the La Redoute Christmas party exclusively for Northern bloggers. An event dubbed towards the non-central London bloggers? Yipee indeed!



Along with the rest of the La Redoute PR team, the lovely Laura from A Forte For Fashion was there to warmly greet us on arrival, and I just knew from the moment I stepped into the exquisite Lambert’s Yard venue space – the place of dreams, where lies the Humans of Leeds exhibition and those captivating lights and wooden floors – that they’d all done an absolutely fantastic job in organising and creating an evening of luxury. Accompanied by some familiar faces seen only just a few hours ago, a gratuitous bar filled with Peach Bellinis and Long Island Ice Teas, a DJ playing the absolute best selection of old school tunes, a trimmed up, decorated room of festive details and special unique touches that made the whole experience even more personal; tealight holders forming spelled out letters and themed shapes, a Christmas tree standing with chic-esque gift bags by its side, and a pick n mix style section for us wanting to feed our sweet tooth before the main; the bloggers party was on.



The night was all in aid of showcasing La Redoute’s new winter collection – topped with lots of fun, food and friendliness – and we were privileged to have all kinds of garments in an array of sizes, textures and colours displayed on mannequins and assembled rails with twinkly fairy lights wrapped around. We were able to browse and pick out our favourites and were then later given the instruction of the actions ahead by Laura and her introductory welcome speech that we could try on our chosen item and take it home with us, allowing us to have unlimited outfit-lust. It was such an amazingly kind gesture that was very much appreciated and I was super excited to go roaming as there were lots I’d already had my eye on. From lace, to velvet, to mesh and the ultimate glitz and glamour with sequins and glitter, I loved the variety of popular trends this season. There were some seriously elegant key pieces in the selection which would make the perfect upcoming party stopper, along with some killer handbags of that mini size ideal for a night out! Of course I opted for trusty black and settled for an all black collared bodysuit with an open work checked effect – something versatile that can be worn casually or dressed up more formally. It was a tough choice between that and a stunning backless culotte jumpsuit, but I left for that someone who would be able to do it justice (*cough* I’m looking at you Danielle, who complimented it incredibly *cough*).


With the announcement soon came a long, formed queue and impromptu trips to both the men’s and ladies toilets. I didn’t have any particular expectations for the night, I was certainly looking forward to it, but I had no idea I’d end up stripping off to my underwear with strangers turned companions whom I have now reached comfort level 10 with. Not that I was negatively displeased, in fact I was the complete opposite – it was an utter giggle and I probably enjoyed the randomness more than I should have.



After all the frantic running around of trying on clothes and hogging up mirrors, the night was in full swing BUT the surprises just kept popping up at every corner. The professional photographer was now on hand setting up his station in preparation for our mini modelling session. As well as wearing and permanently possessing our chosen item – we were able to put our poses into practice. Unsurprisingly, whilst everyone else looked gorgeous, the photos of me turned out god awful did someone say fat face and bad roots?, so much in fact that I decided against including them in my blog post. I did, however, pinch a few of the general natural snaps (including some phone photo taking by yours truly – just look at that concentrating face) and I’m sure if you have a stalk of the #LaRedouteBloggerXmasParty tag, the rest of the ladies’ photos will be uploaded gradually.



Finally, to end a fantastic night, the enjoyment was washed down with some delicious cooked up food ranging from vegetable lasagna, to curry and potatoes. All credits have to be handed to the La Redoute girls for producing such a vitalizing and inviting, merrymaking atmosphere. I’m not lying when I say it was genuinely one of the best events I’ve been to purely because of the different take on a bloggers’ involvement – I came out of there really happy with such a buzz and a grateful attitude towards this wonderful blogging community that just keeps on building. I’m sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I  say what a fab time we had. Is there a better way to celebrate Christmas being on its way and the end of the year event wise than strutting our stuff in a quite clearly high quality, thoughtful and lavish environment? I think not. A job bloody well done!


Thank you so much to Laura for inviting me, and for the amazing goody bag I took home with me!


What’s been your favourite event this year?


Bridie x