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When Kipling so kindly sent this Life Saver bag in my direction it almost metaphorically paralleled its name. By appearance, it’s certainly no ordinary bag and by practicality, it’s certainly no ordinary bag, either. With its flamboyant symmetrical and mucho colourful print it’s dazzling on the eyes but it’s also the sort of bag that you can store with everything but the kitchen sink. The many compartments, the luxury details and the character of the bag deal to the functional needs of a typical blogger’s diverse but oh so cliche range of daily adventures as well as being stylish for any occasion.


We all know being a blogger is a messy and chaotic job, whether you’re at home rearranging the perfect flatlay, tripping over the many wires from the pieces of technology scattered and piled, squashing into corners in the little space you have near the natural light shining through the window and generally being convinced a bomb has exploded once you’ve finished your round of photo taking, planning and preparing; or whether you’re outside travelling to and fro with a number of outfits and accessories to hand, trudging up pathways and hills to find that idyllic spot and weighing down every last bit of sanity left – a trusty, sizeable bag like this is all you’d require to make sure you stay organised meaning at least a small ounce of stress would be alleviated and I’m all for that. As I’m currently at the first stage and not the second (damn not having a personal photographer to cater for when my motivation and inspiration strikes) I was stuck on ideas on how to parade this unique number without a generic ‘look how amazing this bag is’ post so I decided to give it a twist, a rename and delve inside the beauty that is the magic blogger bag. Twelve items inside there that you need to authorise your status as the trademark blogger.*



1. Notebooks. As many as you’d like, to display in a orderly manner as background props or to actually use for their original purpose, to doodle in, to take notes, and write your epic ideas down on paper. One rule, though – they must always, always be marble and rose gold.


2. Sheets of card. Thankfully a bag at this size is appropriate for sliding every coloured piece down the side to whip out whenever you a necessitate an enhancement on a usually neutral insta layout. You’d be amazed with the power of this prop, the added texture is the make and break of a photo background.


3. SD cards. A collection of them if possible. The more the better because, trust me, you’ll never know when you might need one. More than likely during a photo taking session just as you’ve situated yourself into the right area to shoot the angle. Who needs an alarm to disturb you when you have a ‘card full’ warning?


4. Quote cards. There’s nothing like an inspiring set of pick me up cards to both lift up your spirits, place randomly beside your set up or pin on your wall to make it totally Pinterest-worthy with the rest of your well thought out interior arrangements.


5. A planner. A rescue when it comes to drafting and scheduling both impromptu and for the year ahead but also makes a pretty picture placed between you with a pencil in hand and your legs crossed. (You know the one). There’s nothing like carrying a journal around with you to give the impression that you’ve got your life together.


6. Coffee table books. Mainly used because the front covers are appealing enough to feature in your array of photos but can also be used for the actual purpose which is an influential and/or informative read. They’re called ‘coffee table books’ because they look ever so dashing laid out in a pristine home as though they’ve never been touched but I can also imagine sitting in a calming coffee shop appearing oh so chic with said book in hand.


7. A camera. Well, many types of technology actually. A camera, an iPhone and a laptop being the basics, with the rest to follow. Not that you distinctively need them to be successful but they seem to be the most popular products to be relied on and stored away in a bag big enough for those essentials.


8. Fake flowers. The best solution to paying out for fresh flowers every week and you can pack them away without worry of them getting squished and destroyed. I don’t think a flatlay is complete without a fake botanical collection. Roses, tulips, or just a whole load of leaves. Nobody would know any different! Genius, I tell you.


9, Blu-Tack. The holy grail. The lord. The saviour. Who knew a simple adhesive could hold the ability to save you from great distress?! It certainly can and it’s certainly handy to carry around no matter what the situation. Problems with rolling lipsticks and uneven surfaces are forbidden in the land of Blu-Tack use.


10. Sunglasses. You can have that one go to pair but there’s never a limit on how many you can cart around with you. Go with the flow, go with your mood, but whatever you do make sure you’re strutting your stuff on the streets with that sassy pair of sunnies worn with the statement bag beside you.


11. An infamous beauty item. Whether it’s the latest lipstick or the skincare product that’s all the rage within the blogosphere, it fast becomes a multi use platform. Allow your face to glow, add some structure to your features, compose your troublesome skin, and a bonus opportunity for a review or an insta photo because of course, it’s a step up game of luxe!


12. Diptyque candle. The one, the only. Are you even a fulfilled blogger if you don’t plonk a Diptyque candle into every scenario?? Not just that, though; you have to protect it as though it has the same value as precious jewels. Long lasting but also necessary to make a picture picturesque. Almost that valuable you have to cushion it with pride and take it with you wherever you go, which makes it the perfect final item to slot comfortably into the zipped up section.


*Technically, all you need is yourself and your passion to be a trademark blogger but a little light hearted fun along the way never harms.


What are your blogger essentials?



Bridie x


*some of these items may have been sent for me to review, please see my full disclaimer for more information.