New Dessert House On The Block: Kaspa’s Leeds

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If you tend to lose all sense of control around sweet treats, then I’d find the nearest comfortable place to pop yourself down on to gather some composure before I continue, because there’s a new haven in town and it’s about to take the Leeds’ restaurant scene by storm! Not that you can pick up a three course Italian here, of course, but it’s about the equivalent in pudding form – an actual eatery dedicated to all your favourite after indulgences. Gelato and waffles being their speciality but catering for all your candied needs in one pink paradise.



I was kindly invited down to Kaspa’s to have a taste of their dining experience, quite literally. Walking in there feels like a 1950s diner, the animated interior and darkened vibe mixed with bright blush hues, star print and sparkles; giving it that real American feel. In exchange for some outfit photo taking I took my brother along with me  (I like to innocently bribe him but he definitely wasn’t going to turn down a chance to stuff his face with sugar, either). It was no surprise that on a late Saturday afternoon the crowds were starting to flood in but by the sight of the diverse enjoyment it seems it’s gonna be a popular venue to visit!


To cut a long story short: the menu is insane; extensive in all areas, no matter what chocolatey combination tickles your fancy. We must have taken at least 15 minutes deciding what to choose from and if I’m being completely honest, I could have easily sampled one of each. From waffles and crepes, to ice-cream sundaes, milkshakes and smoothie, the gateaus and cheesecakes displayed beside the counter and even those proper traditional staples such as sticky toffee pudding and fudge cake – the heart eyes were seriously burgeoning.



We decided to go all out and order a feast to share. I opted for the Ferrero Rocher Gateau that I eyed up as soon as I stepped foot into the waiting to be seated area (thanks, glass counter) and my brother went for the Brownie Waffle with a joint side portion of a Bubblelicious sundae, Oreo Cookies milkshake and a Mango Dream smoothie.


Anything hazelnut is my weakness. It was a real tough decision between the cake and a Nutella based dessert, but I think I made the right choice. Soft and spongy, melt in the mouth, and beautifully nutty. The waffle was H-U-G-E, going spare on the portions is definitely out of the question here and even my brother struggled to finish – that’s coming from a gym fanatic who could eat an entire banquet and still crave more! He did report back with the deliciousness, though; fluffy, dense, fulfilling and super appetising. Both were drizzled with chocolate sauce and that was the ultimate pinnacle topping! The ice-cream sundae totally transported me back to my childhood; the bubblegum flavour reminding me of running up the street as though as I was on a Bond mission handing a pound over for a screwball or a cornet with sprinkles. A tendency to be sickly but oh so moreish and oh so good. Oreo milkshakes have become my thing at the moment and this was just as heavenly as the others I’ve had elsewhere, really giving a distinctive taste of those divine biscuits. The smoothie was thick and rich, not as blended as I’d usually have it but it worked – the mango and pear building the perfect yellowy fruit concoction.



The desserts at Kaspa’s aren’t only just appealing on the eye and for achieving the ideal flatlay for the gram (almost too charming to eat I’d say), they’re also all cooked fresh to instruction and served up orderly which means you get hands on service and a bonus whiff of the sublime scents as you wait. Service was efficient so you won’t be waiting too long – even on a busy weekend – and the surroundings are enough to draw you in instantly. The staff were lovely and tentative which is certainly what you look for in era where there’s so many things going on at once! All in all a wonderful experience.



I can’t say I’ve eaten specifically for desserts before, I do love an assorted dessert selection on an ordinary restaurant menu when I’m out for the evening, and I do enjoy a cake from the local cliche coffee shop but it’s not quite the same as the wholehearted encounter you receive at Kaspa’s. An absolute drool worthy dream – even if you do leave there with a stomach that’s crying out to you. I totally pigged out but I’m also pretty damn okay with that.


Have you been to Kaspa’s before? Check their site for your nearest location if your sweet tooth yearns for some delightful-ness on a regular basis. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!


Bridie x


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