Just another Primark haul

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It’s that time of year again where I share with you my love for Primark and their ever changing stock. Last time I posted a Primark haul it seemed to have gone down well, so I hope you enjoy reading this one just as much. Primark hauls are my favourite kind of haul, I’m always intrigued into finding out what everyone has managed to pick up so I can make a list of what I will look out for the next time I pay a visit. To be fair, I am in Primark a hell of a lot. The shop is lethally dangerous, you go in for a pair of tights and come out with a bag full, every damn time. It’s not until I reach the till that I realise how naughty I’ve been, not keeping track of what I’ve thrown into my basket as I plod around with my hands full, but I always manage to convince myself the items I’ve purchased will last me a long time and come in handy for all occasions, so that leaves me feeling less guilt stricken.


Everything I’ve listed here haven’t all been bought at once (I think my card would definitely be emptied of cash if it was). Over the Spring/Summer period, I’ve been gradually adding to my Primark collection (or should I say horde) and the majority of things have been saved for my holiday. As I discovered how amazing my new local Primark was (Trinity Leeds) when it opened a few months ago, it’s increased my obsession rapidly (oopsie). But since prioritising the Trinity Primark, my shopping habits have been less of a nightmare experience and more of an enjoyable one. It’s not overly stuffy, heaving and hot, you aren’t walking on each other’s heads, and trudging through the items shoved on the floor. Everything is so much more organised, tidy and in order and it definitely looks more like a posh Debenhams than a Primark. It’s classier, more modern and not to mention, it’s huge! I’m finally able to find (and most likely buy) the most hyped up Primark products that are 99.9% of the time broadcast by the bloggers in the bigger cities and for once, I aren’t left miffed by the lack of said item in the smaller stores we have. I don’t know how long that will last but I’m making the most of it in present time (that’s just another one of my excuses for being a sorry shopaholic!)


As you’ll most likely see when you scroll down the page, I’ve gone shoe and handbag crazy. I think on the stylish and sophisticated level, Primark have really upped their game this year (and upped their prices too but it still doesn’t stop me from spending). There’s some gorgeous pieces, some that unfortunately don’t always suit me, but ones which look much more expensive than they were and are pretty much identical to clothes and shoes you’d find in Zara, Topshop, and even the online shops like ASOS and Motel etc. As well as what I’ve listed here, the usual essentials were also grabbed; bobbles, clips, face cloths, underwear, and even some homeware stuff (which will be featured on a separate haul post later on next month). That’s the great thing about Primark, you can rely on them to collect your basics but along the way find clothing suitable for an all year wardrobe, whilst keeping an eye out for the best bargains too!


Silver Holographic Clutch Bag – £8.00


Colour Block Pastel Clutch Bag – £4.00


Pink Satchel Bag (how beautiful is this?!) – £8.00 | Mini Shoulder Bag – £6.00


Neon Aztec Sandals – £4.00 | Polka Dot Bow Sandals – £4.00 | Monochrome Aztec Sandals – £4.00 | Black Slipper Shoes – £6.00 | Nude T-Bar Shoes (the uttermost dreamy Primark buy) – £8.00 | White Sandals –  £8.00


Black Chunky Sandals – £16.00


Pearl Hair Accessory – £1.50 | Pack of Earrings – £1.50 | Bracelet – £2.50 | Rings – £2.00


Pack of Bracelets – £2.00 | Necklace – £3.00


Hat – £4.00 | Cotton Floral Bag – £1.50 | Hanging Toiletries Holder – £4.00


Floral Makeup Bag – £4.00


3 Piece Toiletry Set – £5.00


Bikini (another one of my favourite buys): Top – £8.00 | Bottoms – £4.00


Floral Pyjama Shorts – £4.00 | Lace Pyjama Top – £2.50


Gingham Nightie – £5 (I think)


White V Neck Pocketed Dress – £13.00 | Mint Green Chiffon Dress – £7.00


Floral Halterneck Playsuit – £13.00 | Gingham 3/4 Leggings – £5.00


Gingham Skort – £10.00 | Patterned Skort – £10.00


Lemon Skort – £10.00 | Pink Skort – £10.00


Peach PU Skirt – £10.00 | Mint Green PU Skirt – £10.00


Monochrome Floral Cami – £4.00 | Blue Tropical Cami – £4.00


Pastel Blue Vest – £4.00 | Nude Vest – £4.00


Crochet Sleeveless Cardi – £10.00


Gingham Shorts (you can tell I’ve been loving the gingham trend) – £4.00


Have you shopped in Primark lately and come across anything super eye catching? As much as I love the lovely, light summer colours displayed here, now a sneak peak of Primark’s Autumn/Winter collection has been released, I can’t wait for the colder months to arrive (well I tell a lie, I’ll be complaining when I’m freezing 24/7) but oh my gosh, that pink coat; I’m in love! All round applause to Primark for constantly stepping up a notch and surprising me with their high class, elegant looking clothing!