July favourites

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Already, we’re three days into August and that’s an absurd thought. As cliche as it sounds, this year is going way too fast! Before we know it, it’ll be Christmas again and we’ll look back and realise we’ve taken advantage of another 12 months worth of potential. July has been a funny old month for me, yet probably the most enjoyable month yet. I seemed to have missed half of the month due to being on a fantastic family holiday and away from the real world and when I returned, the remaining weeks were over in a flash. I can’t fault the weather back home though, it’s been glorious (up until a few days ago which is typical when I need the lighting) and for once, it’s actually felt like I’ve been able to appreciate everything that contributes to the vibe of summer. July has opened the bigger picture for me and given me the chance to gather together a whole load of favourites; whether that be a treasured book or my staple beauty product, I’ve certainly discovered a lot of new things.

John Green and his mesmerising books: Even before all the hype surrounded The Fault In Our Stars, the life ruining, beautifully heartbreaking book that made its way into the film industry, I fell in love with John Green and his writing. I think I read TFIOS around a year ago and ever since then I was hooked. It’s only recently I decided to indulge in the bigger picture and move on to John Green’s other popular books whilst lounging around the pool. The stories are all different yet they all provide the same feelings and cycle of emotions; sad, happy, moved, inspired, amused, grateful, lucky and grasping for more. I can really feel myself stepping into the story when I’m reading John Green, my personal representation of how the situation would be set out if it was to become a film is instantly created in my imagination. Not only that, it makes me think of reality and how things can change so quickly which is why you always have to live for today. Overall, I hope if/when Paper Towns and Looking For Alaska are made into movies, they will have just as much success and will do the books just as much justice as The Fault In Our Stars did.

Urban Decay Naked Palette: As I mentioned in my birthday gifts and buys post back in June, I purchased my very first Naked palette with my birthday money. One and a half months later and it’s been heavily used with nothing but positive words to be said. I am in love with this palette, there’s just about one colour for every occasion and the shades are so subtle and natural; the perfect complimentary colours for my eye colour. As expected, the colours are super pigmented and swiftly apply crease free with that look that screams out high quality. My favourites so far are Sin, Naked, Half Baked and Toasted (often these combined too) but I could praise every single one of them. The combination of shimmer and matte powders allows you to mix it up and create any desired look and leaves you without worrying and wandering if it will last throughout the day (which it does indeed). The packaging is just another bonus, the suede, velvet top is gorgeous and the way it’s generally produced and given out is so elegant.

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream: Originally I had bought this in two shades darker for my holiday, when I knew my paleness would vanish and the bronze look would make its way in. Initially, it did the trick but now my tanned face is fading, I’m going to have to take a trip to Boots to purchase my usual colour. That’s a good thing though, of course. This CC cream is a definite repurchase for the continuing summer months. I love how lightweight this feels on the skin,  it never feels as though you are caked in makeup even though it does give great coverage. It provides the natural, brightening look I aim for and does an amazing job at evening my skin tone without drowning those neutral features out of my face. It definitely gives more of a sheer glow but it does rid the skin of any dullness and helps conceal any blemishes, leaving a fresh appearance and a smooth, satin finish. I do have to use concealer and powder to complete my makeup as it can leave my face a little too dewy (but more than likely that’s due to my over oily complexion) but it makes the perfect base and seems to have a good 8 or 9 hours or so lasting power. It is quite a runny substance so you have to be careful when squeezing the tube; I prefer to blend the cream with my fingers first and then go over with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, making sure it is entirely unified.

Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in 51: I never really used bronzer before I became a blogger and before I was curious about extending my collection but as I fancied a change and felt ready to tackle the lesson of contouring, I gave this a go. I don’t think this is dark enough to use to contour but to lightly blend, it is spot on. I love everything about this, the book-like packaging, the sweet, chocolately smell and the healthy, radiant shimmer glow it gives you. For my pale skin, it matches like a dream; it’s nor too light or too swarthy, you can see you have applied the bronzer but it leaves your skin looking naturally bronze, matified and warmed.

Zoeva 127 Deluxe Luxe Sheer Cheek Brush: Makeup brushes are slowly but surely becoming another side of makeup that I’m obsessively intrigued in. I actually bought this brush from Depop as a quick and needy buy for my holiday, I think this particular brush is part of the Rose Golden collection opposed to purchasing this separately but it still does the trick and works the same. The bristles on this brush are the softest and fluffiest I’ve ever come across on a makeup brush. The softness of the brush allows the product to beautifully blend with just one sweep, creating a flawless, natural look effortlessly. The angled structure is another reason to big up this brush, it makes application easy and brings the bronze/highlight naturally to the shape of your cheek.


Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease Brush: Another Zoeva brush I’m loving is this amazing eyeshadow brush. The blending action when using this little gem is superb, it’s a sturdy brush that you can always rely on to integrate your chosen eyeshadow to perfection. I also love to use this to combine shades, the eyeshadow glides across the eye right up to the end section you aim for, leaving a smooth finish. I’m dying to try out more Zoeva brushes since purchasing the two mentioned and I’m sure by how these ones are turning out, more of the brushes will be added to my monthly favourites!


Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover: I seem to seriously be admiring Bourjois products lately and this is something I can’t get enough of. When it states ‘magic’ I legitimately think it’s been dead serious, this genius solution erases your nail varnish with just one dab of your finger squeezed into the bottle. Not only does it leave your nail freshly clean, it also leaves a lovely, fruity scent afterwards and leaves no residue behind. It’s definitely the best invention, handy and saves a lot of time, I regret not trying this months ago now!


The Body Shop Strawberry Sorbet: I picked up this delicious treat when The Body Shop staff were advertising in my local shopping centre. It was said to be a lightweight after sun and with me being back from my holiday and needing a skin boost, I couldn’t resist. The sorbets come in a range of scents which was enough to tempt me, this in particular (strawberry) was my favourite, with satsuma being a close second. The gentle, cooling sensation it leaves after applying is so refreshing. It’s extremely light and fast absorbing whilst still making your skin feel smooth and flake free. It’s a close representation of fruity ice cream, apart from the fact I’m pretty sure smothering ice cream along your body would be much more of a messy situation (ooh-er).


Thiery Mugler Alien Eau De Toilette Spray: The world’s most loveliest perfume award goes to this for certain. I struggle to find a perfume that I like enough to remember to put on everyday, but this hits top marks. With it being rather pricey, I hadn’t been able to purchase it since catching a smell of other people wearing it and realising how strong, long lasting and desirable it is but with the kindness of my mum and grandma as we approached duty free at the airport, I finally got my hands on it. It’s been my staple scent ever since! It’s hard to describe the smell but it’s a sensual type with jasmine being the main recognisable aroma. I think it’s one of those you either love it or you hate it products but for me – I love it!


Malibu Dry Oil Spray: As crazy as this sounds, not only is this useful for protecting you fully (with great water resistance) in the scorching sunshine, I recognised it does a grand job of drying out those pesky, huge, sore spots that appear randomly and try ruin your holiday. Since coming back home, I purchased another one of these purely for this reason. The Oxybenzone in this means it helps the spot die down and eventually completely vanish. You’d be surprised at how beneficial this is (or maybe my skin acts in bizarre ways – who knows?!)


Gilette Venus and Olay Razor: With these razors often being on special offer, I thought I’d chuck out the regularly 89p Bic razors and treat myself to a “posher” hair remover. First of all, I love the packaging, and it even comes with a convenient shower holder. Not having to use shaving gel/foam and just gliding this ultra smooth and pain free razor across your legs not only saves time but leaves them feeling super silky. The Sugarberry scent in the moisture strip that soaps once used is absolutely delightful and lasts on your legs even when you’re a wrinkled prune after removing yourself from a pampering session in the bath. I also use this under my arms and it leaves them just as soft, not leaving behind any prickles or redness and soreness is the main reason it’s up here in my favourites!


So to end this ridiculously long/more of a review than a list of favourites post (that seems to be a recurring habit of mine) I shall say here’s to the month of August, another product filled 31 days!