Instagram update & giveaway winner

had my nails done | met Kian Egan at Radio Aire! | my current skincare love (you can read my blog review here)

only 4 days to go and I don’t know whether I’m excited or dreading it! | my healthy version of Pancake Day | the hallway had a makeover – inspired my mum with my love for shabby chic furniture

my grandma brought home the loveliest biscuits from her trip to the countryside | my new Zara t-shirt has influenced my love for Paris | feeling all summery with my outfit of the day

face mask night with my fave girl | couldn’t resist 3 for 2 at Boots | my current bath bomb and bubble bar collection

Since my last blog post, life has been pretty hectic. I don’t know why, there was no particular explanation, but I just seemed to be non stop busy and blogging unfortunately had to be pushed to the back of my mind. I feel like I’ve been on a mini hiatus which has lead on to non-intended neglect on my blog and I didn’t like that feeling so I thought I’d update you all with a few pictures on my recent Instagram happenings.

I’ve become a bit of an Instagram addict lately, I used to be so slack and unorganised with what I posted on there but now I like my pictures to all look similar, not be messy and to reflect my personality – bright and the lover of all things pretty (but that is subject to change). The limited bit of sunshine we’ve had this week up North put me in such a good mood and  made me feel all warm and summery which is why I felt the need to photograph some Spring like clothing. That ‘too much shopping’ habit has gotten worse, even despite me telling myself I need to cut down. A trip to town with my lovely mum last Thursday resulted in a girly day full of pizza, achy feet and too many bags weighing us down. I made the mistake of going into Primark for one thing and coming out with a bag full (AGAIN… oops!), I took advantage of the 3 for 2 at Boots and treated myself to some new makeup (I’m seriously loving the Rimmel Primer) and then I accidently stumbled into Lush; failing to resist the adorable bath bombs featured in the entrance. As you can see by the scary chocolate covered faces, I’ve also had my 9 year old cousin, Olivia stay with me from Friday to Sunday whilst her mum and dad were away for the weekend. There’s never a dull moment when she’s around, she’s a complete madam with a bundle of energy but never the less, I enjoyed spending precious time with her, we not only had a laugh but we also shared our excitement/formidable dread for Friday. Speaking of Friday, the day I’ve been waiting on for months which has come around much quicker than expected, is nearly here! From what I’ve heard about The Wanted’s last tour ‘for a while’ it’s going to be an emotional rollercoaster. I don’t think I’ll be able to hold back the tears reliving the memories that have kept my head high for 4 years. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep the sobbing at bay at the meet and greet as I don’t fancy resembling a panda on the last photo I’ll have with them. The next few days leading up to the event are more than likely going to be spent getting everything together and preparing for Friday but hopefully I can squeeze a blog post or two in there!

Have you been up to much recently? I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who entered my 100 bloglovin’ followers giveaway which ended last night, the winner has been contacted so a big congrats to Tracey from the Saturday Night Girl. I really enjoyed getting the giveaway together to send off and I shall look forward to my next giveaway whenever that may be!