Instagram: Top 10 Under 10k



It’s make or break at the moment, has been ever since the algorithm moved in and ruined both the experience of an orderly feed and the engagement you work so desperately hard to gain. I think I speak on behalf of most people when I say I’m in a love/hate relationship with the gram. Sometimes I can be on a roll, inspiration can skyrocket, I can be content with my content, making steady progress, producing imagery I’m proud of. Then other days I can have absolutely nothing, be at a standstill, lose the 30+ followers I’d gained, get half the likes I usually receive on a photo I worked hard on, feel like completely giving up with every aspect of the industrious online world and abstain from being active out of pure lack of enjoyment.


It’s a constant balance between the two and it’s hard to keep your head above the sand; especially when it feels like you’re g.tting nowhere. It can be disheartening and frustrating and I don’t quite think people who are disparate from the blogging community understand why the situation is grumbled about so much. It is an essential platform for a career and for self promotion. For some it’s a creative pursuit, for some it’s a source of income, and for many it’s both.


Thankfully – to quote the High School Musical quote we’ll never be too old to flail over – we’re all in this together – there’s been some wonderful supportive networking out on social media to bring back the spirit for Instagram, to introduce people to brand new feeds and to keep that positivity flowing. Over the past few months I’ve taken inspiration from the gurus of the blogosphere and tried to be as assiduous and generous as possible at sharing and spreading the love and leaving my appreciation for those accounts that are often very underappreciated and overlooked.


By interacting in the Twitter threads and scrolling through my suggestions I’ve not only discovered a mix of beautiful, unique, and top quality, complex accounts but I’ve secured advantages for myself and learned that there’s many of us in the same boat. It genuinely shocked me how most of my newest findings aren’t up there with the blue tickers because their snaps and the general aesthetic layout are just as – if not as – appealing and eminent as those with 100k plus. There’s so many that deserve much more praise for their efforts and much more of an audience to be connected with and that alone is what urged me to spend hours putting this post together. What you give, you get back!

I’ve gone through my following list and picked out 10 individuals with a follower count of less than 10k and grouped them into 5 categories, of which are my go to favoruites for their labelled topic – which means there’s 50 fresh, new, gorgeous feeds for you to check out whatever your personal preference. Obviously, with the amount featured, it’s impossible for me to give an in-detailed rundown of each and every one but let’s just say there’s something for everyone. A crisp, bright, vintage, or moody vibe, carefully structured, identical colouring, pinterest worthy themes or a mix and match. A display of sartorial ingenuity, simple flatlays, food, drink, pretty architectural buildings and even those cliches. Those that follow the seasons, those that add a personal or professional touch. The travel veterans who make you want to pack up your belongings and jet across the world, or those who influence you to improve your photography and explore the outdoors to make the most of the beauty of nature close by.

I could honestly discuss for eternity why they all deserve to be increasingly notable and there’s so many more I could’ve included but enough about me and now on to those picture perfects!


                       @chloejade_story                                                                                                                             @c_illidge

                        @pazhalabirodriguez                                                                          @joeytaylor04

                           @oliviaandalice_                                                                           @francescaperks

                                       @joypiex                                                                               @robynmayday

                                @caitlinporter_x                                                                                                @marthajedwards



                               @katybellemairs                                                                           @ronmcquade

                             @whatkatydidnext_                                                                          @burkatron

                                  @emsalicee                                                                              @kirsty_monday

                                    @prettynotinc                                                                             @iliketweet

                                 @rushandteal                                                                               @_iamjayde




                                 @dariashew                                                                                     @elliemzee

                                @thetravelcrush                                                                         @jasxcharlotte

                           @clubofexplorers                                                                            @lucy.lifestyle_

                             @littlebckpacker                                                                           @misskristyanna

                               @ashtongibbs                                                                            @packyourpassport




                     @katherinemcphotography                                                                      @soph.rg

                                @blushinglately                                                                         @lookuplookout

                            @lydia_maycock_                                                                        @cupofcreative

                                 @littlethings_lb                                                                       @notquiteenough

                               @leightravers                                                                                  @bloomzy




                           @francescasaffari                                                                           @sartorialscot

                              @lukecatleugh                                                                                 @sarah_nunn

                            @madeupstyle                                                                                  @bonjourwhite

                               @caitmortlock                                                                                 @lauranoet

                                  @imbeingerica                                                                       @natbeesfashion



Aren’t they all just ridiculously visually pleasing?

I hope this superlative collection has somehow helped amplify your insta mojo but if not, just remember…


The weekend starts tonight!


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